Nov. 20th, 2007

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And crossing my fingers that this will work.

*waves at flist* How goes it everyone?

I'm sorry for the radio silence the past few weeks. I've had a few really shit days at work, finding out that I'm basically getting screwed with my pants on when it comes to my hours. My boss is an absolute jackass... so, needless to say -- I'm going to be job hunting once more. Granted, I only need something for the upcoming year as HOPEFULLY I'll be in law school by Fall '09. *crosses fingers*

As of right now, the folks and I are up in Salamenca, NY at the wonderful casino up here. We're away for two days -- with two free rooms. Hence why I can have internet as, paying $10 a day doesn't suck when the rooms are free. Thank you father dearest.

In other news, [ profile] wook77 and I have inherited the reigns of [ profile] rs_prophet from [ profile] xylodemon and are currently looking for others to assist with the editing. If you'd like to be considered, drop us a line here!

So how have all of you guys been? I know I owe comments and tags and posts leik woah... and they will get done. I'm no longer feeling as panic-y as I was the past few weeks. Amazing how being yelled at for an entire day for things that were out of my control... made me absolutely bonkers for two weeks.


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