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Okay. So I just got home from seeing deathly hallows. I know a lot of you love my reviews I do, so that will get posted tomorrow.

Needless to.say? Nonspoilery version is that it was amazingly well done. I did, however, realize how much I forgot in the book. Gees I'm rereading DH on the plane ride home. Hey. Last time I read it was when it came out and I devoured it in 6 hours...

So yes, review tomorrow when I've had time to process everything.

Obligatory spoiler: SNAPE KILLED DUMBLEDORE!!!!!

*passes out*
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Number 32nd to get my book and got my picture taken a TON of times last night. :D the suggestion to go as Trelawney was absolutely brilliant.

Also? I TOTALLY cleaned up during the great Snape debate. I even got the girl who was running it, who thought he was evil to agree with me.

Start time: 12:49
End time: 7:49

Seven Hours on the dot and two pots of tea later... Also got through the soundtracks of all 5 movies once and am halfway through CoS as we speak.

Really -- hard to imagine that we now have closed canon. Really, really hard to imagine. I'm just... very depressed. Not because of the deaths, but because -- that's it. This is the end and there will be no more midnight book releases to stand in line for. I just feel... like I've lost a huge 'thing' when I closed the book.

I will say? I liked it. Overall it was good. Still doesn't read like JKR's writing style to me though.

All that's in here right now are my initial reactions. I'm a 'speed' reader, but I still took my time as I didn't want it to be over in just 4 hours. Over the next couple of days I want to re-read to really get my thoughts down on each chapter. But right now -- the first initial thoughts.

My thoughts. Can we say spoilers? I think we can. )
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And what do you know, it's a poll too. Because I'm wanting to post a poll.

Heading up to Borders in the morning to get my wristband, then taking my car in for service. (boo. *mutters* this won't be cheap, I just have a feeling...)

Also -- if you didn't notice, I have a new layout. It's off a base by [ profile] janine42584, but she was nice enough to let me edit for my own banner. *stares at Ralph*

And onto the poll! [And if you comment, no spoilers please!!!!]

[Poll #1024456]
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I want to have ONE final piece of fic up before Pötterdämmerung.

Okay -- side note? The Musician/Historian in me is friggin' DYING over this. And seeing Harry et all wearing the stereotypical Viking helmets with Ride of the Valkyries playing in the background. Er... don't ask.

In any case -- It's Snape!gen. And I'm about one part away from it being completely finished. But it's a fic I just want to write as I'm sure DH will either a, go into this or b, completely destroy the fic.

I'm really... not ready for DH to come out. I've been seeing everyone discuss what this means for fandom, and even I've had a poll about it. I'm not planning on going anywhere to be certain. But I know things won't be the same after Saturday.

Yes, there will be fic. And I know we writers are quite the resilient lot and we'll find ways around anything in canon. It's where we find subtext. It's how we all found ways to bring Sirius back from beyond the veil. I just have this feeling it's going to be different having closed-canon now.

What I'd actually like to see happen... no spoilers here! Merely, my own thoughts and most likely going to be unpopular opinions at that. )


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