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I had, quite possibly, the most annoying day ever. I don't mind being told by a professor that I'm wrong. Hey, I'm in law school to learn.

However, don't imply that I"m wrong by going on and getting an idea from the next student down the line. And after he says the same fucking thing I just said proceed to tell him that he's right. I nicely had one of my classmates ask the professor what the difference between his and my answers were, to the response "no, they were both right."


So... I bring a gift. I put in Putting it Together because watching John sing always cheers me up. However, when looking up links to certain tracks for [ profile] halfspell I came across this gem.

You don't need to watch the whole thing. Fast forward to about 2:10 for Carol Burnett's mishap... and John's reaction. My sides hurt from laughing
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bullet points!

• For the first (and possibly only time) I can say that I am a week ahead in all of my law school readings. GO ME! *g*

• I finished my [ profile] tw_bigbang. And by finish I mean hit 17k with two scenes left. One of which is smut, the other the last plot twist. I feel so accomplished!

• I love my parents. I really do. Mother has surprised me with three new Ed Hardy shirts. (*SQUEE* I love you Marshalls) Father has surprised me with the complete 7 seasons of West Wing.

• I need someone to tell me that because it turns out John won't be making an appearance at ChicagoTARDIS (*MUTTERMUTTER*) that I shouldn't use that money on a trip to London over thanksgiving.

Let me show you why I want to gooooo )

And while we're at it... why is I Am What I Am already out over there but not here? *glares at* if you didn't totally screw me on the Torchwood novels, I'd be tempted to order said book from there.
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So I know this has been posted around, but I wanted to have this here in my LJ for my personal pleasure. ♥ Thank you [ profile] halfspell. You continue my slightly unhealthy obsession of this man.

BBW interviews John Barrowman

Full text of article beneath )

Right. So he can be my fabulously gay boyfriend right? And I know La Cage is transferring to B'way in April. I know he's not set to be in it at the start, but a girl can dream of a limited engagement, right?

Of course right.
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Ehehehe. I missed when it was, but:

David: The American premiere of Planet of the Dead. *PAUSE* The legal American Premiere.

OH MY GOD! The aforementioned kiss is at 5;00. *sigh* we'll ignore the fact that he also pecked RTD on the lips. It's just a kiss -- no epic snoggage. But a kiss is a kiss. *happy sigh*

John: *post kiss* I've been waiting for that for years. Thanks David.

And John dancing like a loon around 6:14. God I love him.

BWAH! At roughly 7:00-

John: episodes 1 through 4 will be reviewed if you haven't seen it. And if you haven't, where the hell have you been for the last week god damnit?

All right. NOW bed.
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Okay. So.

I'm officially on my way to London to wrap John in bubble wrap before he comes over here for Comic*Con.

Lucky Escape: John Barrowman survives 80mph rally car crash. At least he came through with minor injuries. But geeze. Between his ankle and now this? The guy is having one hell of a summer.

Also! As overheard in the shop. Richard was in today, so of course we have to discus Torchwood. *muttermutter* HOWEVER. funniest way I've heard Day One described yet:

Me: So, what did you think of Day One.
Richard: OMG. It was amazing. And that kiss at the end was SMOKIN' HOT.
Me: Just wait until day two.
Richard: Oh?
Me: [spoiler in case you're that nutsy about knowing nothing] Yes. Bare ass shot. Not to mention full-frontal that's slightly pixellated.
Richard: Oh I am SO buying this DVD.

And then mom almost spoiled him. *headdesk*

No, I didn't watch Day Two. But I watched the last half of Day One yesterday. And didn't throw things either! Aren't you all proud?
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At least I get something good on my birthday, right?

Except not when John Barrowman looks better in a dress than I do. )

So. Trying to figure how to get to London now. Need to find out how Father Shawn got 6 nights and a flight to London from NYC for $600.
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I am a dork (duh). Which is why my XM radio is constantly tuned to channel 29 in the mornings -- huzzah for BBC Radio 1. [Love me my Chris Moyles, dammit]. So am driving along and suddenly realise there's a guest in the studio and it's none other than Mr John Barrowman. Talking about the upcoming show this weekend 'Tonight's the Night'. *glares at BBCAmerica who will be, of course, most likely not running it for another TWO years*

I swear, nothing starts one's day off right like hearing John called a "Fairy Godfather".

Or the discussion of a shirt and cufflink line and John saying excitedly. "Yes! They're SPARKLY!" Oh John. *snerk*

And if anyone knows where I can get my hands on the full interview as I sadly turned in half-way through it, I'd greatly appreciate it.

SECONDLY! I am at last going to see Mandy Patinkin in concert. He and Patti LuPone are playing a concert in Cleveland in a couple of weeks and we're going to see it. *squee!* Now, really, the only male actor left on my list of actors I must see before I die is Mr Barrowman (As I think it's unlikely I'll get to see Anthony Warlow or Philip Quast any time soon. Alas).

Off tomorrow to NYC for my cousin's bachelorette. Yes, I decided to go in the end. We're eating at Basso 56 (which was featured on Top Chef) so... can you blame me?

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Bullet points:

• I fucking hate my extended family on my dad's side. My grandfather practically ruined Easter. He finally called after 3 fucking years. And managed to cause even more problems. *sigh* Fun times only, y'know, not.
• Watching s2 of Doctor Who today, I realised I keep having more contacts with people in that show. see picture. That was from meeting Daniel Evans last year when I saw Sunday in the Park with George. Watching 'Christmas Invasion' today... TOTALLY didn't realise that was him as David Llewellyn.
• Is something screwy going on with IJ today or is it just me?
• Speaking of WTFs... where the hell did my default icon go?
• I have comments. Will be replying to things this evening. ♥ Counting down the weeks left that I have to teach, thank god!
• I'm seeing people talking about Dreamwidth lately and it's making me sad. It just feels like more and more people are splitting off and I'm afraid I'm going to lose contact with folks. I may not comment a lot, but I do read and after being here since 2003, LJ is like my home. But at the same time, I have this odd twisting in my stomach thinking of losing more people off my flist to yet another site. Yes, most of us have moved on from HP or aren't as into it as we once were... but still. Gah. *sigh* I just don't want my flist to disperse any more than it already has. *clings to you guys*

In any case, a poll about dreamwidth.

[Poll #1383571]

ETA: D'aaaaaaaaa *breath* aaaaaaaaaaaaw! John Barrowman wants to be a dad. *melt* Makes me think of my friend Eric and his husband's little boy. *sniffle*


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