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As of now, I officially have the letters B.M. after my name. Yes, snicker all you like... but I'm officially a Bachelor of Music. Don't have the diploma to prove it, as school is silly and mails them to everyone later. But I sat through the 2 hour ceremony of hearing 839 names read.

And knowing about 60 of them. We music majors sat in the BACK and we now realise why music majors are always separated from the rest of the college. We can't behave. Waiting 2 hours for your name to be called? Gives one the 'back of the bus' syndrome.

I do have pictures from the day, but they're on teh parents' computer. Will take them off later.

Now that I'm gragitated, I get to focus on other things. A, getting a job and B, the possibility of grad school.

Yes -- I may be going to grad school. NYU sent a letter here recently inviting me to apply for the Draper Program of Interdisciplinary Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences. I'm THRILLED and now just have to send in a statement of purpose and see what happens!!

I Return

Mar. 10th, 2006 08:33 pm
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Well, I thought I had posted a 'gone fishing' notice, but it turns out I completely forgot to. Whoops. Sorry about that guys. For once, I really didn't mean to drop off the face of the earth.

Just got back from NYC and had a blast. Post about the trip to come soon -- complete with pictures as well. Got to meet Michael Cerveris as well. Totally ROCKED.

In other news, I just wanted to thank everyone for the kind words regarding the NYU decision. I haven't looked at that post again, as... I really don't want to. I'm A LOT better than when I first got the news, but at the same time... it's really quite depressing.

As is the news of getting 2 more rejection letters. That makes it a 'perfect game' so to speak.

So... it's time to start re-evaluating my life. And what exactly I REALLY want.
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Well, today had started out wonderful.

Thought I'd email Dr Beckerman at NYU to meet for lunch next week (since we'll be there and I keep forgetting to tell you guys about my NYU trip. whoops). Do the last minute shmoozing to get in to the school.

Turns out it wouldn't have mattered.

160 applicants. They took 2.

And I wasn't one of them.

I don't fucking know what to do right now.

So far... I'm 2 for 2 as far as rejection letters go. Yippie.
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Well yes, I had a fairly craptastic day. And actually, it had nothing to do with the results of Project Runway even though I'm more than annoyed as to who stayed and who got booted off.


The source of my craptastic day: I got my first grad school rejection letter yesterday. Yey. Got it from CCM. Basically said thanks for applying but no thanks and we don't want you. I had a long talk with Dr Cleland yesterday and Dr Hartzell (and even Dr Hirt as he was wondering why I looked so down) today... both saying that it isn't you, it's them and that a lot of it is just based on numbers. And that if you don't fit EXACTLY what the grad school is looking for, you won't get in.

So, obviously I didn't fit exactly what they wanted. Obviously. (or as Froda so wonderfully put it, I was overqualified. *loves*)

But after talking to Dr H -- I found out Cincy does some strange things to their students so perhaps it was a good thing I didn't get accepted. It still is a bit of a blow.

All that's left is looking to the next three schools.


Jan. 12th, 2006 04:45 pm
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A mini "gone fishing" notice.

I'll be out of town -- but just down the corner really -- I'll be down in Cinnci this weekend for my one and only Grad School interview that I have to do. So really, I got off pretty easy this year I thought.

However, Saturday is going to be a long hellish day. 2 interviews. One for the school itself, the other for my assistantship. So wish me luck on Saturday. I'll either be back on Saturday or will be back sometime on Sunday. All depends on how much my parents want to drive on Saturday.

In other grad school news -- all my applications and supplimental stuff is in. Just now have to wait to see if I get in or not.

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Well, COMPANY closed on Sunday and I have a life again. Well... somewhat.

Though, I suppose that technically the show closed on Saturday as the show started at 11:30, but by the time it ENDED it was 2 am... so you decide when the show OFICIALLY closed. Anyway... it was an amazing run. I really do miss it. Since Oltman is probably going to be an ass, I doubt I'm playing for the Opera so it was an amazing show to go out with. I'll miss it. A lot.

In other news... I'm starting to really get scared to death about Grad School. I sent the first application for Cincinnati Conservatory of Music (CCM) off last night. I felt like throwing up after I hit the send button. It's... there's no going back now. Granted, I WANT to go to grad school and I know this is what I want to do... but I have this nagging feeling that... what if I'm not... GOOD enough to get in. My school doesn't DO a lot with awards or research projects or anything like that and that's all these schools want on their apps. And most of them are hard to get into. So does that put me at the bottom of the pile?


Now just have to finish three more apps and all my 'statement of purpose' essays.

*head explodes*

I know I owe a massive amount of comments from my poll about my new layout. And I think it came down to a choice between House or Firefly/Serenity. *smooch* Thanks for the input. I'll make my new layout tomorrow. <3


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