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It's hard to believe I've already been here in London for three months. Damn. Where has the time gone?

Needless to say my semester is done for and, outside of a 3 week internship, I'm done with classes until the fall. It's a fantastic feeling... and means that, for the next while, I only have work to concentrate on. I really want to get back to things fandom-wise after all this time. I know I keep saying that (*shifty*) but there's always been something hanging over my head and made it impossible to actually have any creative juices.

But I feel re-charged at long last. Completely and totally recharged.

I can't say that the whole of this semester has been easy, though. I loved (most) of my classes, but my course-mates were a bit shit. Unfortunately. And we won't go into the place I was staying for the first three months. Let's just say the people were utterly and completely bat-shit. Started out great and about two weeks ago I was told I had to move out because they were going on holiday and had to be out ASAP.

This was told to me on the eve before my Corporations exam and three days after my purse was stolen while I was out with friends. And yes, I lost everything: keys, wallet, camera, passport... yeah. It sucked. So between finals, having to replace everything in my life (and dealing with not having any sort of ID in a foreign country), and having to find a new place to live that didn't cost me an arm and a leg... I had a stressful few weeks.

Now, however, I'm living in Notting Hill and absolutely LOVING it beyond belief. I live a block away from Portabello road and am determined to walk the market once a week. My internship is with a barrister and I've spent the past week in Croydon Crown Court sitting on the benches with the barristers and talking cases with them. And they LISTEN to me when I talk. Life is, at last, good.

And for the first time in about two years? I feel the desire to write. Things for ME. So I have some fics about to be uploaded to my iPad so I can work on them while I travel down to court.

So... uh...

Feb. 2nd, 2011 11:12 am
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*dusts off LJ*

Er... hai? X)

Here's a wave from the other side of the pond. The first month of being here was absolutely hectic and jet-lagged filled and I'm just now starting to feel like I can put my head above the water. Really, it's taken this long.

I'm both loving it and absolutely miserable here. Loving being in the city as it's one of the few places in the world where I really feel like I'm HOME. I have a couple amazing opportunities coming up (just waiting on a few emails) and the SFX weekender is this weekend. YAY!

Also cool? I was at Tony Lee's wedding last week. He said I'm allowed to brag that I was there -- so here it is. Bragging. *g*

But as for miserable -- this wasn't the programme they told us about. THe Pace London Law programme is billed as "Study abroad at UCL for a semester". When, in actuality, it's "Pace rents out these five rooms from UCL for use during the semester and you get to study in the UK when really you're with all Pace students and, sorry, all your faculty is from Queen Mary not UCL but pay us insane amounts of money anyway!"

Yeah, it's not cool. I'm stuck with 15 other Pace students (and included in there are a few non-Pace students) all of whom seem to know each other and, consequently, leave me out in the cold. Thankfully I have my friends here of the Whoniverse variety.

I'm actually... writing again. Maybe I'll finish that one Fix-It fic that I haven't touched in... *cough* almost two years. *hides*

So yeah. I'll try to get pictures up, and whatnot soon. It's just been a rather depressing first month here. Don't get me wrong, I'm THRILLED to be back in London. Really, I am. It's just the people I'm with that really, really suck.

WELL. How is everyone else!? I MISS AND LOVE YOU! ♥♥♥

ETA: also. There are some of you on here who know me by my real name. If that's the case and you use twitter? Let me know what it is because I'm on that more often than naught. I'm sorry that I'm limiting it to those who know me IRL (or that know my real name) as it's a lot more personal information on there. And, given the whole law school thing, for the next couple of years I really need to keep fandom and RL separate. ♥


Dec. 5th, 2010 05:49 pm
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Well... that time is rolling around again. Finals. Joy and kill me now.

But the only good thing is that London is around the corner. Less than 30 days to go, homg. It seemed like it would never come here, but now suddenly, it's here. Hot damn.

Yes, the HP review is coming. And I'm actually glad I waited to write the review until after the third time I've seen it because HOMG there are so many things I missed the first couple of times. So yes, that is coming when I need a study break.

Finals begin on the 13th. Couple more days of classes and then study time. Please, as many good vibes as you can spare to come my way. I could really use it.


Nov. 9th, 2010 09:57 pm
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Law school. That's all I have to say.

I love you guys, I really do. And I miss you all more than I can possibly say. I just hate school right now.

To quote The West Wing?: "Is the water at your head CJ?"

The water... is just about over my head. But I survive. I just miss you all, so damned much. ♥


Apr. 13th, 2010 11:00 am
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Sorry I've been so absent. One more month... and it'll be back to fic writing, reading and all that other good stuff. I promise. I miss you guys like crazy. Like absolute crazy.

And I hope life has been treating you well too. ♥

I'm also sorry that, this morning, one of my email accounts got hacked. Tell you what, when you wake up and the first thing you see is 'mail delivery notice' from a shittonne of spam emails? I'm torn between being really pissed off and about ready to cry. I've had 'thescarlewoman' gmail address since... about when gmail was rolled out. It feels like someone broke into my apartment and rearranged all the furniture.

So. I'm sorry you all got odd and random emails from me this morning. Fucking spammers.

ETA: I'm going to be cleaning up my flist a bit too. Mostly... journals that haven't updated in over a year. If you still read me and don't update your journal? Just let me know and I'll re-add you.
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Wow. Longtime since I updated. uh.... whoops?

It's been insanely busy here which I'm sure you all knew would happen. Right now, law school does come first. I miss all of you like absolute crazy and I'm looking forward to summertime when I can actually calm down a bit.

I will say -- my NYC folks. If you ever want to get together, I try to come into the city a couple times a month. Coffee meetups are fantastic. ♥

I have a massive Gally-report to put up at some point. It will come. Just after my appellate brief argument is written. It's due wednesday. I haven't even started my research.

*snugs* May everyone have a wonderful March and I WILL try and pop in more than like... once a month. ♥


Jan. 27th, 2010 03:23 pm
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For my first semester, I managed a 3.0 GPA. I was really bloody stoked by that. Like, beyond words stoked [Especially when that consisted of an A- in Contracts and a B+ in Torts]. Even my other two grades weren't bad. C in CivPro which still confuses me and a B- in Crim... which I was actually surprised at given that my teacher had issues with my writing. I'm sorry that I use polysyllabic words and write in sentences longer than five words but it's how I write and I've been doing it for a long time. But I digress.

Still, I was THRILLED. Utterly thrilled. Went into this semester feeling good about things and ready to take on the world, as it were.

Then, today, we got our rankings.


I now feel like shit. I know I'm an over-achiever, but that's just how I am. I'm a perfectionist. And I KNEW I wasn't going to be in the top 10%, but I had hoped (especially after talking to some of my friends and hearing that we all did roughly the same) that I'd be sitting in the top 30% of the class.

Not... edging into the top half by the fucking skin of my teeth.
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Wow... it's been a while since I've updated. Sorry about that. There's... been some massive drama in my life, none of which I want to go through again.

Suffice to say, the past few weeks have been horrible and I've never felt so far away from friends as I have lately. But life moves on and life goes on. It's hard to be there for one of your best friends when you're ten states away. It... really, really sucks.

School has started back up again and I am DETERMINED not to get buried in school work again. And really, I'm going to try to be better about being around again. I've retreated a lot lately, and I'm really sorry about that. I love you guys dearly. I truly do. And thank you for sticking with me during this rough time. It's been a lot to readjust to everything. ♥ ♥

Happier note? I passed my first semester with flying colours. Got a 3.0 GPA for my first semester and I'm SO bloody happy. It's the lowest GPA I've ever had, mind, but for what i'm doing? SO not going to complain.

Secondly -- I'm FINALLY getting back to writing. So my CoE fix-it fic? Might actually be finished sometime in the near future!! Seriously. However, if anyone would like to give my muse a good, swift kick in the ass? I'd appreciate it.\

Thirdly -- I want to do one of those picture memes. However, I'm not sure what to take pictures of around here. So what would you guys like to see? Pictures of White Plains? Of random things around the apartment? Something else I haven't thought of -- and let's keep this clean, plz. :^P

LASTLY! Gallifrey!! Who all is going? My travel plans are set now, and I'll be getting in LATE Wednesday night and leaving early sunday morning. I want to see as many as you as I can. So, if you want to meet up, just leave me a comment and we can exchange mobiles and all that good stuff. ♥
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Awwww! ♥ I love you guys!

This was such a nice surprise to log on today and see a bunch of snowflake cookies. *snugs to [ profile] freckles42, [ profile] midnitemaraud_r, [ profile] letmypidgeonsgo, [ profile] mindabbles, [ profile] coffee_n_cocoa, [ profile] danbi, [ profile] pinkfinity, [ profile] kerryblaze and [ profile] heather11483. Seriously, made my day. :^D

So law exams began today. Order is as follows:
1. CivPro
2. Torts [thursday]
3. Contracts [monday]
4. CrimLaw [wednesday]

I feel MUCH better having one under my belt. Granted, I'm sure I'm going to have a massive freakout on tuesday or wednesday about that exam. But... that's for another day.

Now I'm making myself a drink, relaxing for a bit... and then off to start the Torts Marathon.

Also? It's about 99% sure that I will be attending Gallifrey. What can I say? I've been bitten and bitten hard by the con bug. *sheepish* Anyone else going?

♥ I hope you guys are all doing well. I miss you and I miss being able to check up on things on LJ. I just... don't trust myself just yet to not get sucked into the land of LJ. ♥ Love you lots and thank you for all the good vibes lately. They help!


Oct. 19th, 2009 07:56 pm
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I swear... one of these days I'm just going to carve out time for LJ. But I've been buried under Torts and Contracts these past couple of weeks. But I do think that, at last, I'm getting *gasp* ahead in my work! At least I don't feel like I'm constantly floundering anymore. Which is a plus.

This deserves its own line:
Dude, guys. £10,164.72 donated for Mr Ianto Jones. I'm just... that is so utterly beyond all belief!

The Good
• Going to Hurricane Who at the end of the month. I'm SO friggin' excited to go to my first con. And yes, I'm dressing up as Jack. :^D
• Managed to actually get through 4 chapters of Torts outlining and 2 chapters worth of CivPro in the past two weeks. Hence... where I've been. Now all that's really left is Contracts. Go productivity and lack of procrastination!

The Bad
• I still hate my CrimLaw and Torts professors. Mostly CrimLaw. Sad when I don't even know the subject and there are times I feel like I know more than she does.

The Ugly
• Not really ugly... but I haven't had time to WRITE! OMG. I miss it. Like crazy.

In awesome news? I have a fanTASTIC artist to collaborate with on my Torchwood Big-Bang. SO excited. And yes, I'm planning on doing the Torchwood Exchange idea I had a bit back. This weekend is catch-up teims.

*snugs* How are you all? Having a wonderful October thus far? As always -- if there's something I should see as I know I can't check LJ as much as I should... feel free to smack me upside the head with a trout and a link. ♥ I love you guys. And really... the insanity should be coming to an end sooner rather than later... I hope. *loves*
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I had, quite possibly, the most annoying day ever. I don't mind being told by a professor that I'm wrong. Hey, I'm in law school to learn.

However, don't imply that I"m wrong by going on and getting an idea from the next student down the line. And after he says the same fucking thing I just said proceed to tell him that he's right. I nicely had one of my classmates ask the professor what the difference between his and my answers were, to the response "no, they were both right."


So... I bring a gift. I put in Putting it Together because watching John sing always cheers me up. However, when looking up links to certain tracks for [ profile] halfspell I came across this gem.

You don't need to watch the whole thing. Fast forward to about 2:10 for Carol Burnett's mishap... and John's reaction. My sides hurt from laughing
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bullet points!

• For the first (and possibly only time) I can say that I am a week ahead in all of my law school readings. GO ME! *g*

• I finished my [ profile] tw_bigbang. And by finish I mean hit 17k with two scenes left. One of which is smut, the other the last plot twist. I feel so accomplished!

• I love my parents. I really do. Mother has surprised me with three new Ed Hardy shirts. (*SQUEE* I love you Marshalls) Father has surprised me with the complete 7 seasons of West Wing.

• I need someone to tell me that because it turns out John won't be making an appearance at ChicagoTARDIS (*MUTTERMUTTER*) that I shouldn't use that money on a trip to London over thanksgiving.

Let me show you why I want to gooooo )

And while we're at it... why is I Am What I Am already out over there but not here? *glares at* if you didn't totally screw me on the Torchwood novels, I'd be tempted to order said book from there.
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Had a really shitty day yesterday in regards to getting my midterm back from Torts. No, I'm not going into it -- but suffice to say I don't know what I'd have done without [ profile] rose_whispers and [ profile] halfspell. ♥

But in happier news? In this weird alternate reality known as Law School... I have friends. And more than just... a few people I hang around with but always feel like I'm bothering them. honest to god friends. As in -- one of them bringing in a huge-ass cookie for me to cheer me up from said bad day yesterday.

Besides, every law student goes through the "why the fuck am I doing this, let me outta here" at least once, right? So... my day happened to be yesterday.

In other news! I have hereby gotten my roommate hooked on the following shows:
1. Project Runway [no favourites yet, btw.]
2. Top Chef [jury's still out here too. But I do love the brothers.]
3. The West Wing

... my job here is done.

Lastly. House. I'm torn between OMGAMAZING and OMGWTF!?

ETA: Also, please tell me that I should be finishing my Torts work and not desperately trying to finish my [ profile] tw_bigbang fic. It's at 13k at long last! And I know the ending... it's just... finishing it before the 28th.


Aug. 26th, 2009 12:13 am
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Okay, it's official. I love law school. I will, however, probably be rescinding this love in about a week, but for the present? I LOVE IT.

I am, officially, the outspoken asshole in the class. However, I'm (nine times out of ten) right in whatever I've been saying and now have people moving to sit near me because I intimidate them and think I already have my study group for the first year. I'm fucking STOKED. For the first time in my life, I'm not afraid to feel smart which is... something so totally different from the rest of my life. I'm just... I'm happy. I love it here and I finally feel like I'm in my element. I can't explain it any different than that.

But I love it here. I absolutely do.

And to share, I'm going to start the 'Overheard in Law School' [OiLS]. Today's priceless gem is brought to you by 'who needs to read in Law school?'

Guy: "So, how accurate is the Practice? Because I wanted to get an idea of what it'll be like."
Professor: *gives a couple of decent films that accurately depict Crim Law*
Guy: "well, I wanted to know because I wanted to pick up a copy of 'Raising the Bar' this weekend if it was going to help me."

AND A BONUS OiLS [brought to you by 'my professor is a pothead']
Student: So after being a public defender in Brooklyn, could you ever become a judge?
Professor: No, I couldn't.
Student: Why not?
Professor: Because I don't agree with too many of the current statutes. Particularly on drug use and possession. I believe there are some that would be beneficial if decriminalised.

This weekend? There will be writing. Of a Torchwood nature. I promise. ♥
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Oi! Sorry for the radio silence here! ♥

I am, though, here in White Plains and safe and sound. Loving my new apartment and getting used to living with someone. That... is an adventure, but at least the roommie is a geek like me, so it helps. A lot. :^D

Hey, we have a remote control Dalek on our mantle. What more could I ask for?

Oh, I know! White Plains, stop being so fucking hot and humid so I can actually go exploring!

Also! I'm an aunt twice over! :^D a little belated posting these but I was waiting for pictures... and haven't gotten them. Or, rather, I have but they're on my old phone and mom has yet to email them to me. *sigh*

♥ Kayo Charlie --> born 15 July
♥ James Douglas III --> born 31 July

So after the nieces, I have nephews! *squee*

And Law School. Orientation starts on monday and I just finished going through some of my syllabuses. Let's just say that my Torts professor has managed to scare the ever living shit out of me -- and I didn't think that was at all possible after Oltman. Final grade is based solely on one 4 hour closed-book exam. Come unprepared to class 3 times and he won't allow you to sit for the exam. Not that I'm PLANNING on being unprepared? But still. Fuck me.

♥ How have you guys been my lovelies? Tell me something good that's happened in your life, no matter how tiny or insignificant.
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Remind me WHY I decided that going to law school was a good idea? HOMG. Packing up my entire life right now to move to NYC? Is it July 6th yet? By then I'll be (80%) moved in! Huh-fucking-zuh.

Stressed!Lia is stressed right now. Did I mention being stressed?

Because I am. And stress =/= inability to do anything creative.

And all she wants to do is write Janto before CoE starts up. Because I'm scared to death one of the rumours circulating right now is true. *whimpers*

Too? I have linkies for you all. I posted them to [ profile] torch_wood a few days ago. But HighRes pictures off an Aussie site = YUM.

And yes, I'm tired. Why do you ask?

How are you my lovely flist? I miss you guys leik woah. ♥
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FLIST LOVE: Thanks, guys, for bucking me up over this whole thing. I am feeling a lot better about it. Particularly when I learned that a, George Washington fell to 28 and b, the rankings this year COMBINED part time and full-time students. So it's not like things really changed, it's just because friggin' USAToday ranks things with LSATs and GPAs primarily and the PT programs aren't as strong.

So I'm still going. And if worst comes to worst, I'll transfer at the end of 1L. And, too, it's the program that's getting me to London and studying for a semester at the University of London, College of Laws is nothing to sneeze at either.

So, in other words, thanks guys. ♥ Don't know what I'd do without you lot.

TORCHWOOD: LOOKIE! FIC! I know. Two fics from me in a short amount of time. *loves the shiny Torchwood* And if you haven't seen? Potential release date for Children of Earth. So, BBCAmerica, how long will you guys make us wait, hrrrrm?

TRAVEL: In other news, am out of the country this weekend to visit [ profile] rose_whispers. Those who have it, feel free send txts to the cell. Calls are insanely expensive, but texts are love! ♥ And please tell us that just because Canada's Wonderland opens on Sunday we're stupid to go. :^)

ETA: Also, GIP!

Fuck Me.

Apr. 26th, 2009 03:02 am
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So, I just saw the new Law School rankings. Yes, I was supposed to be going to bed, but I saw something that said they were out.

Pace dropped from T3 to a T4 school.

I could fucking CRY. They were the ones saying they were moving up in the rankings. And now, I could have gone to CSU that WAS a T3. And instead I withdrew, thinking that I'd be better off at Pace and near NYC and the opportunities they had for international law.

And now they've dropped in the rankings. And I'm paying THIS much fucking money to go to the lowest fucking ranked school.

God dammnit. This was the last fucking thing I needed. Shit.
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Not to be confused with good cop/bad cop. Shivers down my spine and all that. ;^) [it... passed...]

Bad News
Start with that and get it out of the way. The endoscopy went well. They found I have this weird thing called Eosinophilic Esophagitis. No idea what causes it outside of, in my case, an allergin. So they treat rather than find a cure because there's no way of knowing just what caused everything. The VERY bad news is that about a week after the endoscopy, I came down with this horrible stomach thing and I'm still suffering from it. Having another test done to see what it is as the doctor thinks I may have picked up a bacteria when they did the endoscopy. Just fucking fantastic, eh? So that's why the radio silence from me these past couple of weeks. Between Spitfire Grill opening last night and feeling like shit? Not so much with the hanging out online bit. Oi.

Here's hoping this all clears up and soon, eh?

Good News!!
Well, it's official. Or will be as soon as I send in my deposit today. Pace Law School, Class of 2012. Made my final decision yesterday. I utterly LOVED the school when I was there over the past weekend. The students and the professors are AMAZING. Not only that? But the opportunities I'll have too in the International Law program are unbelievable. After 1L I can do externships all over the world and met kids in the Int'l Law program who worked at the UN War Crimes Tribunals in Sierra Leone and Cambodia. PLUS -- Spring of 2011, I'll be back in London. Whole semester at the University of London, College of Laws. The 5th ranked Law school in the UK. It's insanely scary looking at the loans I'm going to be taking out and just how in debt I'll be when this is all over. But the new chapter of Lia's life is about to begin.

ETA: My life next year according to Questionable Content. And if you're not reading QC? You SHOULD.

AND! Bonus piece of news. There is fic coming. Of the Jack/Ianto variety. My muse apparently took a vacation with my stomach bug. Cheezits have been used and have coaxed the muse back. So keep an eye out -- I hope to have it finished by the weekend! :D ♥
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Well, I'm heading in for an endoscopy in about 2 hours. *sob*

Particularly as my only frame of reference for these things is House which... may not be the greatest frame of reference. Slightly freaking out. Going in at 11:30, procedure is at 12:30.

Also have a law school update for later. I'm... 95% sure I've made my choice. Still waiting on two schools (and a wait list), but I think even with what's left, I have my choice. /cryptic.

Will let you all know how it goes. Just keep kind thinky thoughts. ♥

*points to preeeeeetty new moodtheme. After a good 3 years, Ralph has been replaced by teh Torchwood*


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