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Bullet Point No. 1:
*totally stealing the idea from [ profile] avengangle*

Am driving into Cleveland this weekend for a band concert on April 12, 2008, at 7:30 P.M. at Franklin Circle Church (it's at the corner of Franklin and Fulton, in Ohio City [Cleveland]). Needing to invite people so if there's about 7 of you who could either say you'll be there or send regrets, that'd be aces. ♥

Bullet Point No. 2:
I see the ticket info for Equus is up. Is it sad that I notice the ticket info for the Lincoln Centre Summer Festival are also up and I'd rather spend my $300 bucks to see Ralph Fiennes and Liam Neeson (and one other guy whose name escapes me) in 3 different Beckett plays?


Bullet Point No. 3:
There's nothing here. I was just taught to have a minimum of three bullet points. No, wait, there IS something! Bunnies, please LEAVE me alone. I have [ profile] snarry_games to finish. And [ profile] rs_games to start. *headdesk*


Feb. 13th, 2007 04:41 pm
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So... this is a MUCH better article than what was forwarded on to me the other day.

It's about Ralph... and I'm still sniggering over it. Him and joining the Mile High Club. *sniggers*

The funny thing? My dad was the one who forwarded this to me today: Ralph on Page Six

So... yeah, if Ralph became 'amorous' towards me? SO wouldn't be turning him down. Yes, I have no shame. I admit this.

However, in the article? Dude. Who would turn down naked yoga?
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Okay, RARELY do I say happy birthday to celebrities... however, my Ralph is an exception. So, here's a VERY happy 44th birthday to Voldemort!

PicSpam! )

And my fave picture goes outside of the cut. :D

*sigh* such a wonderfully nice man. Here's hoping I can catch him in Oedipus Rex if it ever comes near here.


Aug. 29th, 2006 02:29 pm
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Sorry I haven't been around. That cold? Yeah, went to the doctor and the few things he prescribed for me... almost made me sicker. Yey for modern medicine, eh?

Isn't this where the saying 'the disease is worse than the cure' comes into play?

Also -- I will say that it's FRIGHTENING to watch House, hear him prescribe a medicine for pneumonia and look at the bottle of drugs you just got and see it's the same thing. Freakily coincidental is all I have to say.

However, the cough has gone (mostly. sorta.) and it no longer hurts to swallow. However, now DAD is getting sick. [ profile] froda_baggins that clean room you were talking about? Might not be such a BAD idea.

BUT -- piece of very cool news. Figuring in with me and my Ralph obsession that is -- but remember when I got to see Faith Healer? Well, I had taken a video with my camera and the pictures you all got to see. So about a week ago I had the divine inspiration to contact the gal who runs Needless to say the video and a few of my pictures are now up. See me slightly giddy.

The video rocks, so if you want to go see it, check out

Also -- will have fic soon. Yes, you heard right. Fic.


Jul. 9th, 2006 11:24 am
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Well, the first half of this isn't anything to bounce about. My week has been so hectic -- Richard (mom's boss)'s mother died this past week, rather unexpectedly. The worst part is it happened right before a show opened, so I ended up helping mom with a ton of the finishing items for A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. We're heading down to the viewing today. 2 hour drive south of here. Oye.

But the good news... *BOUNCE*

I NEVER though this day would come. Tuesday EARLY morning I board the plane for NYC. And HOPEFULLY will get to molest snog meet Ralph Fiennes. Talk about a great birthday present. Okay, so getting up at 5 am for a 6 am red-eye flight isn't EACTLY the best present in the world, but Ralph is. *happy sigh*

It's funny, getting to 21 was such a big birthday. Now they're like... eh. The big 2-2... who says that?


Mar. 24th, 2006 12:28 pm
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First of all, these weeks from hell can end like... now. I will have my pictures from Con Formal tonight. Says a lot that I haven't even been able to pull them off my camera yet.


I have absolutely BRILLIANT news. I will be in NYC on my birthday (leaving the 11th, my b-day and coming back on the 12th) -- too see RALPH FIENNES in Faith Healer.

And I should mention. I'm sitting just about center stage; two rows from the stage. And did not have to spend an arm and a leg for the tickets.

Excuse me while I go bounce off the walls for a while.


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