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Wow, I haven't actually logged into this thing in... I don't know how long. I don't know how many of you are still around these parts but... *wave?*

Basically, seeing so many people talking about Harry Potter's 20th Anniversary had me thinking about my beginnings and fandom. The friends I made, how I grew as a writer. I know there are a lot of you that I still speak to outside of the LJ community and I think it's a real testament to how pervasive fandom is and how it truly does connect all of us. That so many of us grew beyond the pseudonyms and let each other into our lives.

Harry Potter did that for us. It was a common ground. It let those of us who were weirdos in our own little world find other weirdos and realize... we weren't that weird after all. That we had people. That we weren't alone in the world. For some of us who were unpopular in school, it was such a refuge.

As Harry Potter turned to Torchwood/Doctor Who (for me any way), it brought me to meet a whole new host of people. To meet creators that eight-year-old me could never have expected I would be friends with writers and actors and costume designers. To actually KNOW people who put shows on TV and write movies and comics. To count some of them among my closest friends. It's quite a feeling really.

I've spent most of my day re-watching Torchwood while working my day job. Missing my first ever cosplay and the people I met because of it. Missing RP because god knows I don't actually have time to write when the aforementioned day job runs me ragged.

So today turned into revisiting fandoms and nostalgia and all sorts of other good things. So if any of you felt that same wave of nostalgia and decided to come back to LJ today... please say hi. I know I've missed you all. ♥
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So tonight, I head with my folks to the Midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Pt 2.

There's a part of me that cannot get over that in a little over six hours, I'll be sitting in the theatre as the lights dim and the film begins. I've dedicated so much of my life to this fandom and the books... and soon the last one will be airing.

It's hard to believe.

So, for now, the folks and I will finish watching HP7.1 in our re-watch of the films. I'm sad I didn't get to do my re-read before tonight, but without having ebooks it was hard to do so. Alas.

To those of you going to showings tonight, enjoy them. It's been an amazing ride and we always will have our fandom even as the films usher in the final chapter.

But for now, I leave you with this:

7 books, 3407 pages, 1 million words. 8 movies, 1179 minutes. 14YearsHarryPotter
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Okay. So I just got home from seeing deathly hallows. I know a lot of you love my reviews I do, so that will get posted tomorrow.

Needless to.say? Nonspoilery version is that it was amazingly well done. I did, however, realize how much I forgot in the book. Gees I'm rereading DH on the plane ride home. Hey. Last time I read it was when it came out and I devoured it in 6 hours...

So yes, review tomorrow when I've had time to process everything.

Obligatory spoiler: SNAPE KILLED DUMBLEDORE!!!!!

*passes out*


Jul. 17th, 2009 10:52 pm
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Nothing much to report right now. Working on Part Two of Kiss Today Goodbye and cursing [ profile] halfspell for giving me yet another idea for an alternate ending to CoE. If anyone's wondering -- yes, I am keeping my DVDs when they come from Barnes & Noble. I will rewatch it when it runs on BBCA and I will re-watch it with [ profile] rose_whispers as well.

Not saying I'll like it, but I'll re-watch it. Just wish that tightness in my chest when thinking about CoE would go away. *sigh*

Otherwise, not much to report. I did see HBP on Wednesday.

Spoilers for the film beneath. One day I may have a post that doesn't have a spoiler cut )

The good? Seeing a trailer for Nine on Reelz channel tonight. I take back the bitching about it. It looks fucking fantastic!

Hope everyone had a fantastic week!

Also? Dude! When did my friend-of list creep over 400!? *waves to all the new folks!* Hi and welcome!! ♥
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Yeah -- that's about all I have to say right about now. I'm writing down my first thoughts very quickly before I forget everything. Under the cut will be the spoilers for the movie -- though, as we've all read the books... how spoilerific can it really be?

I felt VERY old tonight. Before the film, our cinema runs these little cards of movie trivia. One of them was a 'before they were stars' and it featured Jeremy Irons. The girls next to me "Who's Jeremy Irons?"


Funny side note -- I realised while sitting in the cinema that last year, on the 11th, I was sitting at the Booth Theatre about to watch (and meet) Ralph in Faith Healer. Now, a year later, I was going to watch him on the big screen.

1- The audience was a huge group of Potter-heads which made it uberly fun. Yes, I dressed up. Pilfered a few things from the costume shop and went as Tonks. Did ditch the wig a little ways in as we didn't have to stand in line like I thought we would.

2- The movie is made of all sorts of yay... but I had a few issues with it...

Don't let the size of this scare you into thinking I had issues with the film. More -- this is all my thoughts on the movie, both good and bad. I just wanted to write everything down before I forgot it. Also -- additional screenings will be required. I should be seeing it on Thursday again -- and at the end of the month at an IMAX (with [ profile] rose_whispers!)

My Thoughts )

Ow... my fingers hurt from all that typing! I'm absolutely exhausted and am going to go crawl into bed. I owe comments and replies and posts, but I will get to all of those tomorrow. ♥

Please! Share your thoughts -- I want to hear what you guys thought of it. And I'm sure I'm missing things... And I'll catch more the next time I see it. At least... after my re-read of OotP -- I don't completely hate the book as much as I did the first time around.

ETA: just to make sure I AM clear -- as I'm writing this at nearly 4 am and am more than exhausted -- I fucking LOVED the movie. I know it's not going to follow canon exactly, nor should it (given the time contsraints) -- there were just some things I was disappointed with how they were handled. But overall? It's probably my favourite of the films.
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Wow... the snaps cup meme broke. Woe. But thank you to everyone who said such nice things about me! I'm just sad I didn't get a chance to say nice things to everyone I wanted to.

Thus I will say it here: I LOVE YOU ALL! *SMOOOCHES*

I'm also surprised no one has been squeeing about this much... or else I"m just really behind in the news. >>

Guh. High Res version. Okay, I have shivers. I admit it.

I also am going to feel like a major meme whore right now... so I promise later I will have actual content. Like tonight after Orchestra with the first *gasp* Oltman rehearsal. I know, scary thought. But the new meme going around:

Rec Me Your Flist
I'd love to have new people to read, so if you can think of someone I have to have on my list because of their art or their fic or just... anything, let me know. I'm in a friending mood. (which is better than the mood I was in last night for those of you who I bitched to... *cough-cough*)


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