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Well, aside from now being completely and totally scarred for life, The Full Monty opened last night. The sound guy said he was scarred. I said I've known one of the actors since I was ten. He... backed down. *g*

I swear, I must be a masochist or something because I have been at the show every night this week. Was actually planning on going home after Green Room, but we ended up staying straight through once more. I tell you, it's the audience reaction that's the best.

And yes, they DO do the Full Monty. God bless backlighting... Though, the lighting technician is taking up a collection each night to maybe... miss the light cue. We all say she could probably put her daughter through college with the money she'd rake in...

I did at final dress manage to tape 'Let it Go' on my cell phone, so I'll see about getting it up for you guys to see.

So sorry for my impromptu absence. I really wasn't planning on spending EVERY night this week at the theatre but the show is just THAT good -- nakedness notwithstanding.

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Date: 2007-06-09 07:21 am (UTC)
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My friend Mark was at a show once where the techies told him the computer skipped a light cue the night before, instead of doing the backlighting thing at the, erm, climactic moment, it skipped straight to house up for bows.

So if your friends wants an alibi...


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