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Had a brilliant time in cleveland this weekend with [ profile] rose_whispers for [ profile] avengangle and Ben's wedding. And, of course, no trip to Cleveland is complete without Ben and I discussing Ubuntu. Even if it is at his wedding reception. *coff* [speaking of. Steph, tell Ben that the update went through fine and the two weird issues my laptop was having are gone after I did the update. And ask him where the all-black theme he's using came from. XD]

So Rose is on the bus for the way home -- and I'm sitting here all asquee. Not because she left (because WOE) but because of what happened at the bus terminal.

I'm wearing my "Producers" sweatshirt and this guy comes up to me and asks if it was from the National Tour. I explain that it's from the Playhouse production. He says he always asks when he sees people wearing show shirts/sweatshirts because he's with the national touring company of Cats. [insert HOLY SHIT here]. Start talking about Andrew, as he had played piano in that pit for a year.

To make a long story short, he took my name, number and email. And said he'd pass them along to their music contractor. The guy (his name was Jerry) that I spoke to is the massage therapist. So it's not like he's just an actor, he's part of the production staff. AND on top of that, said that violinists are in demand for tours. HIGH demand.

So... uh... law school might get pushed back for a year. I have no idea if anything is going to come from this. And it's very, very possible that nothing will. But there's a chance.

Holy. Shit.
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Home from Cleveland and playing catch-up. Comments to come shortly. *stares at LSAT book* okay... maybe tomorrow. *shifty*

I've been fighting off a migraine for the past day. There was a gas leak or something in the neighborhood yesterday. Scary part was the gas company refused to answer phone calls or send anyone out to look at it. Still have headache from that. Oye.

Happier news! [ profile] snarry_games fic is pwned. Totally. It's clocking in at 18k and is off to the beta now. I swear... my [ profile] rs_games or anything else I have on the back burner is going to be a complete and total PWP. I love me my plot but these last two fics have nearly killed me.

And if you haven't seen, yes IJ is down. I REALLY hope that we're not going to lose a month's worth of posts and data. *wibbles at the thought* RPs can be reconstructed... but still. it'll be a TON of work to get everything back. *headdesk* Updates on IJ here: Twitter: IJ.

Also! TODAY IS THE LAST DAY FOR [ profile] hp_summersmut. Last chance to sign up if you haven't already!

How is the beginning of your week my dear, dear flist?
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Bullet Point No. 1:
*totally stealing the idea from [ profile] avengangle*

Am driving into Cleveland this weekend for a band concert on April 12, 2008, at 7:30 P.M. at Franklin Circle Church (it's at the corner of Franklin and Fulton, in Ohio City [Cleveland]). Needing to invite people so if there's about 7 of you who could either say you'll be there or send regrets, that'd be aces. ♥

Bullet Point No. 2:
I see the ticket info for Equus is up. Is it sad that I notice the ticket info for the Lincoln Centre Summer Festival are also up and I'd rather spend my $300 bucks to see Ralph Fiennes and Liam Neeson (and one other guy whose name escapes me) in 3 different Beckett plays?


Bullet Point No. 3:
There's nothing here. I was just taught to have a minimum of three bullet points. No, wait, there IS something! Bunnies, please LEAVE me alone. I have [ profile] snarry_games to finish. And [ profile] rs_games to start. *headdesk*
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I have a massively long thank-you post that is forthcoming. But right now I just want to say thank you to you guys. This past week and a few days have been so very, very rough -- and I just want to thank you all for your support. I'm doing better and the memorial service was lovelyl

I'm still in mourning for him and I know I will be for a while. I just want to thank all of you for your support this past week. It absolutely means the world to me.

For those of you new to my journal -- no, it really isn't that depressing, I promise! In fact -- here's a bit of fun and friendly competition!

Support Team Phoenix!

Go Team Phoenix! So much better than Team Iguana Dragon. Really... a lizard?
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Off to Cleveland for the memorial service for Dr. H.

This is not going to be easy.

Especially when watching 'Dead Irish Writers' last night during the marathon West Wing watching we do. Sam's professor was on and said it was so important that this get done now because he has Non-Hodgkin's.

I absolutely lost it.

*sigh* It's going to be a long, long day.
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So Saturday was devoted to Pittsburgh, Sunday to Cleveland.

Am exhausted and emotionally drained. Completely and totally.

*sigh* well, back to the daily grind, eh?

I swear, what's playing right now should just become my theme song.

Fandomly, as I was gone all weeekend -- I see the [ profile] merry_smutmas reveals are up. Shall post mine up here later today.

Also... am here in [ profile] tarie's snaps cup meme. I could use a hug right about now.
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Well, not really. But it's a good title for a post. Because 'leavin' in my little red saab' isn't quite as catchy.


Going out of town this weekend. This is the trip that's actually been planned for a little bit. Heading in to play the Gay Band Halloween Concert. (or to be technical CLAGMB's Danse Macabre Concert). Take your pick.

But leaving shortly and will be gone until sometime on Sunday. MIGHT end up getting in late depending on how things go. After this weekend, my life starts to slow down a bit. Going to talk to Starbucks about cutting down to one day a week BECAUSE -- the teaching job is REALLY picking up. Just found out I have a couple more schools I can teach at as WELL as teaching a Saturday Theory class. (can we say SQUEE!?)

So doing about 15 hours a week at $20 bucks an hour? Yeah... certainly beats Starbucks's 6.75 plus tips. I'll take the GEYSO job -- but there are benefits even to working once a week. Like being able to keep my job and transfer in a couple of years when I go to law school. :D

Off to Cleveland in about an hour. So any of the Cleveland folks -- if you want to see me, you have my number.

See you all on Sunday/Monday with stories galore! (and hopefully no more creepy close calls either!)
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Yeah, and that is the gods honest truth. It's not a title to scare and I'm still shaken up about it.

As everyone knows, I was in Cleveland this past weekend. Was going to head home early on Sunday, but I ended up sleeping in a bit, then splurged on Chipotle. Since, well, Erie doesn't have them.

So I ended up getting on the road around 11am. And I get to the edge of Cleveland (right around Willoughby) and I can't finish the turn to get onto I-90 (for you Cleveland folks -- it's right where 271 and 90 meet to then head into Mentor). And I couldn't get onto I-90, the exit was blocked due to an accident.

Do the detour and after a little bit of running around, I manage to get onto I-90. And... I see the accident. There... wasn't anything left of this car. It was basically destroyed, on its roof and the guardrail was completely torn up. So I was a bit wibbly on the way home, especially thinking that, if I would have left earlier it could have been me in that accident.

Didn't think much about it. Then Dad brings home the paper and on the front page... is the accident. Guy from Cleveland going to school at Mercyhurst. And yes, the accident was fatal.

I'm... yeah. Talk about something to give you a shiver.
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So yeah, it is/was a sinus infection. Yippie.

Getting better. It's also made me realise that this whole working two jobs thing is for the freaking birds. Yes, I like Starbucks, but there's a larger part of me that's miserable working at the same time. Yes, I also know that work isn't supposed to be fun. However, I'm WAY too goal oriented to stay at something like this.

That, and I REALLY get tired of the yuppies treating us baristas like they 'own' us. I MAY be a server, but I'm not your servant.

TRYING to find another job and hoping either my teaching hours get doubled or something similar. Because as of right now, I'm NOT working enough at Starbucks to get benefits and it's not worth killing myself for a little above minimum wage and not getting benefits which was the reason I applied in the first place. So yeah, hoping to find something around here that's decent. Hoping.

[ profile] froda_bagins is evil. She's managed to hook me on yet ANOTHER tv show. Grrrrr. (♥)

In other and much more fun news -- we saw The Prestige tonight. I promise, this is very non-spoilery. ZOMG. SO much love for Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman. Hugh Jackman... that man looks brilliant in period clothing. Loved the film and really want to see it again.

Lastly, it's [ profile] sbnrko35's birthday this week. And because Tim is SO organized, he told me about the party in Cleveland... today. For a party tomorrow. Still am able to go because Starbucks schedule allows it. Wheeeee.

It's dirty girl scout time. XDDDD


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