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The best thing to come out of Torchwood lately? AfterElton's Facebook Recaps. If you haven't seen these yet, check them out. The recaps of the first two series are brilliant.

The link is for the CoE ones. Day Four is fucking PRICELESS.

The Brilliant Quote from Day 4 )

And I'm officially jealous of everyone at SDCC right now. That's all. ♥

I'm... back to the shop. If anyone out there is ever THINKING of doing the Wedding Singer for a show? Just... DON"T. The costumes are in-fucking-sane.

I almost think this is worse than Producers. Going back into the shop on a Saturday is not my idea of a good weekend.
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Sorry, Rusty. But you're not Britain's answer to Joss Whedon. And, frankly, coming over here to the States? We already have Joss kthnx.

DigitalSpy interview with Gareth [Spoilers for CoE]

I just... I don't know. There's nothing about this that doesn't suck. And part of me is tired of reading about it (and I'm aware that I'm still writing about it and talking about it. But this is how I deal with things. And really, compared to a lot of the comments lately? I'm tame. But I digress -- to the Irish, life is a digression). This is all I see on [ profile] torch_wood lately. And I don't know.

I just want to retcon myself and pretend CoE never existed.

What pisses me off the most is how nasty people are becoming over this. Case in point, the response to the next article at [ profile] torch_wood.

TW Boss to Angry Fans: Go watch Supernatural

Just... no. Yes, he's entitled to his opinion and I get that he wrote it. I know what's been going around and I know the opinion of some that if you can't dish it out (IE, the horrible things said to James Moran), then you should be able to take this. Only problem is that whole thing is a small percentage of fans. The rest of us? Give us the benefit of the doubt here.

What I don't like, is the change of format to cater to the BBC1 audience. It was written like Doctor Who and you can tell -- the last two days lose the Torchwood feel IMHO.

New York Times Review.

Amusingly enough? They agree with the fans. ;^) Knew there was a reason I was moving to NYC outside of law school.

AfterElton: Davies Answers the Question

Well, honestly? Duh. Of course he's going to say that. He can't come out and say "oh, well things will be fixed in S4 no worries!" Would I love to know if they'll be fixing things in S4 (or, in my own personal opinion, in one of the final Tenant episodes)? Yes, of course I would. But to have the HOMG aspect of something miraculous happening? Gotta admit, that's where it's at. THAT is drama.

AfterElton: GDL reflects on Torchwood and being one half of Janto

I just want to hug him. I really do. And there is the inconsistency: to say unequivocally no and for another to say 'who knows'? Again, it keeps building the dwama up and keeps people talking about it, which is what they WANT us to be doing.

So that's the articles I've found recently in any case. I do have Richard's opinion on things (very nice having an opinion from a gay male on this and a casual viewer as well) but this post is long enough as it is. So happy I know someone going to SDCC right about now. Who is taking video and will be sharing. XD

1500 words of Kiss Today Goodbye are in the bank! *goes back to writing*

Day Four

Jul. 23rd, 2009 10:17 pm
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Only watched the last 15 minutes (and am currently watching the 'inside look' to see what Rusty has to say for himself).

Yes, I sobbed my eyes out like a little girl and my poor Jack!muse is in a corner crying.

Fucking RTD. Half tempted to send a second letter to BBC Wales right now.


*goes back to writing up the first 2k of part 2 of fix-it fic*

An Edit -- Spoiler Cut because I'm nice. )
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Okay. So.

I'm officially on my way to London to wrap John in bubble wrap before he comes over here for Comic*Con.

Lucky Escape: John Barrowman survives 80mph rally car crash. At least he came through with minor injuries. But geeze. Between his ankle and now this? The guy is having one hell of a summer.

Also! As overheard in the shop. Richard was in today, so of course we have to discus Torchwood. *muttermutter* HOWEVER. funniest way I've heard Day One described yet:

Me: So, what did you think of Day One.
Richard: OMG. It was amazing. And that kiss at the end was SMOKIN' HOT.
Me: Just wait until day two.
Richard: Oh?
Me: [spoiler in case you're that nutsy about knowing nothing] Yes. Bare ass shot. Not to mention full-frontal that's slightly pixellated.
Richard: Oh I am SO buying this DVD.

And then mom almost spoiled him. *headdesk*

No, I didn't watch Day Two. But I watched the last half of Day One yesterday. And didn't throw things either! Aren't you all proud?
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Well, it starts tonight on BBCAmerica.

And fucking DISH network didn't get the HD feed of it. Bastards.

The rest goes under cut. What? You mean you're actually not spoiled for CoE yet? I'm SHOCKED )
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Thank you guys SO much for all the birthday wishes on Saturday. Day was loverly and I got to spend time with my fabulously gay boyfriend at a gay bar in the evening. *g* Was absolutely fantastic. Hard to believe I'm running out of time here in Erie. Yeesh.

If anyone is interested, there is a statement from Gareth on his website. And it reads like the typical 'they asked me to say this diplomatically' which I can't blame him for. I DO feel wretched for James Moran who had been SO open to talking to fans which is wonderful for us. But to those of you (not saying any of them are on my flist) who did abuse the poor man for shame. Honestly, for shame.

It's taken me a good four days to finally feel as if I'm not reeling from this. TV shouldn't make you feel as this made me feel. And things damn near broke my Jack!Muse. I don't know who is really still unspoiled as to what happened but until it airs in the US I'll be good.

I'm, at last, working on fic. The sequel to the Trace Memory fic from Jack's POV has been put on the back-burner (it's half done) for the time being while I work on fixing CoE. Or, at least, finding a deserved ending.
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This has been sitting on my desktop since about 10pm. It took me until 2am to get up the courage to watch it.

A spoilery question first! )

Children of Earth | Day Five -- Spoilers!  )

Final thoughts )

Excuse me. I'm off to watch 'To the Last Man' again and go back to working on my fanfic. It'll be long. It'll be angsty. But it's going to fix CoE.

Fucking way to start my birthday. Damn you Auntie Beeb.
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My reaction based off obsessively refreshing the reaction post.

Spoilers. Day Five. )

I'm writing fic tonight. May need a fast beta once I finish working on Day!Change at Vas. My normal beta hasn't seen CoE and while she knows what's happening, I'm not spoiling her more than that.
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More about Day Four and speculations for Day Five. Commenting to the other post later. I'm going to attempt to go back to sleep for a few hours.

You know the drill. Spoilers beneath the cut. Discussion beneath. Wee reference to the IMDB post for Day 5. )

More speculations. )

Best thing? I got today off with my birthday tomorrow. And I can't friggin' sleep. *sigh* Thank you, Auntie Beeb for my birthday present.

Only, y'know. Not.

Day Four

Jul. 9th, 2009 05:32 pm
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AKA, I no longer have a refresh button.


Yes, the real reaction post tonight when I've seen it.
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Yes, THOSE spoilers. And are insanely spoilery.  )
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Jack & Ianto. Duh. But don't say that too loudly. shhhhh.

AAAAND in other news!

'Torchwood' Retains Strong Audience

SNIPPET: The third instalment of the five part series pulled in an impressive 5.87m (27.1%), making it the most-watched show during the 9pm hour. The audience figures are up slightly from yesterday's performance and remained fairly even with Monday's premiere. /SNIPPET

Three cheers! Bring on Day Four!!

Spoiler cut isn't spoilery... but what's beneath it is. )
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Really, I swear there's a full-length review coming for these. I swear. I've just been at the theatre most nights and... yes. Blow-by-blow for now. *g*

Hell, this is the first one I've gotten to see before 2am! I'd LOVE to know, though, why it takes me 2 fucking hours to download these. Unhappy Lia is unhappy.

Children of Earth | Day Three -- Spoilers! )

Okay. Part of me? LOVING this. The other part of me? Is depressed it's going to be over in 2 days. However? SO glad I don't have to wait a week in between each episode. I think I'd die.
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Torchwood Drops 300,000

SNIPPET FROM ARTICLE BBC1’s stripped sci-fi drama Torchwood saw the second episode average 5.6m viewers (24% share) last night at 9pm, a fall of 300,000 compared with the opening performance.

The hour-long drama spin-off from Doctor Who saw its audience rise slightly from an initial 5.5m (23.9%) to 5.7m (24.5%) in the final 15 minutes. It was comfortably up on the slot average so far this year of 4.1m (17.9%) by 36.6%.

As the article said, it still was the most watched show in the UK last night, so we're still doing good! *g* My thought is it wasn't as watched with all the Michael Jackson tribute stuff last night. So hopefully we're still doing good where viewers are concerned.

Bring on Day Three! And, hopefully, S4!!

Too? Raise your hand if you've gone back and watched... and rewatched... and rewatched a certain scene last night. *coff*

And, thankfully, I have the day off today. W00t! Even if it is spent cleaning for my damn going away party. Oi.
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Day off tomorrow. Huzzah! Will do a complete review for both of these then. Right now? I'm just all adsfljadsfkasdjfas;ldfj;lads

Yes, incoherent Lia is incoherent.

Children of Earth | Day Two -- Spoilers )

... Time to start counting down the hours until Day Three airs. And hopefully those viewing figures are just as fan-fucking-tastic tonight! :^D


Jul. 7th, 2009 09:54 am
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So... apparently my journal is turning primarily Torchwood these past few weeks. I have pictures of the apartment which I'll pull off my camera and post 'em up tonight. It looks fantastic and I absolutely LOVE it.

But the important thing of the morning (before I run off to work):

Torchwood blazes with 5.9m Viewers

SNIPPET FROM ARTICLE:The new post-watershed version of Torchwood was all fired up from the off as the debut of the third series got underway last night at 9pm with a sizeable 5.9m viewers (25.8% share).

The hour-long episode Torchwood: Children of the Earth, starring John Barrowman as Captain Jack, saw its audience rise from an initial 5.7m (25.4%) to 6.1m (26.2%) in the final 15 minutes. The Doctor Who spin-off cleared the channel’s slot average for the year so far of 5.1m (21.5%) by 800,000./SNIPPET

Well... looks like they're getting the viewer response they need! :^D Bring on Day Two!

And bring on tafetta for me. Ugh. 80's style prom dresses.
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I'm exhausted and had a 9 hour drive back from New York. However, nothing was standing between me and my Torchwood. NOTHING.

Brief thoughts, I'll do a more coherent review tomorrow. ♥

Spoilers, reactions as I was watching. And yes, that one scene? I transcribed it.

Children of Earth | Day One -- Spoilers! )

... It's now Tuesday. Where's my Torchwood Day Two?

God this was SO worth the fourteen-ish months. This just better not be the last 5 eps of Torchwood I ever get.

ETA: First time ever. I posted meta on Janto for Episode 1.
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First of all, though, Happy Birthday to my loverly [ profile] genaschuyler

And no, I'm not posting from Work, why do you ask? *shifty* But I had to given the linky I just found. :^D

BBCAmerica to Air a Torchwood Special

Very nice article about an "Inside the Hub" preview they're running on June July [bugger. *headdesk* that's what I get for sneaking on at work, isn't it?] 20th at 8pm.

And also an interview. Spoilers in the article, obviously, but there's some nice little Janto bits included. :^)


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