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Bullet points:

• I fucking hate my extended family on my dad's side. My grandfather practically ruined Easter. He finally called after 3 fucking years. And managed to cause even more problems. *sigh* Fun times only, y'know, not.
• Watching s2 of Doctor Who today, I realised I keep having more contacts with people in that show. see picture. That was from meeting Daniel Evans last year when I saw Sunday in the Park with George. Watching 'Christmas Invasion' today... TOTALLY didn't realise that was him as David Llewellyn.
• Is something screwy going on with IJ today or is it just me?
• Speaking of WTFs... where the hell did my default icon go?
• I have comments. Will be replying to things this evening. ♥ Counting down the weeks left that I have to teach, thank god!
• I'm seeing people talking about Dreamwidth lately and it's making me sad. It just feels like more and more people are splitting off and I'm afraid I'm going to lose contact with folks. I may not comment a lot, but I do read and after being here since 2003, LJ is like my home. But at the same time, I have this odd twisting in my stomach thinking of losing more people off my flist to yet another site. Yes, most of us have moved on from HP or aren't as into it as we once were... but still. Gah. *sigh* I just don't want my flist to disperse any more than it already has. *clings to you guys*

In any case, a poll about dreamwidth.

[Poll #1383571]

ETA: D'aaaaaaaaa *breath* aaaaaaaaaaaaw! John Barrowman wants to be a dad. *melt* Makes me think of my friend Eric and his husband's little boy. *sniffle*
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I was thinking about this while I was finishing my last day of work and consequently... I of course had to ask this. A while ago I asked about shipping preferences. Now that we're a good six months after DH's release and all of us have had time to absorb the end of canon, I figured I'd ask you guys. And as always, feel free to send this around and pimp it like mad! ♥

And never have I had a better post to use this icon. *g*

[Poll #1142164]
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So I've finally gotten a new Y!M/AIM name -- mostly because I had multiples and I'm trying to get more streamlined in things. In any case -- you can now find me at the following:

AIM: moonlightascent
Y!M: moonlightascent
Gchat: thescarletwoman
Email: thescarletwoman [at] gmail [dot] com

Email is still the same. But in the interest of finding contact info and getting all of yours -- I have a poll. Fill out as much as you'd like to. The poll is set so that only I can see the answers. I'll do one of these on IJ in a wee bit but as I have work shortly, that'll go up this evening. This is part of my New Year's Resolution to not hide in my little corner, but to actually start chatting with people. ♥

[Poll #1136775]
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And what do you know, it's a poll too. Because I'm wanting to post a poll.

Heading up to Borders in the morning to get my wristband, then taking my car in for service. (boo. *mutters* this won't be cheap, I just have a feeling...)

Also -- if you didn't notice, I have a new layout. It's off a base by [ profile] janine42584, but she was nice enough to let me edit for my own banner. *stares at Ralph*

And onto the poll! [And if you comment, no spoilers please!!!!]

[Poll #1024456]
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While sitting on the couch today, resting my hand (it is MUCH better, at long last. Not picking up the violin any time soon -- but it's better!) I started thinking about the release of DH only 100 some odd days away, what will happen to fandom.

So -- a little poll. And please, pass it around. I'd love to get a huge response!

[Poll #962166]

Poll time!

Jul. 28th, 2006 10:08 am
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So, yeah. Sinus infection in july is NOT my idea of a good time. Anyone who's ever wondered if it was fun to be sick in the summer? I can tell you it SUCKS. Currently, though, I'm doped up on codine, which could account for...

Lia's Poll of Randomness (tm)!

Or rather, a poll with a purpose because I'm kinda curious about this. So if you all could pass this along, I'd really like to get some feedback. :^)

[Poll #780156]

New Layout

Nov. 8th, 2005 11:13 am
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Well I'm finally getting tired of my LJ layout... my Six Feet Under one has served me for quite some time. Usually I know just what I'm going to jump to. However... this time... no clue. At all.

And since I will be spending the majority of the afternoon in front of the computer playing around with Photoshop and *cough*Sims*cough* I request help -- in the form of a poll.

You know you love these.

[Poll #607902]


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