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And here we are again, on the cusp of a new year. All I have to say -- I hope to GOD that 2008 is better than 2007. I'm really getting tired of RL's constant obsession with continually kicking me in the proverbial balls. But as it is -- things are already looking up.

1. There might be a boy. Maybe. It's in the beginning stages and I'm not counting my chickens before they hatch -- but he's coming here for dinner on New Year's Day. So... maybe.

2. Have applied for a full-time (at last!) job working at the County Courthouse. So -- law stuff... on it's way. And also have a LSAT class starting towards the end of January.

3. Have made my peace with the theatre. Also had Almi actually TALK to me yesterday about Little Women. Well, the shocking thing was that she spoke to me in general as... the woman goes at lengths to avoid me. But basically said how good my callback was and what an amazing actor I am and how much emotion I put into my scenes and that I really should audition for the plays coming up. Which -- confirms my suspicion that I wasn't cast in LW because they wanted me in the pit. She also said my voice wasn't the strongest.
Me: That's because I'm not a soprano. Jo is in my range.
Her: Well, then maybe that's why you didn't sound strong as you're not used to really going for it up there.
Me: *headdesk*

4. Am sending in a CV to the Philharmonic and hopefully will get an audition. At least I can play there for a year-ish before going off to Law School.

Right now at 11am on December 31st, the New Year is looking to be a helluva lot better. And would look even BETTER if this three day migraine I've had would go the fuck away.

Year-End Fic Wrap Up
Most things NC-17ish are flocked. Stuff after I stopped giving a damn about LJ aren't locked. *sigh* I really should get to reposting all fic on Skyehawke or on IJ, shouldn't I?

The Bargain (Snape/Lupin; NC-17) -- written for [ profile] merry_smutmas in '06.
Debt of Honour (Severus/Lucius; Hard R)
Under the Influence (James/Lily; Hard R)
Why Choreographers Should Never Wear Spandex (Snape/Lupin; Hard R)
Yeah, But What You Do After? (Various; NC-17).
Lord Voldemort, in the Conservatory, with the Candlestick (PG-13).
Only a Memory (Snape; PG).
Stag and Drag (Sirius/James; NC-17)
Lily's Eyes (Snape/Lily; PG-13).
Severus Snape, THe Demon Barber of Fifth Avenue -- Part One (eventual Snape/Lupin; PG-13).
* Fic for [ profile] merry_smutmas
* Pinch-Hit fic for [ profile] hp_wintersmut

And I officially wrote more this year than I thought I did! Damn.

I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe New Year's. See you back here in 2008 with a new year and hopefully a new outlook on life.

And I hope to god a better 2008. 2007, you sucked.
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