May. 13th, 2007 11:38 pm
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I was planning on being around tonight, but I just had the shittiest day imaginable.

I was playing today for... the first time in a while. And my bow broke. The tip just... snapped off. It was right along the grain-line so I don't think it can be fixed. And if it could be, I don't know if the bow would be strong enough to hold the tension needed.

I'm just sick. I've been sobbing all day and coming off this cold isn't helping matters either as far as my being able to handle this.

I know a broken bow may not seem like a HUGE deal, but it really is. This was a $4000 bow. And we're not even sure if insurance will cover this or not. So... I think I'm out four grand. And I have no idea how I'm going to replace it if that's the case.

Here's the damage I did. Isn't it just a beaut?

I don't have time for this. On top of the money that I don't have right now -- I'm playing for Les Miserables right now. Or, rather, the show opens in a week. A show I have been waiting to play for the past eight years. Yes, I have another bow, but it's nothing like my good bow. This was the bow that got me into college. The previous owner, it's the bow that got him into the Cleveland Orchestra. So yes, it may just be a stick of wood, but when you've used something for 5 years... it's a little more than just a stick of wood.

I'm going to go crawl in bed. I'm just... absolutely distraught.
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