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Bullet points:

• I fucking hate my extended family on my dad's side. My grandfather practically ruined Easter. He finally called after 3 fucking years. And managed to cause even more problems. *sigh* Fun times only, y'know, not.
• Watching s2 of Doctor Who today, I realised I keep having more contacts with people in that show. see picture. That was from meeting Daniel Evans last year when I saw Sunday in the Park with George. Watching 'Christmas Invasion' today... TOTALLY didn't realise that was him as David Llewellyn.
• Is something screwy going on with IJ today or is it just me?
• Speaking of WTFs... where the hell did my default icon go?
• I have comments. Will be replying to things this evening. ♥ Counting down the weeks left that I have to teach, thank god!
• I'm seeing people talking about Dreamwidth lately and it's making me sad. It just feels like more and more people are splitting off and I'm afraid I'm going to lose contact with folks. I may not comment a lot, but I do read and after being here since 2003, LJ is like my home. But at the same time, I have this odd twisting in my stomach thinking of losing more people off my flist to yet another site. Yes, most of us have moved on from HP or aren't as into it as we once were... but still. Gah. *sigh* I just don't want my flist to disperse any more than it already has. *clings to you guys*

In any case, a poll about dreamwidth.

[Poll #1383571]

ETA: D'aaaaaaaaa *breath* aaaaaaaaaaaaw! John Barrowman wants to be a dad. *melt* Makes me think of my friend Eric and his husband's little boy. *sniffle*
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Thank fucking god, but camp is over. And it took all of this weekend to recover. *mutters*

It was... one of the worst experiences of my life. Well, that may be a slight exaggeration as the children were (mostly) wonderful. It was a small group, so it was hard to really do anything with them. There were a couple I was ready to strangle by the end of the week, though.

Especially 10 year old children who bring TWO cans of Vault EACH to drink at lunch. Omg. Can we say hyper children bouncing off the walls? I realised during this week -- that I really do NOT like children aside when medium rare and a side of ketchup. It makes me wonder if I REALLY want to go back next year and continue teaching. I don't know if I can do it without killing myself.

But what was horrible this week -- was one of the instructors I was supposed to work with. Now, when we planned camp, we were going to have two string ensembles. One for the beginning strings conducted by Mr Gong and the advanced strings directed by myself. Well, he came in, combined ALL the students together and took over all the conducting duties. Then, on TOP of that, when it came time for the students to have private lessons, he wouldn't let me work with any of HIS students that he brought with him to camp. The point of a summer music camp is to LEARN new styles and get to work with NEW instructors. I finally got so pissed off I just said: "what, are you expecting that I'll screw your students up by working with them for an hour?"

He absolutely ruined the entire week for me. Plus there's a language barrier as he has a VERY thick accent. And doesn't ALWAYS understand what you're trying to say. And I'm sure he looked at me as the 23 year old female and assumed I knew nothing.



May. 10th, 2007 10:49 am
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So I've been sick with a sinus infection for the past... I don't know how long. Started with a migraine that lasted a good five days (and really, still is kinda lurking *sigh*) and degenerated from there. I suppose I should be happy. It's the first cold I've had in I can't tell you how long.

In other news... am SO close to being done with teaching I can almost taste it. 15 more classes and then I am -done-. I honestly don't know if I'm going to go back in the fall. The money was good, don't get me wrong -- but as I'm really deciding that I'm not going into music for grad school, the more I'm deciding that it might be smarter to get a job interning or working somewhere that would actually benefit me.

Now -- if I could just stop hacking up a lung, life would be absolutely BRILLIANT.

ETA: I owe everyone and their mother, brother and sister comments. I'm getting there. Really.


May. 3rd, 2007 01:30 pm
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I have the devil!children (tm) today and I so don't want to bloody go teach. I -know- it's the extra money. Logically I know that.

However, I do NOT want to deal with kids that I don't know and have only worked with one time after another teacher had them for 8 weeks.

Oh, and the other teacher was so fucking incompetent. I just love the kids who have been playing for TWO fucking months and have YET to even put fingers down on the instrument yet. And the one little girl who argues with everything I try to do because 'that's not what Kathy (the other teacher) did.'

Ooooooh. Kill me now. Please?
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So things have been just slightly hectic around here. It's the ending of the teaching job right around the corner which on one hand saddens me but I'm also ready for the break. It just sucks that everything is happening like it is. Because I have no clue if I'm doing this next year or not and have no idea if I'm supposed to be finding a new job.

I can tell you one thing, I'm not going back to Starbucks if I can absolutely help it. Yeah, discount was nice... BUT. Nuh-uh. No. Way.

Barnes & Noble on the other hand.... *shifty*

Otherwise, things have been good. We had our cast party for Stand By Your Man last weekend which was made of all sorts of awesome.

[ profile] froda_baggins tagged me for a great music meme which I'll do tomorrow. In any case, music coming from me! :D


[ profile] hp_summersmut -- signups will begin April 1st. Be there. :D
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So yeah -- you know your day is going to suck when your alarm doesn't go off -- and you wake up at 11:30.

The problem is, you were supposed to be at Grandview teaching at 10:55.


Nov. 18th, 2006 02:11 pm
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And it's official. I have JUST sent off the final draft of my thesis along with the note:

"Hi, this is my best work. Not studying music history in grad school, so grade it now, bitch"

Or, maybe something worded a BIT nicer than that. But in any case, it's done and sent and life is good.

My teaching time is getting increased again (yay! money!) so my mornings are nicely busy. Strange, but I'm really enjoying teaching. I have a couple of the inner city schools and one that's in the more upper class area. Amazing the differences in the two classes and how they behave. But -- I'm finding that I'm totally able to handle the kids -- even without an education degree.

Definitely looking forward to this week. Three days only so huzzah for a short week!

(*cough* and I'm still taking requests for cards! I don't mind sending a bunch out. So don't be shy and speak up!)
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Well, not really. But it's a good title for a post. Because 'leavin' in my little red saab' isn't quite as catchy.


Going out of town this weekend. This is the trip that's actually been planned for a little bit. Heading in to play the Gay Band Halloween Concert. (or to be technical CLAGMB's Danse Macabre Concert). Take your pick.

But leaving shortly and will be gone until sometime on Sunday. MIGHT end up getting in late depending on how things go. After this weekend, my life starts to slow down a bit. Going to talk to Starbucks about cutting down to one day a week BECAUSE -- the teaching job is REALLY picking up. Just found out I have a couple more schools I can teach at as WELL as teaching a Saturday Theory class. (can we say SQUEE!?)

So doing about 15 hours a week at $20 bucks an hour? Yeah... certainly beats Starbucks's 6.75 plus tips. I'll take the GEYSO job -- but there are benefits even to working once a week. Like being able to keep my job and transfer in a couple of years when I go to law school. :D

Off to Cleveland in about an hour. So any of the Cleveland folks -- if you want to see me, you have my number.

See you all on Sunday/Monday with stories galore! (and hopefully no more creepy close calls either!)


Oct. 10th, 2006 06:01 pm
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My GOD what a week. Comments are owed and will be answered. Really. *cough*

I have rejoined the land of the workers. This past week... I've learned JUST how soft I've gotten over the summer. I need 8 or more hours of sleep a night to even function. And now having to be up at 6:30 am nearly every day? I'm falling asleep on the sofa by 10pm.

However, I'm getting into a more practical schedule and also teaching my body that yes, 6 hours of sleep a night is MORE than acceptable. I can't believe I used to go on 4 hours during school.

In other news... the jobs are both going very well. I enjoy working for the Evil Empire. I do not, though, like opening. It means be at the store at 5:30 in the bloody am. Which means getting up at 4ish. Do you know... it's still really fucking dark at that hour? At least I close more than I open... which isn't so bad.

As far as the teaching goes... it's interesting.

Which also leads me to my plea for help. I know a lot of you on my flist are teachers and/or work with children. I need advice on how to deal with my classes. Right now I'm teaching 3rd graders (the 8-9 age group)... but in the inner city. These kids aren't the most well behaved, are used to teachers screaming at them to get anything accomplished. Are there any hints or things I could use to try and get these kids to settle down?

Anything would be much appreciated.
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Okay, I've been the suck when it comes to replying to comments lately. It seems I've been coming home and collapsing in bed nine times out of ten.

Do want to wish a couple of belated birthdays! [ profile] froda_baggins -- happy (belated) birthday hon. One of my best and closest friends. Here's to some fun times in May. *G* // Also, happy (belated) birthday to [ profile] nassima. *HUGS* ♥ glad to hear things are getting better and glad to see you back and around.

However, there is much good news:
1- I am now a certified barista. Yey. Know how to make (just about all) of the drinks. Run till, etc. So huzzah for that. I am, however, working uberly long days. Yesterday was 5 hours and today is a little over six. Let's just hope that they remember to give me my 10 minute break... BEFORE my shift is just about over.

2- Remember about the teaching job that I had an interview for? Well, I got the job. I'm now the 'primary instructor' for the Milcreek and Erie school districts. The money is REALLY good and hopefully both jobs are going to fit together nicely. This one seems to be working in the mornings only and I can do Starbucks in the afternoons. But we'll see. If it gets too stressful, I can back off at Starbucks. I'm making REALLY good money teaching. XD

In other news, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip TOTALLY owns my soul. I love it more than words can say. I missed West Wing and will one day get my hands on it, but I'm glad to start this one from the beginning. Danny/Matt OTP!


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