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Name:Mutterings of a Music History Major
Birthdate:Jul 11
Location:Pennsylvania, United States of America
Website:lia @
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Lia @ LJ | Lia @ IJ

My name's Lia and I'm just another of the older Harry Potter obsessed females. Recently graduated from Baldwin-Wallace College in 2006 with two degrees: one in music history and the other in violin performance ♪. Yes, I'm a musician and yes, I plan to live out of a cardboard box for the rest of my life.

Well, given the plans to go to law school, I will actually be able to eat for the rest of my life. Amazing, eh?

I also fence... yes, a woman who can wield a sword. XD
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There should never be a question as to if I promote/condone any illegal activities. Though I may read it and also have been known to, on occasion, write such things, I by no way condone such acts. The writing/reading of any such things does not mean I participate in, promote, agree with, think others should do this in the slightest. I know the difference between what is fictional and what is real. And I surely hope, by all things holy, that if you are reading this journal you know the same.

As per a friending policy... there really isn't one. The majority of what I post is unlocked, save some personal things that end up getting locked just because. I try to friend everyone back but as my flist is getting bigger and bigger it isn't always possible and I do apologise for that. Do drop me a line to say you've friended me as I don't always notice these things. Introduce yourself. I LOVE meeting new people. :^)

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