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A Numbered List!

1. Work has been insane. The supposed 'easy' rental turned out to be bloody insane. Costume rentals should be of the, pull it out and give it to the actors. This? Was wretched. I cannot tell you the number of costumes we've had to fix/redo/repair because what we got was absolute shit.


2. Heard from another school! Ave Maria School of Law wants me, and George Washington deferred my decision until mid-February. So, the current tally is 3-1-1 (8) [acceptance-decline-waitlist (number to hear from)]. Will keep you updated as it all goes.

3. I have fallen in love with Doctor Who & Torchwood. Had various reasons why I wouldn't watch it before now, but doesn't matter. I'm loving it. And my Capt Jack. *shifty*

4. I hate the weather along the great lakes at this time of year. I really, really do. And over-protective parents too, for that matter.

5. That time of year again! Valentinr.

My Valentinr - thescarletwoman
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6. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! ♥
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Here's hoping 2009 is a helluva lot better than last year.

It's hard to believe we're at the end of the year already. It's gone by SO quickly. I know I'm ready for 2009. So many changes coming this year (hopefully, at least) that I'm ready for it.

My own resolutions?
1. To keep up with the weight loss thing (I'm around 30 pounds lighter now! Which is slow considering I started in May. Time to kick it up a notch)
2. Be back to being a better LJfriend. ♥ I have a habit of retreating in on myself when things start going back. These last six months particularly? Yeah... that'd be why I've been nonexistently around. And for which I'm sorry.
3. TR folks? I'll be back with a vengeance. I've really needed to get my head screwed on right. It's... getting there.
4. To not allow myself to feel like there's no way out when a certain guy starts getting pushy. Yes, that would be boy. Who is FAR too pushy. I don't do well feeling penned in. Or assuming that we're in that website's version of 'dating' after ONE date. [hi. not happy Lia]

I hope everyone has a safe and blessed new years.

also. an acceptance from one of my schools would be nice right about now. It's BEEN almost 3 weeks. sheesh.
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Hello. Yes, I exist. ♥ thank you guys for the well wishes for law school. Now is the waiting game. So yeah, when the letters start coming in, you all will be the first to know. Keep the fingers crossed for me! *cuddles*

1. Found out today that Dr Feldman passed away a month ago. I had... no idea. And, frankly, am really pissed off at Cleland. I've been emailing him back and forth all through November about letters of recommendation. He could have fucking said something. But yeah, he passed away from ALS -- so I've lost two professors who meant the world to me in the space of 10 months. I'm just this side of a wreck.

2. Had a good friend of mine come out to me tonight. Which... was a very weird situation all around. I swear, I collect gay men like a bloody harem. Not that I'm complaining? But sheesh. And it's a really rough situation for him too and I feel isnanely, insanely bad for him. :(

3. I... might have a boy. I gave in and did one of those internet sites just to try as, well, where do I spend my time? The theatre. Who do I tend to meet there? Gay males. And while I love my harem... not exactly conducive to finding a boyfriend. So met a guy on one of the sites... and invited him to the show tonight. We hit it off really well (even with said harem in the wings and watching boy's every move. *g*) He's a year younger than me... but taller which teh girly side approves of most heartily. Best line of the night? [ profile] avengangle? Ben will get a kick out of this.
Me: I'm a geek. I run LINUX.
Him: Cute AND runs Linux? I'm a lucky guy.

So... he asked me out on Tuesday. I'm... more than a little giddy. But giddy and also really fucking depressed. *sigh*
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You know... all I'd like is a break. Really. Though, I know better than to ask for that because with the way my luck is going, I'll end up breaking something tomorrow.

That cold that started the day before my LSATs? Degenerated into bronchitis. I've never felt worse in my entire bloody life. I sound like my own personal TB ward.

My fic muse is giving me the middle finger and I have deadlines and it's still giving me the whatfor. And I haven't gone to see my therapist in... well, longer than I realised before writing this up. I just feel so apathetic towards everything lately. There's drama in a couple of my games that I don't want to deal with and it could be the illness talking too.

I'm just feeling like I'm behind in things and am never going to catch up. And they're things I love doing/running... but things seem like mountains. And if I hide from them, they'll go away -- only I start feeling guilty that I'm letting people down. *sigh*

I guess I just want to be back in school and working towards something. Right now I feel so absolutely lost and without any purpose. Yes, I have my job at the Playhouse but it's only a year. I just feel like I'm a ship at sea and just bounding in place. I don't know what my future holds, any time I think I've found a decent guy to date he tends to turn out to be gay or a total douche. And no, I don't need to date to be happy but when one hits the age of 24 and has never had anything by way of a serious boyfriend? One starts getting depressed. And it's the 'what's wrong with me' demons.

I shouldn't start thinking at midnight. Because I get maudlin.

I hate this feeling. But I don't know how to get out of this rut either.
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Dear Body,

Yes, I know you're used to me being a night owl. Yes, I wish I could stay up until 3 or 4 in the morning like usual. However, I now have a full time job which means getting up at 8 am, not 11. Thus, please start readjusting yourself so that I'm in bed by 1 -- 2 at the LATEST. This reading in bed until 4am when I finally crash is getting really old.

Also -- giving me the red death this week? If that's your idea of a joke, I'm not laughing.

No love,

Dear Hollywood,

You know, I love that you're bringing back the movie musical. I really do! However, the latest debacle Nine is making me rather pissed off at you. If you're going to make movie musicals please cast KNOWN SINGERS in title roles, particularly when they're insanely vocally demanding.

REALLY no love,
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1. Drama (of the game wankage variety) sucks. You lot know me and that I am probably the nicest, most diplomatic person ever. Let's just say I was so pissed off yesterday that even *I* couldn't write a diplomatic email telling said person off. *sigh* God I miss AAH. I really, really do.

2. Yes, I just ordered this. After hemming and hawing all day, I gave in and bought it.

3. I'm down (according to H&M and their pretty stretchy skirt) a size 14!! Still a tiny bit tight, but I'm feeling very good about myself. I'm ALMOST down 20 pounds since the beginning of May. Weight Watchers and Wii Fit FTW!

4. *squee!* [ profile] hp_summersmut starts posting tomorrow -- er... in about 15 minutes!!! I really should figure out a posting order, shouldn't I. There's some really, really amazing stuff in this round. I think you guys will really enjoy it.

5. Went to an LSAT meeting this evening and am back to feeling good about stuff again. I shall overcome you, you damned 154!!

♥ How are you guys doing?
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Mostly, we had a happy ending.

Shortly after I emailed the post, I decided to suck it up and call my father and VERY CAREFULLY ask if there was an envelope on the counter. The conversation went thusly:

Me: So... uh... did I happen to leave a manilla envelope on the kitchen counter?
Dad: yes you did.
Me: Uh... please don't look in there.
Dad: Why?
Me: No reason. Just... not for your eyes. At all.
Dad: Okay...
Me: Actually, can you toss it in the den on my stuff. Or even in the dining room?
Dad: I'm just... going to leave it where it is.

Hang up with him and have a nerve wracking next hour or so, wondering if he'll actually NOT look or if it'll be the little kid syndrome. Don't touch the stove... what does the kid do? Touch the stove. Had a ton of drama at work involving a new credit card machine and my being unable to transmit the batch for whatever reason which involved me driving back to the store after leaving to call boss and explain. Get home around 7:40 and mom's home.

Enter envelope still sitting on the kitchen table.

Run in. Grab it.

Mom: what's that?
Me: *on way up the stairs* noooothing.
Mom: So, where are you going with it?
Me: To my room.
Mom: What's in it.
Me: just never you mind.

So... I can only hope they DIDN"T see what's in there. Mom, would likely be a bit better with what it was as she and I share romance novels. But as I was wibbling with [ profile] wook77 romance novels and sign-ups for a pr0n fest are two VERY different things.

Last thing I needed was my father seeing a request of: Snarry or Harry/Draco, kinks: D/s, BDSM and rimming.

Crisis Averted.

I hope.


Mar. 24th, 2008 09:26 pm
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and then there are times I wonder why I even bother writing. I just got a review that made me feel so horrible about myself and my ability to write that I'm nearly in tears.

The one thing I've always prided myself on is characterizations. And how I craft a fic. The last thing I wrote... it wasn't intended on being a ground-breaking piece of fiction. Hell, it was mostly crackish if you'd actually read. There were things I didn't want to go into as an author and wanted to create a humourous atmosphere.

Apparently I fail and suck as a writer.


And on top of that, I'm getting royally FUCKED with my car. The window "works" but it's not perfect. But if I want it back to how it should work, *I* have to pay the 350 bucks to do it. Yet, it was broken on THEIR watch. And then I had the general manager of the place tell me that even if someone smashed in my window while it was in their possession, it's my responsibility to replace it. I'm just livid -- and now telling me I suck as a writer isn't helping.

Anyone have any alcohol? Please?
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I just got slapped with about FIVE projects that are due tomorrow. Basically all of which were given to me on Monday. And I've been working. However, I'm DEFINITELY not making it on tonight. And we'll see how much sleep I get tonight.

My apologies. I thought I'd have this done before now. But I didn't. I'm going to go study -- and hopefully will be able to bring my head above water (or papers) tomorrow.


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