Jan. 21st, 2007 11:38 pm
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And, at last, Stand By Your Man has closed today. I'm falling into bed now, as I've been hit with a nasty cold. It's either from someone in the cast or, more likely, one of the little children I'm teaching.

That's the ONE bad thing about working with kids. The little buggers seem to ALWAYS be sick.

In any case -- some changes here on the home front. I've officially quit Starbucks. Officially. Done. Kaput. Tuesday is my last day and I can't say I'm sorry. Yeah, I'll miss it there because it IS fun to make drinks. However, when I make $25 a week (as I can only work Tuesdays) and that $25 goes to my chiropractor -- it isn't worth it.

So only the symphony and my private students. I'm suddenly a LOT less stressed. However -- the mental issues are still there. And aren't going away yet. *sigh*

On the bright side -- I'm trying to immerse myself back into fandom. I haven't had the chance to read my flist in a while and I apologise. Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans. But -- I need to get back into writing as my muse has ignored all temptings of Cheez-its.

So -- my darling flist. I require your help. Prompts and pairings. Dangle something fun in front of my muse and wake him back up. Harry Potter fandom, and really any pairing. (Though, I may not write Filch/Squid/Dumbledore foodsmut....) Tempt my muse, people!

*crawls into bed*


Nov. 7th, 2006 10:27 am
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*waves tiredly*

Hey all. Look, there's a Lia. A Lia who has been trying to post this for several days. YAY for another LJ blackout. Must find an icon.

In two days, I will be damn near as free as a bird as I can be. My schedule and my entire life for that matter has decided to give me the proverbial middle finger these past couple of weeks. I've been working insane hours at Starbucks and it's made me damn near collapse.

Like today. I get to work the joyous hour of 3:30-11:45pm tonight. See me (not) dance for joy.

After wednesday, I'm down to working one day a week at Starbucks. It's most likely going to be that insane shift, but oh well. It's ONE day. Not teaching nearly every day, having my private students at 5:30 on mondays AND trying to get about 20 hours a week at Starbucks. I think I'm sick again, actually. Once more -- joy.

However, there have been some up points. I spent a few hours at the Federal Courthouse with Judge Baxter (who I know from the Playhouse) and did a dance of joy. I loved it there. So now, to finish the damn thesis, as in, write in the edits and finally send it off.

Titanic at the EP has been amazing. The new music director is... well... leaves a LOT to be desired. And that's all I'll say about that. Two more weeks of that... and huzzah for a short run. Damn the orchestra plays a lot during it.

If I've missed anything MAJOR these past couple of weeks, don't be shy and tell me about it. I haven't had time to actually read anything here which I'm really sad about. But like I said, after Wednesday I have my nights to myself again.

PS- don't forget to vote today!!! *hopes to god Santorum gets his ass kicked*
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Well, not really. But it's a good title for a post. Because 'leavin' in my little red saab' isn't quite as catchy.


Going out of town this weekend. This is the trip that's actually been planned for a little bit. Heading in to play the Gay Band Halloween Concert. (or to be technical CLAGMB's Danse Macabre Concert). Take your pick.

But leaving shortly and will be gone until sometime on Sunday. MIGHT end up getting in late depending on how things go. After this weekend, my life starts to slow down a bit. Going to talk to Starbucks about cutting down to one day a week BECAUSE -- the teaching job is REALLY picking up. Just found out I have a couple more schools I can teach at as WELL as teaching a Saturday Theory class. (can we say SQUEE!?)

So doing about 15 hours a week at $20 bucks an hour? Yeah... certainly beats Starbucks's 6.75 plus tips. I'll take the GEYSO job -- but there are benefits even to working once a week. Like being able to keep my job and transfer in a couple of years when I go to law school. :D

Off to Cleveland in about an hour. So any of the Cleveland folks -- if you want to see me, you have my number.

See you all on Sunday/Monday with stories galore! (and hopefully no more creepy close calls either!)


Oct. 10th, 2006 06:01 pm
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My GOD what a week. Comments are owed and will be answered. Really. *cough*

I have rejoined the land of the workers. This past week... I've learned JUST how soft I've gotten over the summer. I need 8 or more hours of sleep a night to even function. And now having to be up at 6:30 am nearly every day? I'm falling asleep on the sofa by 10pm.

However, I'm getting into a more practical schedule and also teaching my body that yes, 6 hours of sleep a night is MORE than acceptable. I can't believe I used to go on 4 hours during school.

In other news... the jobs are both going very well. I enjoy working for the Evil Empire. I do not, though, like opening. It means be at the store at 5:30 in the bloody am. Which means getting up at 4ish. Do you know... it's still really fucking dark at that hour? At least I close more than I open... which isn't so bad.

As far as the teaching goes... it's interesting.

Which also leads me to my plea for help. I know a lot of you on my flist are teachers and/or work with children. I need advice on how to deal with my classes. Right now I'm teaching 3rd graders (the 8-9 age group)... but in the inner city. These kids aren't the most well behaved, are used to teachers screaming at them to get anything accomplished. Are there any hints or things I could use to try and get these kids to settle down?

Anything would be much appreciated.
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Okay, I've been the suck when it comes to replying to comments lately. It seems I've been coming home and collapsing in bed nine times out of ten.

Do want to wish a couple of belated birthdays! [livejournal.com profile] froda_baggins -- happy (belated) birthday hon. One of my best and closest friends. Here's to some fun times in May. *G* // Also, happy (belated) birthday to [livejournal.com profile] nassima. *HUGS* ♥ glad to hear things are getting better and glad to see you back and around.

However, there is much good news:
1- I am now a certified barista. Yey. Know how to make (just about all) of the drinks. Run till, etc. So huzzah for that. I am, however, working uberly long days. Yesterday was 5 hours and today is a little over six. Let's just hope that they remember to give me my 10 minute break... BEFORE my shift is just about over.

2- Remember about the teaching job that I had an interview for? Well, I got the job. I'm now the 'primary instructor' for the Milcreek and Erie school districts. The money is REALLY good and hopefully both jobs are going to fit together nicely. This one seems to be working in the mornings only and I can do Starbucks in the afternoons. But we'll see. If it gets too stressful, I can back off at Starbucks. I'm making REALLY good money teaching. XD

In other news, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip TOTALLY owns my soul. I love it more than words can say. I missed West Wing and will one day get my hands on it, but I'm glad to start this one from the beginning. Danny/Matt OTP!


Sep. 19th, 2006 05:36 pm
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Yaaar, it be talk like a pirate day. So I be talkin' like a pirate.

Arr matey.

Thank ye all for the comments on me post about me recital CD. Still don't know what be going on with it, but I still be hopin' that it's not lost. As I hear anything, so too shall ye.

Starbucks... rocks me world. I HATE working till. I do, however love working bar.

Now I can make me my OWN Caramel Macchiato. If ye haven't had one... TRY it. It be better hot, but ye can see the pretty layers in an iced one.

And yey. House tonight. XDDD

Also? The update Captain's Log button on LJ has me snickering. Is it BAD that I immediately think of Star Trek... not pirates?
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As always, I have comments to get to. But as I'm running out of the house to go sign papers up at Starbucks, they'll have to wait until I get home.

And at last, I'm done with the Playhouse for two months. OMG does it feel absolutely brilliant. David's weekend... was nice. Not as hard and upsetting as I thought it would be. Some stuff was really emotional, and others? It's one of those... we know he'll be around. He's not dead, he's just... no longer managing director.

He can be such a bastard, but he's one hell of a director. And EVERYONE at the EP knows that David will be back to direct Les Miserables... if we can ever get the bloody rights to it.

So I'm now done with... a lot of things. And it feels great. I start my job on the 11th and at that point I'll really know what my schedule is shaping up. But really? I'm down to finishing the fucking thesis, teaching and starbucks. Wow is THIS managable.

If there is one or more people on your friends list who makes your world a better place just because they exist and who you would not have met (in real life or not) without the internet, then post this same sentence in your journal.
You know exactly who you are. And know I love you. More than anything in the world.


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