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Macy's Rickroll'd the nation. Macy's FTW!

Even better? Having to explain through my cackling laughter what Rickroll'd is to my folks.

And to everyone, have a Happy Thanksgiving. I hope your time with family is going to be better than mine. What more fun then my family, my uncle, his divorced wife and their son who hates his father for having an affair under one roof?

Please pass the Bailey's.
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I just got them.

Hello Vodka.

Yep. I did worse this time around. One point lower.

Just fuck me with a sharp stick. I don't think I've stopped crying yet.

A 3.6 GPA and I can't fucking score above a 154.

Just shoot me and put me out of my misery.
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Apparently, Almi's telling others (aka- Richard) HER side -- which is incorrect. What's worse is when they believe it.

At least mom straightened him out and he apologised.

All I have to say: I don't mind being held to a higher standard. I mind being held to a lower one.

And while we're on the west wing kick? This is seriously how I feel right about now about the Playhouse.

"Sam, do you think there's any chance that you could be rude to me tomorrow? Tomorrow is Saturday; I will be here. You can call me and be rude by phone or you can stop by and do it in person. 'Cause I think if I have to endure another disappointment today from this place that I have worshipped, I am gonna lose it. So if you could wait until tomorrow, I would appreciate it."
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You know what's always nice? Getting yelled at for doing your job because an actor just so happens to be an asshole and doesn't know how to keep his mouth shut.

Yes, dickwad -- you ripped your pants. Wasn't even that bad, really. When I'm walking INTO the show 45 minutes before curtain is NOT when you come up to me and shove your ass in my face and fucking prance around about it. Particularly as I have JUST walked in, am still laden down with instrument and other bags. I laid into the little cocksucker. I wasn't mean (as [ profile] rose_whispers will attest), but I was firm. And dude. The rule is: you lose a button or a shirt needs ironed, you do it yourself. If it's a major incident you tell the stage manager ASAP and she will phone the costumer.

ALWAYS been this way.

Our delicate flower runs to the director and says I was mean and how upset he was.

So what happens? Bitch-face Almi decides to bitch me out in front of the entire fucking cast. Saying how I'm on staff now and we don't treat volunteers this way. Dare I mention that at green room opening night almi says (and I quote): "I'd like to formally welcome our newest staff member, Eric!" May I mention that Eric was hired mid-July. I was hired in August.

Right. Bitch.

So. Fucking. Annoyed.
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Was stuck in a hospital waiting room for five hours.

My uncle went into the hospital earlier this week for some blockage in his lower end. For those of you keeping score at home, this is my dad's brother. The one who just divorced his wife a few years back and married the woman he was having the affair with. Sidebar: he and wife number four are in the process of getting a divorce.

Apparently, he had been doing better all this week. I haven't been in to see him because I've been going through the seventh circle of hell at the Playhouse with this damn concert this weekend. At about 8pm, I get a call from my dad saying that Uncle Mark is going into surgery. He blew a hole in his intestine from all the built up pressure. I ended up leaving rehearsal around 9:30 when I just couldn't stand it any longer. Went home, changed, and went down to the hospital with the folks.

Basically -- we wanted to be there for my aunt. I personally... couldn't do what she did tonight -- waiting all night for the man who committed adultery SEVERAL times to come out of surgery but none of us wanted to be alone. Particularly because Andy (my cousin and their son) refuses to even speak to his father. And Andy never came down all night. Which, hi, I don't care if you're fighting with someone. When there's a medical emergency like this, you put differences aside. Once he's out of the woods go back to hating him. But in this case where my uncle could have died from this? Yeah, really smart, Andy.

At about 12:30am he came out of surgery and the doctor talked to us. As soon as the words 'life threatening' were used, the four of us were deadly quiet. They ended up removing a large portion of his colon and they're still going to have to go in again and look at the blockage, but the doc said it didn't look or feel like cancer, and he thinks it's diverticulitis related. (Which, my Uncle has had that diagnosed for YEARS now). So they're going to let him heal before doing anything else. The good news was that he got into surgery before he could turn septic... which really would have been the kiss of death. Knowing that the drug that counters septic is about $10,000 a dose, it could have... been really not good. I think I'm still in shock over that whole bit.

Finally at about 2:30 am we were able to see him in the ICU. He's doing well (or as well as can be expected at the present).

It's... just been one helluva night.
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I'm at work right now -- and I really don't care that I'm on LJ and probably shouldn't. I'm having what has to be the worst night ever here.

I came in in a good mood. I really did! Just got back from the casino wherein I won a couple hundred bucks (ended up $50 ahead of where I began) and was feeling great. Then I walked into the store. Starts with Erin's daughter here. I don't do well with little kids. My two nieces I adore. Other little kids... not so much.

Things are degenerating from there.

1. Was on the phone with the devil!child (tm) that I teach. Get off the phone and Jim ONCE MORE yells at me for talking too loudly. Anyone who knows me knows that I have a voice that projects. Jim takes pride in telling me, it seems like once a week, that I'm too loud. I've never ONCE heard anyone say I'm too loud. And Jim says that, listening to me, everyone holds the phone a foot away from their head. Yeah. that makes me feel wonderful.

2. We're busy. I work in a small two room mom and pop type music store. We're NEVER busy. Yeah, save for tonight. 5pm comes and Jim is OUT the door, even though we're busy. The phone has been ringing off the hook and given the fact that I started typing this at 5:30 and it's ten minutes later... it's insanely busy here tonight.

3. The lesson book is totally and completely fucked up. Erin is the one who does all the spreadsheets as who owes what. I just take payments. So when people (this has happened FOUR times tonight and it's only 5:30. I got here at 4:00) say that the teacher cancelled 3 weeks in a row and I only see one, I have to go by the book. And I have people yelling at me, saying they don't want to pay for lessons they're not getting -- which I agree with. But please, stop yelling at me as if this is my fault. I have no control over it.

Can I cry now? Or curl up into a tiny, tiny ball?

And I have another hour and a half here. *cries*

*points to icon* that is exACTly how I feel right now.


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