Jan. 27th, 2010 03:23 pm
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For my first semester, I managed a 3.0 GPA. I was really bloody stoked by that. Like, beyond words stoked [Especially when that consisted of an A- in Contracts and a B+ in Torts]. Even my other two grades weren't bad. C in CivPro which still confuses me and a B- in Crim... which I was actually surprised at given that my teacher had issues with my writing. I'm sorry that I use polysyllabic words and write in sentences longer than five words but it's how I write and I've been doing it for a long time. But I digress.

Still, I was THRILLED. Utterly thrilled. Went into this semester feeling good about things and ready to take on the world, as it were.

Then, today, we got our rankings.


I now feel like shit. I know I'm an over-achiever, but that's just how I am. I'm a perfectionist. And I KNEW I wasn't going to be in the top 10%, but I had hoped (especially after talking to some of my friends and hearing that we all did roughly the same) that I'd be sitting in the top 30% of the class.

Not... edging into the top half by the fucking skin of my teeth.
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Awwww! ♥ I love you guys!

This was such a nice surprise to log on today and see a bunch of snowflake cookies. *snugs to [ profile] freckles42, [ profile] midnitemaraud_r, [ profile] letmypidgeonsgo, [ profile] mindabbles, [ profile] coffee_n_cocoa, [ profile] danbi, [ profile] pinkfinity, [ profile] kerryblaze and [ profile] heather11483. Seriously, made my day. :^D

So law exams began today. Order is as follows:
1. CivPro
2. Torts [thursday]
3. Contracts [monday]
4. CrimLaw [wednesday]

I feel MUCH better having one under my belt. Granted, I'm sure I'm going to have a massive freakout on tuesday or wednesday about that exam. But... that's for another day.

Now I'm making myself a drink, relaxing for a bit... and then off to start the Torts Marathon.

Also? It's about 99% sure that I will be attending Gallifrey. What can I say? I've been bitten and bitten hard by the con bug. *sheepish* Anyone else going?

♥ I hope you guys are all doing well. I miss you and I miss being able to check up on things on LJ. I just... don't trust myself just yet to not get sucked into the land of LJ. ♥ Love you lots and thank you for all the good vibes lately. They help!
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In the future... make sure you have a chiropractor lined up BEFORE you decide to throw your back out.


In other news, I got called on today in Torts. And managed to totally make an ass out of myself for 3 minutes before I broke down, whimpered that I had thrown my back out. To which Miller nicely let me out of the hot seat.

AKA, I better be really fucking prepared for tomorrow.

But for now... drugs.

And I swear -- I will get better about commenting soon. It's just been (as I'm sure you can guess) hectic as hell around here. But I'm loving every minute of school. I really am.

I think I must be a masochist.

♥ I love you guys. I really do.
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FLIST LOVE: Thanks, guys, for bucking me up over this whole thing. I am feeling a lot better about it. Particularly when I learned that a, George Washington fell to 28 and b, the rankings this year COMBINED part time and full-time students. So it's not like things really changed, it's just because friggin' USAToday ranks things with LSATs and GPAs primarily and the PT programs aren't as strong.

So I'm still going. And if worst comes to worst, I'll transfer at the end of 1L. And, too, it's the program that's getting me to London and studying for a semester at the University of London, College of Laws is nothing to sneeze at either.

So, in other words, thanks guys. ♥ Don't know what I'd do without you lot.

TORCHWOOD: LOOKIE! FIC! I know. Two fics from me in a short amount of time. *loves the shiny Torchwood* And if you haven't seen? Potential release date for Children of Earth. So, BBCAmerica, how long will you guys make us wait, hrrrrm?

TRAVEL: In other news, am out of the country this weekend to visit [ profile] rose_whispers. Those who have it, feel free send txts to the cell. Calls are insanely expensive, but texts are love! ♥ And please tell us that just because Canada's Wonderland opens on Sunday we're stupid to go. :^)

ETA: Also, GIP!

Fuck Me.

Apr. 26th, 2009 03:02 am
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So, I just saw the new Law School rankings. Yes, I was supposed to be going to bed, but I saw something that said they were out.

Pace dropped from T3 to a T4 school.

I could fucking CRY. They were the ones saying they were moving up in the rankings. And now, I could have gone to CSU that WAS a T3. And instead I withdrew, thinking that I'd be better off at Pace and near NYC and the opportunities they had for international law.

And now they've dropped in the rankings. And I'm paying THIS much fucking money to go to the lowest fucking ranked school.

God dammnit. This was the last fucking thing I needed. Shit.
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Not to be confused with good cop/bad cop. Shivers down my spine and all that. ;^) [it... passed...]

Bad News
Start with that and get it out of the way. The endoscopy went well. They found I have this weird thing called Eosinophilic Esophagitis. No idea what causes it outside of, in my case, an allergin. So they treat rather than find a cure because there's no way of knowing just what caused everything. The VERY bad news is that about a week after the endoscopy, I came down with this horrible stomach thing and I'm still suffering from it. Having another test done to see what it is as the doctor thinks I may have picked up a bacteria when they did the endoscopy. Just fucking fantastic, eh? So that's why the radio silence from me these past couple of weeks. Between Spitfire Grill opening last night and feeling like shit? Not so much with the hanging out online bit. Oi.

Here's hoping this all clears up and soon, eh?

Good News!!
Well, it's official. Or will be as soon as I send in my deposit today. Pace Law School, Class of 2012. Made my final decision yesterday. I utterly LOVED the school when I was there over the past weekend. The students and the professors are AMAZING. Not only that? But the opportunities I'll have too in the International Law program are unbelievable. After 1L I can do externships all over the world and met kids in the Int'l Law program who worked at the UN War Crimes Tribunals in Sierra Leone and Cambodia. PLUS -- Spring of 2011, I'll be back in London. Whole semester at the University of London, College of Laws. The 5th ranked Law school in the UK. It's insanely scary looking at the loans I'm going to be taking out and just how in debt I'll be when this is all over. But the new chapter of Lia's life is about to begin.

ETA: My life next year according to Questionable Content. And if you're not reading QC? You SHOULD.

AND! Bonus piece of news. There is fic coming. Of the Jack/Ianto variety. My muse apparently took a vacation with my stomach bug. Cheezits have been used and have coaxed the muse back. So keep an eye out -- I hope to have it finished by the weekend! :D ♥


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