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Okay. So I just got home from seeing deathly hallows. I know a lot of you love my reviews I do, so that will get posted tomorrow.

Needless to.say? Nonspoilery version is that it was amazingly well done. I did, however, realize how much I forgot in the book. Gees I'm rereading DH on the plane ride home. Hey. Last time I read it was when it came out and I devoured it in 6 hours...

So yes, review tomorrow when I've had time to process everything.

Obligatory spoiler: SNAPE KILLED DUMBLEDORE!!!!!

*passes out*
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Yeah -- that's about all I have to say right about now. I'm writing down my first thoughts very quickly before I forget everything. Under the cut will be the spoilers for the movie -- though, as we've all read the books... how spoilerific can it really be?

I felt VERY old tonight. Before the film, our cinema runs these little cards of movie trivia. One of them was a 'before they were stars' and it featured Jeremy Irons. The girls next to me "Who's Jeremy Irons?"


Funny side note -- I realised while sitting in the cinema that last year, on the 11th, I was sitting at the Booth Theatre about to watch (and meet) Ralph in Faith Healer. Now, a year later, I was going to watch him on the big screen.

1- The audience was a huge group of Potter-heads which made it uberly fun. Yes, I dressed up. Pilfered a few things from the costume shop and went as Tonks. Did ditch the wig a little ways in as we didn't have to stand in line like I thought we would.

2- The movie is made of all sorts of yay... but I had a few issues with it...

Don't let the size of this scare you into thinking I had issues with the film. More -- this is all my thoughts on the movie, both good and bad. I just wanted to write everything down before I forgot it. Also -- additional screenings will be required. I should be seeing it on Thursday again -- and at the end of the month at an IMAX (with [ profile] rose_whispers!)

My Thoughts )

Ow... my fingers hurt from all that typing! I'm absolutely exhausted and am going to go crawl into bed. I owe comments and replies and posts, but I will get to all of those tomorrow. ♥

Please! Share your thoughts -- I want to hear what you guys thought of it. And I'm sure I'm missing things... And I'll catch more the next time I see it. At least... after my re-read of OotP -- I don't completely hate the book as much as I did the first time around.

ETA: just to make sure I AM clear -- as I'm writing this at nearly 4 am and am more than exhausted -- I fucking LOVED the movie. I know it's not going to follow canon exactly, nor should it (given the time contsraints) -- there were just some things I was disappointed with how they were handled. But overall? It's probably my favourite of the films.


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