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Had a brilliant time in cleveland this weekend with [ profile] rose_whispers for [ profile] avengangle and Ben's wedding. And, of course, no trip to Cleveland is complete without Ben and I discussing Ubuntu. Even if it is at his wedding reception. *coff* [speaking of. Steph, tell Ben that the update went through fine and the two weird issues my laptop was having are gone after I did the update. And ask him where the all-black theme he's using came from. XD]

So Rose is on the bus for the way home -- and I'm sitting here all asquee. Not because she left (because WOE) but because of what happened at the bus terminal.

I'm wearing my "Producers" sweatshirt and this guy comes up to me and asks if it was from the National Tour. I explain that it's from the Playhouse production. He says he always asks when he sees people wearing show shirts/sweatshirts because he's with the national touring company of Cats. [insert HOLY SHIT here]. Start talking about Andrew, as he had played piano in that pit for a year.

To make a long story short, he took my name, number and email. And said he'd pass them along to their music contractor. The guy (his name was Jerry) that I spoke to is the massage therapist. So it's not like he's just an actor, he's part of the production staff. AND on top of that, said that violinists are in demand for tours. HIGH demand.

So... uh... law school might get pushed back for a year. I have no idea if anything is going to come from this. And it's very, very possible that nothing will. But there's a chance.

Holy. Shit.
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Standing backstage with the newest member of my harem (the loverly Tony), two other guys and three women.

They're all techies. So of course the conversation is... strange. Somehow we got onto the discussion of Tony and his sexuality. And my saying that the fact he played the king in Once Upon A Mattress in high school started his aversion to women.

Tony: Someone at work called me the straight male who happens to like buttsex. Who around here doesn't like buttsex?
Women: *all look at each other and shrug*
Tony: *shrugs*

From the other side of our circle, one of the middle school boys raises his hand quietly. Enter the rest of us losing it laughing... as the other male kept his hand down.

There are moments I truly, truly love my theatre. This is one of them.
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You know what's always nice? Getting yelled at for doing your job because an actor just so happens to be an asshole and doesn't know how to keep his mouth shut.

Yes, dickwad -- you ripped your pants. Wasn't even that bad, really. When I'm walking INTO the show 45 minutes before curtain is NOT when you come up to me and shove your ass in my face and fucking prance around about it. Particularly as I have JUST walked in, am still laden down with instrument and other bags. I laid into the little cocksucker. I wasn't mean (as [ profile] rose_whispers will attest), but I was firm. And dude. The rule is: you lose a button or a shirt needs ironed, you do it yourself. If it's a major incident you tell the stage manager ASAP and she will phone the costumer.

ALWAYS been this way.

Our delicate flower runs to the director and says I was mean and how upset he was.

So what happens? Bitch-face Almi decides to bitch me out in front of the entire fucking cast. Saying how I'm on staff now and we don't treat volunteers this way. Dare I mention that at green room opening night almi says (and I quote): "I'd like to formally welcome our newest staff member, Eric!" May I mention that Eric was hired mid-July. I was hired in August.

Right. Bitch.

So. Fucking. Annoyed.
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I totally forgot to add in the stats from the show. *sigh* I go two weeks without posting and then two posts in one day.

Actors in the Show: 22
Number of Costumes Produced: About 200 [considering the chorus plays about 6-10 roles each]

And now for the kicker...

Number of costume pieces that went through our hands (including putting zippers in EVERYONE's boots), suspenders, hats, trousers, etc: Approximately 900

So is it any wonder why mom and I finished sewing costumes at 5:05 yesterday?
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So The Producers opened last night as you guys could tell by my excited text message post. It feels SO good to have this thing up and done with. The pictures for final dress rehearsal aren't online yet, but I'll post links as soon as they are.

I've been involved with some shows that have been sheer hell but this one REALLY takes the cake. And I must admit -- doing double duty in the costume shop AND in the pit wasn't exactly fun. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were all fifteen hour days for me. Last night we ate at home! *gasp* something NOT out of a Subway bag. I don't care what Jared says... enough is enough when it comes to subs.

If you'd have asked me if we'd have been ready for opening night last night -- I'd have laughed. This too was one of the first times I ever was skeptical about opening at the start of dress rehearsal. Yet, somehow, we made it and the show was fabulous last night. Still a few issues and what have yous, but it's brilliant and hysterical.

and why oh WHY must our Carmen Ghia be gay? I've collected yet another one. Just ONCE I'd like to find an adorable straight male who adores me. *sigh*

So now, all that's left is to play for the show. Mom and I are taking all of next week off, so that will be used to actually catch up with things. I cannot wait to have time to actually just sit and do nothing. Oh TR, how I've missed you. And [ profile] bugly I'll actually be back to chat with you! *misses leik woah*

Thanks, guys, for the support through the radio silence. This was utterly, utterly insane.
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Work is absolutely insane, but I'm loving every minute. Producers is going to be a blast, not only to play but to work on the show in the shop. Saying it right now -- if any of you lot are going to be in the Erie area in September, you totally have to come see it. Cleveland gang -- you're coming and there's no choice in the matter.

As for weight loss -- I started Weight Watchers on May 1st -- and while I'm not ALWAYS the best at tracking what I eat during the day, I hit my first major milestone: I've lost twenty pounds to date. I'm extremely, extremely proud of myself. And knowing this was a lot of the weight put on when I took both vioxx and topomax for my migraines I'm absolutely stoked.

Still have a long ways to go -- but it's a start!

Hope everyone is having a brilliant week so far. ♥

Also -- totally random side note: four years later and I STILL want to jump Michael Phelps. Yes, [ profile] lisabel, I found that icon you made for me. *coff*


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