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Today (and really the past few days) have been very good days.

1. [ profile] hp_monthly. It's a monthly Lusty Month of May type thing. I'm helping out with archiving and the like, because I'm insanely anal and love doing those sorts of things. But it's a monthly fic challenge. AND -- if the first theme turns out to be Remus Lupin (like I'm crossing my fingers for), you can use all your LMoM fics over there!

You know you want to join. Doooeeeeit.

2. GOING TO NYC! And I MAY manage two times this summer. Extremely sad to see Sunday in the Park with George is closing at the end of June. Coincidentally, there's a bus trip from Erie to NYC on the closing weekend... and I"m on it. Mom bought me my ticket for a birthday present. Second row, balcony, centre stage. Rock on. Also... I'll be in NYC for 16 hours on the 28th of June. Not really sure what all is going on or what, but if anyone wants to meet up for lunch or something, that'd be aces!

The other NYC trip will be (if I can swing it) in July to see my imaginary boyfriend perform again. Waiting for single tickets to go on sale and hopefully there will still be tickets insanely close to the stage. Ralph... doing an hour of Beckett all by his lonesome. Liam Neeson will also be there performing Eh Joe and Ralph is doing First Love. Please keep your fingers crossed there will still be seats within the first three rows. After seeing him in Faith Healer I refuse to sit farther away than that. The man's an amazing actor, but it's all in the eyes and facial expressions.

I'll stop gushing.

3. Car window still working! Which is good because it's a nice 72° outside! Score.

Your turn! Need to get a vent off your chest? Have something to squee over? *points to comment button* tell me all about it!
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Bullet Point No. 1:
*totally stealing the idea from [ profile] avengangle*

Am driving into Cleveland this weekend for a band concert on April 12, 2008, at 7:30 P.M. at Franklin Circle Church (it's at the corner of Franklin and Fulton, in Ohio City [Cleveland]). Needing to invite people so if there's about 7 of you who could either say you'll be there or send regrets, that'd be aces. ♥

Bullet Point No. 2:
I see the ticket info for Equus is up. Is it sad that I notice the ticket info for the Lincoln Centre Summer Festival are also up and I'd rather spend my $300 bucks to see Ralph Fiennes and Liam Neeson (and one other guy whose name escapes me) in 3 different Beckett plays?


Bullet Point No. 3:
There's nothing here. I was just taught to have a minimum of three bullet points. No, wait, there IS something! Bunnies, please LEAVE me alone. I have [ profile] snarry_games to finish. And [ profile] rs_games to start. *headdesk*


Apr. 1st, 2008 12:04 pm
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[ profile] hp_summersmut signups are now open.

Go forth and sign up!
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While it may quasi-rhyme... it doesn't have the same ring as La Vie en Rose, but what are you going to do?

Sorry for my absence all of last week -- I seem to have gotten hit with whatever bug's been going around. Stuffy, sore throat and a cough -- oh joy. Best of all... it left me with an attention span to rival a goldfish's. However, I'm finally feeling better or at least starting to. I broke down and called the doc for some drugs. Ugh I need a full time job. Paying for prescriptions out of pocket as I have NO drug coverage... really bloody sucks.

my [ profile] hp_springsmut is eating my brain. Seriously. I have one more scene to write at long last. But god... it turned into a monster. An absolute monster.

And happiest news of all? today is my LAST DAY at the station! Everyone pop out the booze, it's going to be a party in here tonight!

Now... if only the courthouse would bloody call me BACK and say if I got the job working as a Tip Staffer, life would be brilliant.
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Bugger. We have lots of ice and I think my car is COVERED in it. Do I get a snow day where I can tell my boss to go take a flying leap?

Of course not. *sigh* dammit.

In other news, it's February 1st! All those watching [ profile] hpvalensmut take a gander. And if you're not watching... get to watching. I'm tres excited for it.

And finally -- this is coming out again this year! If you have one and I haven't seen it, let me know. I'm all about sharing the love.

My Valentinr - thescarletwoman
Get your own valentinr

*gets ready for work*
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Title: Severus Snape, The Demon Barber of Fifth Avenue; Part One
Author: [ profile] thescarletwoman
Type: Fiction
Word Count: ~5800
Pairings: Eventual Snape/Lupin
Series: Yes
Warnings: None.
Rating: PG-13 this section
Summary: The hottest hairdresser in the city is Geoffrey Rickers. Geoffrey's past is a closely guarded secret. Yet when a man from his past arrives in New York, he threatens to destroy everything Geoffrey has worked to conceal.
Author's Notes: This is the most fun I've had writing a fic in a long time. It got away from me -- what I had expected to be a short fic began to take on a life of its own. The second part will be coming soon, but I wanted to at least share the first part since it is completed. Thanks to [ profile] rose_whispers and [ profile] jateshi for their advise, encouragement, betaing and laughing over funny parts at all hours of the night. Any mistakes left are my own. Written for the [ profile] snape_after_dh fest.

( Severus Snape, The Demon Barber of Fifth Avenue; Part One )
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Come on... I wanted the alliteration. *g*

In any case, things have been good. I can't tell if this sinus infection is still refusing to leave me or if it's just my damn allergies being a pain in my ass. But things are going good on the home front. No complaints to speak of, really. Seems strange to have my life back after Millie has ended. I still feel like I should be heading down to the theatre in about an hour for the sunday show. But in good news, I'm going to be playing Nine at the end of November down at Gannon. I am SO looking forward to that. It's one of the shows I really adore, mostly because of one song at the end of the first act.

What can I say -- I'm a sucker for those multi-voice songs?

Otherwise, spent the night at a casino on Thursday as mom's birthday was on Friday. Didn't win a ton, but I came out with more than I went in with, so I suppose that's a plus.

Am SO looking forward to going down to DC in... dear god, it's a little over a week!! I'm staying with [ profile] jateshi for a few days and am going to pack as much into that time as possible. Including going to see THE most amazing concert on the face of the earth with [ profile] wook77. We're seeing the National Symphony Orchestra conducted by Erich Kunzel playing the music of John Williams. Every bone in my pops loving body is GLEEFUL over this. Then also going to try and catch up with [ profile] cruisedirector and [ profile] chrome_animagus. It should be a blast. :-D

Still blocked on the fics though. *headdesk* I have one of my two fics for [ profile] snape_after_dh written and the other, I'm a third of the way through. [ profile] merry_smutmas continues to glare at me from across the room. Though I think I have an idea for it at last. I've been thinking about this assignment since I've GOTTEN it and am only now getting an idea. Stupid muse.

♥ So tell me, loverly flist. How was your week? ♥
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Just a quick announcement that Sign-Ups are now open at [ profile] hp_summersmut.

What are you waiting for? The sign-ups will remain open until April 15th. Go request and be merry! XDD


Apr. 2nd, 2006 08:47 pm
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I'm actually going to pimp this properly, rather than stick it on the end of my post like I did last night.


[ profile] hp_summersmut -- a summer ficathon community. Because we need porn in the summertime and who doesn't like getting gift fics?

Sign Ups will start on April 4th. :D
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The recital went brilliantly. (as everyone else in my room yells "BRILLIANT" a la Guinness commercials) I don't think I've ever played better and now my stress level is down to almost nil. Now, just have the thesis and miscelaneous projects.

I am SO relieved and so glad to be done and I'm so thrilled right now.

Back to the celebrating with [ profile] avengangle, [ profile] meleth and [ profile] sbnrko35. And I DO mean celebrating. XDDD

Also -- new ficathon community that I'm going to be running. :D Because the summer needs porn: [ profile] hp_summersmut. Go join. :D


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