Jul. 26th, 2009 12:04 am
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A few bullet points because I'm so fucking tired it isn't funny.

Torchwood Picked up for Series 4.

Good luck, Rusty. Can't wait to see how you're going to pull this one off. And if this is "let's get a new cast + Jack"? I don't know how I feel about it. Yes, I watch for John and I freely admit this point. But I don't want to start watching for a group of new cast members -- why get attached to any of them when you know they're just going to get picked off one at a time?

I just feel like the fandom response... is going to bring out the batshit again. *sigh*

• I will be catching up with all my tags tomorrow. I've officially had 6 (roughly) twelve-hour days down at the theatre. I was supposed to have the day off today. yeah... only, not so much there. I'm fucking exhausted and anything that would come out of Jack's mouth at this point in time would be gibberish.

• Words you never want to hear come out of your mother/boss's mouth: Oh. I didn't realise ComicCon was now. You should have said something. We'd have worked around work to let you go this weekend.

And she wondered why I started crying and banging my head against the cutting table.

• Apparently there was John/David snoggage at SDCC. Photo-evidence anyone? NAO PLZ.

I'm off to bed and attempt to actually get some sleep tonight. ♥
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A Numbered List!

1. Work has been insane. The supposed 'easy' rental turned out to be bloody insane. Costume rentals should be of the, pull it out and give it to the actors. This? Was wretched. I cannot tell you the number of costumes we've had to fix/redo/repair because what we got was absolute shit.


2. Heard from another school! Ave Maria School of Law wants me, and George Washington deferred my decision until mid-February. So, the current tally is 3-1-1 (8) [acceptance-decline-waitlist (number to hear from)]. Will keep you updated as it all goes.

3. I have fallen in love with Doctor Who & Torchwood. Had various reasons why I wouldn't watch it before now, but doesn't matter. I'm loving it. And my Capt Jack. *shifty*

4. I hate the weather along the great lakes at this time of year. I really, really do. And over-protective parents too, for that matter.

5. That time of year again! Valentinr.

My Valentinr - thescarletwoman
Get your own valentinr

6. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! ♥
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Work is absolutely insane, but I'm loving every minute. Producers is going to be a blast, not only to play but to work on the show in the shop. Saying it right now -- if any of you lot are going to be in the Erie area in September, you totally have to come see it. Cleveland gang -- you're coming and there's no choice in the matter.

As for weight loss -- I started Weight Watchers on May 1st -- and while I'm not ALWAYS the best at tracking what I eat during the day, I hit my first major milestone: I've lost twenty pounds to date. I'm extremely, extremely proud of myself. And knowing this was a lot of the weight put on when I took both vioxx and topomax for my migraines I'm absolutely stoked.

Still have a long ways to go -- but it's a start!

Hope everyone is having a brilliant week so far. ♥

Also -- totally random side note: four years later and I STILL want to jump Michael Phelps. Yes, [livejournal.com profile] lisabel, I found that icon you made for me. *coff*
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Dear Body,

Yes, I know you're used to me being a night owl. Yes, I wish I could stay up until 3 or 4 in the morning like usual. However, I now have a full time job which means getting up at 8 am, not 11. Thus, please start readjusting yourself so that I'm in bed by 1 -- 2 at the LATEST. This reading in bed until 4am when I finally crash is getting really old.

Also -- giving me the red death this week? If that's your idea of a joke, I'm not laughing.

No love,

Dear Hollywood,

You know, I love that you're bringing back the movie musical. I really do! However, the latest debacle Nine is making me rather pissed off at you. If you're going to make movie musicals please cast KNOWN SINGERS in title roles, particularly when they're insanely vocally demanding.

REALLY no love,
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Pictures from Sunday in the Park are forthcoming.

The Good:
* I just got invited to join [livejournal.com profile] daily_deviant! w00t! *dance*
* SQUEE! [livejournal.com profile] rs_games reveals went up today! *cheers for PostHogwarts!*
* Also just got into TR. At last, my Daemon muse has a home!

The Bad:
* Boss sent me home early. For no reason, just sent me home. So that means I drove 10 miles today... to work for 90 minutes. With gas at 4 bucks a gallon... yeah. That makes me happy. Ass.

The Ugly:
*LSAT scores... either tomorrow or Monday. Tell me I can stop freaking out now?
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I'm at work right now -- and I really don't care that I'm on LJ and probably shouldn't. I'm having what has to be the worst night ever here.

I came in in a good mood. I really did! Just got back from the casino wherein I won a couple hundred bucks (ended up $50 ahead of where I began) and was feeling great. Then I walked into the store. Starts with Erin's daughter here. I don't do well with little kids. My two nieces I adore. Other little kids... not so much.

Things are degenerating from there.

1. Was on the phone with the devil!child (tm) that I teach. Get off the phone and Jim ONCE MORE yells at me for talking too loudly. Anyone who knows me knows that I have a voice that projects. Jim takes pride in telling me, it seems like once a week, that I'm too loud. I've never ONCE heard anyone say I'm too loud. And Jim says that, listening to me, everyone holds the phone a foot away from their head. Yeah. that makes me feel wonderful.

2. We're busy. I work in a small two room mom and pop type music store. We're NEVER busy. Yeah, save for tonight. 5pm comes and Jim is OUT the door, even though we're busy. The phone has been ringing off the hook and given the fact that I started typing this at 5:30 and it's ten minutes later... it's insanely busy here tonight.

3. The lesson book is totally and completely fucked up. Erin is the one who does all the spreadsheets as who owes what. I just take payments. So when people (this has happened FOUR times tonight and it's only 5:30. I got here at 4:00) say that the teacher cancelled 3 weeks in a row and I only see one, I have to go by the book. And I have people yelling at me, saying they don't want to pay for lessons they're not getting -- which I agree with. But please, stop yelling at me as if this is my fault. I have no control over it.

Can I cry now? Or curl up into a tiny, tiny ball?

And I have another hour and a half here. *cries*

*points to icon* that is exACTly how I feel right now.
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Mostly, we had a happy ending.

Shortly after I emailed the post, I decided to suck it up and call my father and VERY CAREFULLY ask if there was an envelope on the counter. The conversation went thusly:

Me: So... uh... did I happen to leave a manilla envelope on the kitchen counter?
Dad: yes you did.
Me: Uh... please don't look in there.
Dad: Why?
Me: No reason. Just... not for your eyes. At all.
Dad: Okay...
Me: Actually, can you toss it in the den on my stuff. Or even in the dining room?
Dad: I'm just... going to leave it where it is.

Hang up with him and have a nerve wracking next hour or so, wondering if he'll actually NOT look or if it'll be the little kid syndrome. Don't touch the stove... what does the kid do? Touch the stove. Had a ton of drama at work involving a new credit card machine and my being unable to transmit the batch for whatever reason which involved me driving back to the store after leaving to call boss and explain. Get home around 7:40 and mom's home.

Enter envelope still sitting on the kitchen table.

Run in. Grab it.

Mom: what's that?
Me: *on way up the stairs* noooothing.
Mom: So, where are you going with it?
Me: To my room.
Mom: What's in it.
Me: just never you mind.

So... I can only hope they DIDN"T see what's in there. Mom, would likely be a bit better with what it was as she and I share romance novels. But as I was wibbling with [livejournal.com profile] wook77 romance novels and sign-ups for a pr0n fest are two VERY different things.

Last thing I needed was my father seeing a request of: Snarry or Harry/Draco, kinks: D/s, BDSM and rimming.

Crisis Averted.

I hope.
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Drive by posting. Will be catching up with everything later tonight. My week-long migraine seems to have FINALLY died down. Thank god. I was looking into lobotomizing myself just to get rid of the pain.

Good news though!

I have my car back and I don't have to do anything to the window! \o/ After speaking with our lawyer, he said my best course of action was to file a civil suit. Talked to the judge (who ended up being the wrong district justice to go to, but as my dad and he went to school and I went to school with his son, he was really candid in talking to us). And agreed that suing the dealership would be the best course of action.

Take my car to this glass repair place and they said there was nothing wrong. That the weather stripping had gotten kinked somehow, they fixed it and didn't even charge me for it! Now the window works perfectly, there's no grinding or anything.

I am a happy, happy Lia.

Work is now changing my schedule (oi) but it means more nights by myself which isn't necessarily a bad thing. While I don't trust to be on LJ or the like (at least, not yet *cough*) I can be on google sites. Which means writing. My muse seems to be coming back in FULL force. Not only with bunnies, but with ideas for LMoM (though I'll be getting help from you guys as I want to try 31 different pairings through the month). I know. Ambitious, right?

*squees some more about her baby being fixed!* *\o/*
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While it may quasi-rhyme... it doesn't have the same ring as La Vie en Rose, but what are you going to do?

Sorry for my absence all of last week -- I seem to have gotten hit with whatever bug's been going around. Stuffy, sore throat and a cough -- oh joy. Best of all... it left me with an attention span to rival a goldfish's. However, I'm finally feeling better or at least starting to. I broke down and called the doc for some drugs. Ugh I need a full time job. Paying for prescriptions out of pocket as I have NO drug coverage... really bloody sucks.

my [livejournal.com profile] hp_springsmut is eating my brain. Seriously. I have one more scene to write at long last. But god... it turned into a monster. An absolute monster.

And happiest news of all? today is my LAST DAY at the station! Everyone pop out the booze, it's going to be a party in here tonight!

Now... if only the courthouse would bloody call me BACK and say if I got the job working as a Tip Staffer, life would be brilliant.
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I just gave my two weeks notice to the station. Oh thank god. By the end of February, I will be DONE with this place.

I came to the realisation last week that this has not been a healthy environment for me for quite some time. Between Ron and his asshatery and Melanie and her mind games -- I'm worse off here. The only reason I was staying around was so that I'd have a parking permit to do my LSAT course, but as I'm now doing it online, that point is moot.

My god -- telling him good bye was the most satisfying thing everywhere. And thankfully, he didn't throw anything at me either which I rather expected. He said he was impressed with how quickly I excelled and how fast I picked everything up. Which is funny because the past two weeks, all I've gotten from him is that I'm behind, I'm not where he thought I'd be in six months...

Funny, eh?

Back I go to editing this guy with an insanely thick accent. I'm not going to miss this.
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I owe comments. I know. Will get to them.

I had dad tape my song at the composer/lyricist concert to share with you guys. It ended up getting recorded in two cuts as dad didn't realise he had to keep holding the record button as it was taken with my digital camera. Still... something is better than nothing as far as I'm concerned. Hence why the record/picture quality is a bit iffy. But better than nothing!

So here it is!

Part One:

Part Two:

Off to the shop to help mom with Little Women. She's so overwhelmed, so I'm going in to help her. After the wretched 'evaluation' I got from the station (can we say hatchet job?) I didn't really feel so bad calling in "sick" today. I should have -- but I didn't.


Jan. 5th, 2008 08:57 am
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I am positively one big bundle of nerves. Slept like crap last night.

Today -- is Pittsburgh with the boy.

Tomorrow... he's driving with me to Cleveland to see [livejournal.com profile] a_falling_sky, [livejournal.com profile] avengangle (and ben, o'course), [livejournal.com profile] adaptor and [livejournal.com profile] sbnrko35.

Am excited and scared to death at the same time. Thankfully, though, Lynch changed my schedule just for today, which means we can leave at 2 rather than 6. And the boy is being nice and picking me up so I won't have to drive home uberly late.

News about the theatre too -- and GOOD news for once, but that will be saved for Monday. Hopefully a shower will wake me up!
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But... this was too funny not to.

Went upstairs for lunch and on my way downstairs passed a sign in the stairwell:

Midnight Bingo!

November 30th -- 10 pm


Back to editing...
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And crossing my fingers that this will work.

*waves at flist* How goes it everyone?

I'm sorry for the radio silence the past few weeks. I've had a few really shit days at work, finding out that I'm basically getting screwed with my pants on when it comes to my hours. My boss is an absolute jackass... so, needless to say -- I'm going to be job hunting once more. Granted, I only need something for the upcoming year as HOPEFULLY I'll be in law school by Fall '09. *crosses fingers*

As of right now, the folks and I are up in Salamenca, NY at the wonderful casino up here. We're away for two days -- with two free rooms. Hence why I can have internet as, paying $10 a day doesn't suck when the rooms are free. Thank you father dearest.

In other news, [livejournal.com profile] wook77 and I have inherited the reigns of [livejournal.com profile] rs_prophet from [livejournal.com profile] xylodemon and are currently looking for others to assist with the editing. If you'd like to be considered, drop us a line here!

So how have all of you guys been? I know I owe comments and tags and posts leik woah... and they will get done. I'm no longer feeling as panic-y as I was the past few weeks. Amazing how being yelled at for an entire day for things that were out of my control... made me absolutely bonkers for two weeks.
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Reminder! Christmas/Season's Greetings cards. You want one from me, and I'll send you one. Possibly with drabbles if I'm feelings uber creative.

The LJ Poll Post: can be found here! || The IJ Screened Comments Post: can be found here!

Or, you can always email it to me if you're nervous about addresses. Even if we don't talk a lot, feel free to request one. I'm all about spreading the Christmas spirit!

So work on Tuesday. Hellish does not even begin to describe it.

Backstory on our players: Ron is the station manager. Val is the traffic manager (who basically makes sure things run on air when they're supposed to). Melanie is who I was supposed to take over for in SEPTEMBER. But I digress.

Woke up to snow. Let me rephrase that. We woke up to snow disguised horribly as SLUSH. That heavy, wet stuff that just STICKS to everything. About five minutes after I got up, I got a txt message from Penn State (as, I think in light of the Virginia Tech incident they're starting the txt message alerts). Text message says that power is out on campus, offices are open but classes are delayed until noon. So I call Melanie, she's not in. Call Val. She's going nuts because our back-up audio isn't working and Ron has been calling, SCREAMING that we're off the air. When there's NOTHING SHE COULD DO. So I asked if she wanted me to come in or not, and she said she could use an extra pair of hands. This was about 8:50. I get there by 9:45 because it takes so long to get there, plus there are accidents and the roads are absolute shit.

Power is still out. Back up audio still isn't working. Save for one of the local news stations, we run everything off satellites. What was happening was that the snow was building up on them and blocking the signal. I get in and there's really nothing we can do. We were trying to find out if the local news station was even on or if we had something that could run it by the noon news. Nothing. Ron keeps calling demanding why we're not on the air. At this point, Val was running this one loop cassette that's used if we ever go off the air, that way she could monitor if the satellites were going to come back on. Ron didn't like THAT any more and asked that we run classical music. Now, backstory thing. The board we use for broadcasting is from the 50s. It was the first board built that didn't have tubes in it. It's OLD. So with how it's set up, when Val runs a CD, she can't monitor the satellites. But Ron doesn't care. Just so long as we're on the air.

The power came back briefly at 11ish. Enough for us to say, yay it's back and switch off our own generator. We no sooner did and there was a power surge and everything went out again. So right now, I don't know if anything got fried from the surges and won't find out until I get there today. Ron finally dragged his ass in from being out on an appointment and kept going outside to wipe off the satellites. It would work for maybe ten or twenty minutes before they'd go out again. He'd come flying in, demanding why we're off the air. Val and I just look at him like "are you learning impaired?" He's too cheap to get the heat tape to go on the dishes which would have prevented the absolute crisis.

Finally, around 12:30 or 1 the power comes back on. Slowly, everything starts coming up. Log onto the computer and there's no network. Ten minutes later, it's there. I was checking on that for Val, as we could always do an internet feed if worse came to worse. Ron walks in JUST as I finish telling Val that the network was at least up. Ron looks at me: "so you can start doing the editing that you're supposed to be doing, right?"

And walks out.

I nearly throttled him. The network was JUST up. And the network drives weren't even there for another 20 or 30 minutes.

That was my Tuesday. It just went on like that. And I've been in a horrible mood ever since. Going into work now and I'm praying to GOD it's going to be a better day today than Tuesday. At least there's no snow falling. That's already a plus.
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Hey! It's the first monday in october. Half tempted to watch said movie tonight. Yay Supreme Court. XD

Bah. Hellish weekend and I really don't want to talk about it. Now that it's monday, surprisingly things are better with all the crap that went on. I really hate my extended family sometimes. And that's all I'll say about that.

On the work front, I start teaching this week. Tomomrrow morning, actually. OMG. I am SOOO freaking nervous. I'm a performance major... and yes, I've taught privately. However, teaching in a class setting is going to be different and it's my first time doing this and... yes. *wibble*

I think I'm getting my muse back. HUZZAH and it's about damn time. Have the entire plot of [livejournal.com profile] merry_smutmas all worked out in my head. And I think I know the ending to a certain potfic that was brought on by [livejournal.com profile] dramaphile.

In other news? Yes, I finally did it. I signed up for Nanowrimo. I've sworn I'd do it once I graduated... so... here we go. If anyone around here is going to do it this year... my username shouldn't be surprising: thescarletwoman. *g* How many saw that one coming?

Prolly am going to use a separate LJ for posting of my writings. So if you're interested in reading original fic by Lia, just say something. :)


Sep. 11th, 2006 08:33 am
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Gyah. Comments coming. It was a sorta hellish weekend.

In any case... I'm off to my first day at Starbucks.

And have a job interview before I go. How does this work?

Though, with this other job, if it's how they explained it to me on the phone -- it's teaching violin in the school district to 3rd graders... and MAY pay really good money. Methinks teaching would be a biiiit more fun than starbucks.

But not putting the cart before the horse.


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