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Bullet points:

• I fucking hate my extended family on my dad's side. My grandfather practically ruined Easter. He finally called after 3 fucking years. And managed to cause even more problems. *sigh* Fun times only, y'know, not.
• Watching s2 of Doctor Who today, I realised I keep having more contacts with people in that show. see picture. That was from meeting Daniel Evans last year when I saw Sunday in the Park with George. Watching 'Christmas Invasion' today... TOTALLY didn't realise that was him as David Llewellyn.
• Is something screwy going on with IJ today or is it just me?
• Speaking of WTFs... where the hell did my default icon go?
• I have comments. Will be replying to things this evening. ♥ Counting down the weeks left that I have to teach, thank god!
• I'm seeing people talking about Dreamwidth lately and it's making me sad. It just feels like more and more people are splitting off and I'm afraid I'm going to lose contact with folks. I may not comment a lot, but I do read and after being here since 2003, LJ is like my home. But at the same time, I have this odd twisting in my stomach thinking of losing more people off my flist to yet another site. Yes, most of us have moved on from HP or aren't as into it as we once were... but still. Gah. *sigh* I just don't want my flist to disperse any more than it already has. *clings to you guys*

In any case, a poll about dreamwidth.

[Poll #1383571]

ETA: D'aaaaaaaaa *breath* aaaaaaaaaaaaw! John Barrowman wants to be a dad. *melt* Makes me think of my friend Eric and his husband's little boy. *sniffle*

An Update!

Feb. 11th, 2009 12:04 pm
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Ugh. I really was going to try and NOT do the sporadic updates. Then Cats happened. Closes this weekend and I can finally find myself again. No more legwarmers.

[ profile] avengangle I suck. And yes, dinner one of these nights would rock. ♥

The Good
• Got a couple of scholarship offers. No more acceptances which is worrisome. But at least I have someplace.
• Who is continuing to eat my brain. In answer to the questions from the last post? I'm all the way through s1 now. I did things out of order to watch Jack's character arc so NOW am going back through to watch the whole thing. Who is LOVE. And I'm just sorry I was this stubborn for THIS long. Oi.
• Am now the proud owner of a 1950s RAF officer's greatcoat. I've been watching for them for YEARS and finally found one that will fit. And will be LONG.
• Weight watch: 203ish. So I've hit about the 30 lbs lost mark, give or take.

The Bad
• Yes, guess who is sick. ME! And this is on top of mother being deathly ill this past week too. Stayed home from work. Am about to go into the doc's and have bloodwork taken. JOY AND RAPTURE. Only not.
• Got Dinged by American two days ago. And their letter was RUDE. In not so many words they basically said "Yes, we saw your softs. But we look at LSATs and while some people could be successful even with low numbers, we don't think you will. Go to hell."

The Ugly
• Case Western. Sending me a package with a BIG-ASS WHITE ENVELOPE with the opening lines of "Thank you for your recent application to CWRU. On behalf of Dean Robert Rawson and our faculty and staff, I am pleased to provide you with the latest Admissions Bulletin for the school of law." Bastard. Don't start out a "here's info on the school" letter like a damned Acceptance letter. And people wonder why lawyers are jackasses.

♥ Finally getting back to my computer and starting to catch up with my flist. I know I haven't been commenting as much as I normally do, and I'm sorry. It's feeling like the old mental issues of lurking and hiding are creeping up. Which is one of the reasons I'm seeing the doc today and have them check my thyroid levels. My mood swings lately have been wretched. ♥ I love you guys. Seriously.

And, too, if you're having a bad day -- or even a good day! -- and want a hug from Lia, all comments to this post come with hugs. Just sayin'.

My Valentinr - thescarletwoman
[Also! Please point me in the direction of your Valentinr if you have one. I know I've missed a bunch and I want to send notes! ♥]
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So yeah, it is/was a sinus infection. Yippie.

Getting better. It's also made me realise that this whole working two jobs thing is for the freaking birds. Yes, I like Starbucks, but there's a larger part of me that's miserable working at the same time. Yes, I also know that work isn't supposed to be fun. However, I'm WAY too goal oriented to stay at something like this.

That, and I REALLY get tired of the yuppies treating us baristas like they 'own' us. I MAY be a server, but I'm not your servant.

TRYING to find another job and hoping either my teaching hours get doubled or something similar. Because as of right now, I'm NOT working enough at Starbucks to get benefits and it's not worth killing myself for a little above minimum wage and not getting benefits which was the reason I applied in the first place. So yeah, hoping to find something around here that's decent. Hoping.

[ profile] froda_bagins is evil. She's managed to hook me on yet ANOTHER tv show. Grrrrr. (♥)

In other and much more fun news -- we saw The Prestige tonight. I promise, this is very non-spoilery. ZOMG. SO much love for Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman. Hugh Jackman... that man looks brilliant in period clothing. Loved the film and really want to see it again.

Lastly, it's [ profile] sbnrko35's birthday this week. And because Tim is SO organized, he told me about the party in Cleveland... today. For a party tomorrow. Still am able to go because Starbucks schedule allows it. Wheeeee.

It's dirty girl scout time. XDDDD


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