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Driveby posting:

1. Folks go back to work on Monday. Thank GOD. Cleaning = teh suck. That is all.

2. The Dark Knight is all sorts of awesome. Ten shades of it really. Need to see it again to take in all the little things I couldn't take in the first time around. But I loved it. And Gaz is brilliant. And Bale... take me now plz.

3. I have that massively large post to do for people, but as of right now, this will have to suffice:
If there are one or more people on your friends list who make your world a better place just because they exist, and who you would not have met (in real life or not) without the Internet, then post this same sentence in your journal.

4. [ profile] hp_summersmut is coming along swimmingly! It's shaping up to be a brilliant fest.

5. Thanks everyone for all the birthday wishes: be they IMs, txts or comments/posts. I love you guys. *points up to No.3* Yes, I do love you muchly.

6. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY!! I have a job. XD a real, full time with benefits job. *bows* You're looking at the new assistant costume designer at the Playhouse. I'm so completely and totally stoked it's not funny!

♥♥♥ hope everyone's had a brilliant week!
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Or maybe it should be more like 'week-long'.

In any case, things are going much better down at the theatre. Either Patrick is slowly learning to conduct or more and more of us are ignoring him. Take your pick, really. But the shows (for the most part) have been decent. Perhaps the biggest boon is that we've hit our walk-in goal for Miss Saigon. Each show, the theatre sets a 'goal' to reach in order for us to make money on the show. It's only based on walk-ins, not season ticket holders. So to reach a goal of (like Miss Saigon was) $35,000 is a fairly hefty chunk of change considering that seats are between 12-20 bucks... that's a lot of seats. Well, as of September 18th we had reached our goal which is fabulous. Normally we're just reaching goal the day before the show closes.

Yesterday was, once more, another 10 hour day at the theatre. Andrew is back in town and he and David are doing a two night composer/lyricist concert. Which, hi, to play with Andrew again? Funnily, it started out as a 'string quartet' and has since mutated into a full-blown orchestra. But last night, sick though I may have been, it's the most fun I've had down there in ages. It was like the old times once more. For the first time in nearly a year, the Playhouse felt like home. I did have to be down there even longer as dad's running this powerpoint thing, so I spent the rest of the evening turning pages for Andrew. Harrassing him when he hit wrong notes and all the stuff we used to do. I haven't stopped smiling since, really.

As per the sick comment? I'm currently getting over a bout of food poisoning. NO idea what I ate as this started... friday night I think but food poisoning can be what you ate an hour ago to a WEEK before. All I know is my stomach (and lower end for that matter) are currently not liking me one bit. /TMI

Shall make work OH so joyous this morning.
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Going to do a numbered list because... it's best suited to my semi-sleepy brain.

1. And probably most important... a HUGE thank you to [ profile] daleked who bought me a permanent account for my IJ. I seriously do not know what to say, hon. Aside from, after my week, to open up my inbox and see that absolutely made my week.

Which leads into number two.

2. Thank you all for.... well, for everything this past week. I can safely say it was one of the most hellish weeks probably ever, especially down at the theatre.

What went on -- the reader's digest version is that I had words with a very good friend at the theatre who was also directing the show. What happened -- is that, while doing Miss Saigon we don't have the instruments, namely the percussion instruments or the bamboo flutes. So Patrick (the music director) in his infinite wisdom rented this machine called an OrchExtra. For those not familiar with it, it's a machine that, with a press of a button can basically play the ENTIRE show, consequently making actual musicians not needed. Well, to start with, the machine wasn't used as just the percussion because "the orchestra was having problems so we're just going to have it play the WHOLE score for a couple of nights." See the orchestra get pissed. I said I was going to leave and come back when the OrchExtra wasn't playing everything because I knew my part. Richard (said director) YELLED at me from across the theatre and basically implied that I was a prima donna and how DARE I walk out on the theatre. Etc and so forth.

That was sunday. Tuesday, the guy playing the OrchExtra had to leave early and the entire thing just fell apart because Patrick refused to use someone playing the piano conductor score. We have yet to get through the show without stopping for any number of reasons... and we opened Thursday. Our two leads nearly walked out. The orchestra nearly walked. I spent probably a good three hours on the phone with Andrew down in Florida talking to him about how we could fix this. In the end, the show did go off fine and it's getting better each night. It just... has been one of the worst experiences.

I have since talked to Richard and he said that the issues with Patrick would be resolved. So -- they get one more chance. I'll do Thoroughly Modern Millie in September and if things aren't better -- especially Patrick learning to talk to the orchestra without sounding condescending and acting like he knows everything when he really is a fucking idiot -- then I am done. So they have one more chance as much as it kills me to say it.

So... just... I thank you all for your support and comments. I cannot tell you how much it meant to me and was the only way I actually got through this past week.

3. I tossed my name into The Epilogue Meme so -- there's that.

4. I also have tried to friend as many of you lot as I can find on IJ, GJ, or JF. So if I've missed you, please do poke me. :)

5. Probably should have mentioned this sooner -- but I DID get the job at Penn State. I've mostly been doing editing, but I love it anyway. Right now it's just 9 hours a week and I'm enjoying what I'm doing. Yaye!

6. I'm in the process of moving fic, most likely to IJ right now. I will get you guys more info on Scribblit too, even in spite of the fact that the servers are hosted in Canada. Also, once I get through all the current members of [ profile] hp_summersmut I will begin posting fics once more. I'm hoping to start posting once more by Wednesday. I've hated to not have fics going up, but I have to cover my own ass too. >.<

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... and now the waiting game begins.

The interview, I think, went really well. The strange thing was doing it at dad's workplace because nearly everyone kept an ear to the interview to see how they thought I was doing. Dad works for a temporary help agency and has been with the company since I was six. Needless to say, his boss and just about everyone else in the office kept walking by every now and again just to listen in (without really listening in).

But the good news is that everyone thought I did really well. I was happy with the interview too. Only bad thing was I was so tightly wound by the time it was over I had a splitting migraine. (hence my lack of around-ness last night.)

The only bad thing about the job is that it's not guaranteed part-time to full-time. Due to Penn State's rules, when there's a vacancy it must be posted for anyone to take the job. So I could train for a few weeks or whenever the girl finally decides to leave and then NOT get the job in the long-run. Which is a bit blech-ish -- but worst case, I'd get some fabulous experience.

Funniest part of the interview? He asked how many words a minute I can type. Me: uh... between 80-100 with nearly 100% accuracy. Him: o.O

For that -- I thank my online time and all the typey-typey I do. XD

When I was all done with the interview, I realised the job is VERY much being a press secretary as in addition to the desk job stuff, you deal with companies who the radio station interviews, send around press releases with the upcoming schedules, etc. And there's some creative stuff too in helping edit interviews.

Lia -- a regular old CJ Craig. XD


Aug. 1st, 2007 03:16 pm
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I... might have a job.

A job that does not involve working with children. *squee* It's, from what my dad explained, working at one of the local college radio stations as an assistant and basically doing all sorts of odd jobs. It sounds REALLY awesome. Plus, if I get the job, I get to take classes at a discounted rate! XD

I have an interview for the job tomorrow. *frets* God it would be SO nice to have a stable job. Pay is a bit less than GEYSO, but it's totally worth it to get benefits and to be away from the children.
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So things have been just slightly hectic around here. It's the ending of the teaching job right around the corner which on one hand saddens me but I'm also ready for the break. It just sucks that everything is happening like it is. Because I have no clue if I'm doing this next year or not and have no idea if I'm supposed to be finding a new job.

I can tell you one thing, I'm not going back to Starbucks if I can absolutely help it. Yeah, discount was nice... BUT. Nuh-uh. No. Way.

Barnes & Noble on the other hand.... *shifty*

Otherwise, things have been good. We had our cast party for Stand By Your Man last weekend which was made of all sorts of awesome.

[ profile] froda_baggins tagged me for a great music meme which I'll do tomorrow. In any case, music coming from me! :D


[ profile] hp_summersmut -- signups will begin April 1st. Be there. :D


Aug. 31st, 2006 07:26 am
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It's 6:30 7:30 in the bloody am and I'm awake. I went to bed super early last night because I was exhausted.

And now 6 hours later, I'm awake and can't sleep. Body, I hate you.

In other good news? I now have a job. I'm working for the evil empire Starbucks. Won't complain because it's a job, I'm working roughly 20 hours a week starting on the 11th. Yippie and paycheck and able to save to go places this year.


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