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So, yeah. I haven't been around these parts in... well... I'm not really looking at my calendar for when the last time I posted. Life has been crazy but good.

I also may have found a new fandom. Though I'm primarily writing my own things right now, this one took hold and wouldn't let go. Thus... have a cute little drabble from me!

Title: Warmth
Author: [ profile] thescarletwoman
Pairing: Tony/Steve
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 550
Originally Posted: (AKA, feel free to reblog or like it there!)

The first time Tony sleeps with Steve, it’s completely by accident. There’s no sex and there’s no groping in the middle of the night. Instead they fall asleep on the sofa during a movie marathon, wrapped around each other as the DVD menu plays all night long. Tony only realises they fell asleep when he wakes the next morning with a crick in his neck and the arm of the sofa poking into his foot.

It isn’t until later that he realises he slept through the entire night without waking.

He thinks it’s a fluke. Besides, every now and again, he has nights where he sleeps… though usually it’s after a night of binge drinking or sheer exhaustion after a string of sleepless nights. He dismisses the rare night as a pleasant surprise and doesn’t think of it again. At least, he doesn’t until he and Steve fall asleep on the couch together a week later. Again, he sleeps through the night. Perhaps maybe there is something to Steve and Tony’s new-found ability to sleep comfortably through the night. He doesn’t tell Steve, though, of this miraculous discovery. Not when this relationship (or whatever it is they have) is just starting. He doesn’t want to fuck this up — doesn’t want to make it weird between them before they even have a chance to begin. He also doesn’t want Steve to sleep with him because of some sense of duty.

He wants Steve to sleep with him because Steve wants to. Because he wants to wrap his arms around Tony or use his reactor as a reading lamp. Or just because Steve wants to talk all night long, interspersing words with kisses and caresses.

By the time winter hits, they have moved into one room together. Their first time (and many other times) have happened and any sleepless nights are because Steve’s stamina is endless and Tony wants desperately to keep up with him. Even after all these months, however, Tony still hasn’t realized the secret to his restful nights. He wishes he knew so he could pass the secret on to Steve when he wakes in the middle of the night, covered in sweat and staring wide-eyed up at the ceiling. Tony hasn’t learned how to rid Steve of his nightmares the way Steve has slowly erased Afghanistan from his subconscious. When Steve thrashes, Tony holds him close and reminds him that it’s 2012 and not 1942. When he shivers, Tony warms him as best as he’s able to with his shit circulation (thanks to the arc reactor) and, with his body, reminds Steve that he isn’t encased in ice.

It’s sometime in January when Steve is called away for a few nights to run a SHIELD mission. With Steve gone, Tony doesn’t sleep. He winds up down in the garage, tinkering until the wee hours of the morning when he finally passes out, covered with a blanket by a thoughtful Dummy.

Only when Steve returns a week later and Tony is wrapped around him so tightly there isn’t a bit of space between them does Tony realize why Steve is the key to his restful nights.

With Steve around — Tony has finally found warmth.
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bullet points!

• For the first (and possibly only time) I can say that I am a week ahead in all of my law school readings. GO ME! *g*

• I finished my [ profile] tw_bigbang. And by finish I mean hit 17k with two scenes left. One of which is smut, the other the last plot twist. I feel so accomplished!

• I love my parents. I really do. Mother has surprised me with three new Ed Hardy shirts. (*SQUEE* I love you Marshalls) Father has surprised me with the complete 7 seasons of West Wing.

• I need someone to tell me that because it turns out John won't be making an appearance at ChicagoTARDIS (*MUTTERMUTTER*) that I shouldn't use that money on a trip to London over thanksgiving.

Let me show you why I want to gooooo )

And while we're at it... why is I Am What I Am already out over there but not here? *glares at* if you didn't totally screw me on the Torchwood novels, I'd be tempted to order said book from there.
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FTR? [ profile] avengangle? Your reception was SO much more fun.

Yes, Lisa is now married. Wedding was yesterday and it was lovely. How's that for the diplomatic answer? In truth, yesterday was miserable.
1. Florist didn't bring enough flowers. So, we had a runner take one of the bouquets after a bridesmaid walked and took it to the end of the line. Only, they were supposed to take it from the Junior Bridesmaid. Not... a bridesmaid. So guess who got to fucking stand through the service (at least it was just a quick outdoor thing spoken by the Justice of the Peace) holding NOTHING. Yes, that'd be me. Try to get my flowers back afterwards and the girl who got it, refused. Thankfully, I did get a bouquet. It's... not that I CARED, but I still wanted something from the day, even if Lisa has been a royal pain in the ass lately.
2. Everything was so haphazardly done, it was insane.
3. Didn't get what I ordered. The 'count' was wrong, so was stuck with Beef rather than Fish at the reception. Which, at that point, I was so annoyed it was like what else could go wrong?

The majority of the night was just... blargh. Food was nice and the alcohol flowed (which, for lisa wanting top shelf booze, tell me why there was no Jamesons there?) flowed. It was a nice evening all in all -- with the most fun part being, as SJ's family are all Italian -- they played some tarantellas and invited the Italians up. Dad and I were the only Erie-folk who went up and dancing a la The Godfather with them? A blast. Otherwise? I'm just glad it's over.

Sorry I haven't been around as much the past couple of weeks. I had a few health things (which, they've finally figured out part of what's wrong with me. Insulin Resistant FTL!) happenand then the wedding? So I've been a depressed little Lia. ♥ I love you guys muchly.

And have a couple little ficcy projects that I'm working on too. And, if there's interest, perhaps something a bit bigger. (and no, NOT a big bang before you even think about that!) ♥ Love you guys. You're the best. *smooch*
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So... at the present, my muse seems to be deader than Kelsey's nuts (and whoever Kelsey is... poor guy). Not even bribes of cheez-its are doing a damn thing. In any case... I'm offering 100 word drabbles/teenyfic to those who would like them. I think I need something to jumpstart my muse.

Right now it's giving me the two fingered salute.

Fandoms: HP, Black Jewels, House... you guys know what I watch, etc. I'm open to pairings -- but be gentle as this is supposed to entice my muse BACK as opposed to scaring him off permanently.
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First of all: ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

That's all I can say right now. I've been re-reading comments from you guys on my writing post and am... well, gobsmacked. You guys have seriously left me speechless. I didn't post that in seeking out pats on the back and I nearly did disable comments. But...

I'm without words. I'm slowly trying to form responses to you guys so they are coming. I just didn't want the weekend to come without saying thank you. It's been a really low couple of weeks for me and the encouragment... was exactly what I needed to hear.

So in short -- here's a massive thank you to the flist. ♥

In other news? I got the first good night's sleep in I don't know how long. melatonin=love. Seriously.

Also have a gig this weekend! Huzzah! and paying too but shhhhh. that's on the dl. The conductor flew in from Germany yesterday and worked with the little chamber ensemble for about an hour. It's a baroque piece (yay BW and their Bach love)... and the conductor complimented me not only on my playing but how excellent I was playing the music stylistically. Never thought I'd say this but... Thank you Dwight Oltman.


Mar. 24th, 2008 09:26 pm
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and then there are times I wonder why I even bother writing. I just got a review that made me feel so horrible about myself and my ability to write that I'm nearly in tears.

The one thing I've always prided myself on is characterizations. And how I craft a fic. The last thing I wrote... it wasn't intended on being a ground-breaking piece of fiction. Hell, it was mostly crackish if you'd actually read. There were things I didn't want to go into as an author and wanted to create a humourous atmosphere.

Apparently I fail and suck as a writer.


And on top of that, I'm getting royally FUCKED with my car. The window "works" but it's not perfect. But if I want it back to how it should work, *I* have to pay the 350 bucks to do it. Yet, it was broken on THEIR watch. And then I had the general manager of the place tell me that even if someone smashed in my window while it was in their possession, it's my responsibility to replace it. I'm just livid -- and now telling me I suck as a writer isn't helping.

Anyone have any alcohol? Please?
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There have been a lot of posts going around lately about the prevalence het vs slash in fandom and entitlement and I've found all the discussions to be very interesting. It's made me start thinking though... how many of us simply write (or read for that matter) only ONE kind of fic; be it the long chaptered fic or the PWP... or stay away from het all the time.

Thus, a poll. And feel free to pimp this around. I'd really like to get a lot of input back on this.

I used ticky boxes for a reason... because I know there are some of us who write more than one type of fic and I wanted to make it fair and to get the best input. :)

[Poll #560143]

And as always, if you have comments, feel free to discuss. :)


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