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As of 3:11pm on December 10th, I'm done with my law school apps. The folks are giving it a final once over tonight and tomorrow (or saturday) I submit everything.

I'm in... such a state of euphoria right now to have this done.

Now I can concentrate on the fun things again. Like fic writing, actually sending out emails I've been meaning to do for a month and not having my head buried in these damn statements of purpose. Tonight, when I get home from the show, emails of my addy will go out. But if you want it now: Lia Doran; PO Box 435 Erie, PA 16512.

I'm so bloody relieved.

So, darling flist, how have you guys been? I've missed you like crazy and I'm sorry I've been so distracted lately. This has just been a huge weight around my neck for the past month. Thanks for putting up with me. Now it's the wibbling over acceptance and decline letters. *whimper* ♥

ETA: And how could I forget? Oi. Happy birthday [ profile] spacedye_vest!!! *SMOOCH* I know we haven't talked in ages upon ages, but I still wish a happy b-day m'dear! ♥
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LJ Card Post || IJ Card Post

Last chance for Christmas cards! I'm planning on addressing them this weekend. And I'll send out the email for those of you needing my address. Actually -- I'll still send it but here's mine for all those who don't have it.

Lia Doran
PO Box 435
Erie, PA 16512

Those few of you who have my home addy, that's totally fine to use. You know who you are. ♥

[ profile] starshine_rain6... you're getting one hugeass package this year. Because it's a year and a half worth of stuff I've been collecting for you. You're free to hit me. Anytime now.
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Obligatory Christmas Card Reminder!

LJ Card Post || IJ Card Post

And yes, I know I had a couple people ask me -- even if you know I have your address -- just drop me another line on this one. It's always easier for me to find who wants a card to have everything in just one place. And don't worry if we don't talk much. I still want to spread christmas cheer! ♥

* * *

For the actual update. I'm helping out at one of the local High Schools and their fall musical which is, brace yourselves, Sweeney Todd. Yes, a High School that isn't a performing arts school is doing Sweeney. And best of all, their poor violins haven't played a show before EVER -- and their first one is Sweeney. Yeah, they're more than a little lost.

But what I don't get (and I sound like I'm sixty saying this) is kids today. I graduated high school in 2002. NOT that long ago. But these kids today! We're doing dress rehearsal on monday and the director wanted to run act 2 first. Fine, whatever.

They were used to getting out of rehearsal at 5:30. 5:30 comes? My side of the pit goes from 2 violins, 2 violas, 2 celli and a bass... to me, a cellist and the bass player. AND best of all, they're half-way through act I at about 6pm. Director calls out that the rest of the ensemble should go do vocals.

Kid on stage: Uh... they're not here.
Director: what do you mean they're not here?
Kid on stage: They... well... they all left to go home.

Didn't tell the director. just left. When I was in school? We stayed until the job was done. We started dress rehearsals at 4pm once we were done with school. Every night we called papa john's to get pizza delivered to the school because we were there until we got done. If it was 10pm, it was 10 pm.

Seriously. What is WITH kids today?
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Given that we had a massive snow-fall today, I figured it was time to get into the holiday spirit!

Yes, I'm going to do them. ignoring the fact that I have two packages that were supposed to go out last christmas sitting at my feet right now. *headdesk* Dropping cards off = easy. Packages = Lia!Fail

BUT! Cards! I'll have reminders up once a week all through november. I don't mind sending cards and really, really love to send and receive 'em. ♥

[Poll #1295088]
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I hope everyone had a fantabulous Thanksgiving!! And for those of you who didn't have a holiday, hope you had a good Thursday!

Mine... kinda sucked but that's neither here nor there. Let's just say that, once more, family drama managed to strike and oh did it strike hard. *mutters darkly*

But this is the last call for any and all holiday cards. I'll be sending emails with my address around, should you want to send me a card in return. *g*

The Poll on LJ for Cards || The Screened post on IJ for Cards

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Reminder! Christmas/Season's Greetings cards. You want one from me, and I'll send you one. Possibly with drabbles if I'm feelings uber creative.

The LJ Poll Post: can be found here! || The IJ Screened Comments Post: can be found here!

Or, you can always email it to me if you're nervous about addresses. Even if we don't talk a lot, feel free to request one. I'm all about spreading the Christmas spirit!

So work on Tuesday. Hellish does not even begin to describe it.

Backstory on our players: Ron is the station manager. Val is the traffic manager (who basically makes sure things run on air when they're supposed to). Melanie is who I was supposed to take over for in SEPTEMBER. But I digress.

Woke up to snow. Let me rephrase that. We woke up to snow disguised horribly as SLUSH. That heavy, wet stuff that just STICKS to everything. About five minutes after I got up, I got a txt message from Penn State (as, I think in light of the Virginia Tech incident they're starting the txt message alerts). Text message says that power is out on campus, offices are open but classes are delayed until noon. So I call Melanie, she's not in. Call Val. She's going nuts because our back-up audio isn't working and Ron has been calling, SCREAMING that we're off the air. When there's NOTHING SHE COULD DO. So I asked if she wanted me to come in or not, and she said she could use an extra pair of hands. This was about 8:50. I get there by 9:45 because it takes so long to get there, plus there are accidents and the roads are absolute shit.

Power is still out. Back up audio still isn't working. Save for one of the local news stations, we run everything off satellites. What was happening was that the snow was building up on them and blocking the signal. I get in and there's really nothing we can do. We were trying to find out if the local news station was even on or if we had something that could run it by the noon news. Nothing. Ron keeps calling demanding why we're not on the air. At this point, Val was running this one loop cassette that's used if we ever go off the air, that way she could monitor if the satellites were going to come back on. Ron didn't like THAT any more and asked that we run classical music. Now, backstory thing. The board we use for broadcasting is from the 50s. It was the first board built that didn't have tubes in it. It's OLD. So with how it's set up, when Val runs a CD, she can't monitor the satellites. But Ron doesn't care. Just so long as we're on the air.

The power came back briefly at 11ish. Enough for us to say, yay it's back and switch off our own generator. We no sooner did and there was a power surge and everything went out again. So right now, I don't know if anything got fried from the surges and won't find out until I get there today. Ron finally dragged his ass in from being out on an appointment and kept going outside to wipe off the satellites. It would work for maybe ten or twenty minutes before they'd go out again. He'd come flying in, demanding why we're off the air. Val and I just look at him like "are you learning impaired?" He's too cheap to get the heat tape to go on the dishes which would have prevented the absolute crisis.

Finally, around 12:30 or 1 the power comes back on. Slowly, everything starts coming up. Log onto the computer and there's no network. Ten minutes later, it's there. I was checking on that for Val, as we could always do an internet feed if worse came to worse. Ron walks in JUST as I finish telling Val that the network was at least up. Ron looks at me: "so you can start doing the editing that you're supposed to be doing, right?"

And walks out.

I nearly throttled him. The network was JUST up. And the network drives weren't even there for another 20 or 30 minutes.

That was my Tuesday. It just went on like that. And I've been in a horrible mood ever since. Going into work now and I'm praying to GOD it's going to be a better day today than Tuesday. At least there's no snow falling. That's already a plus.
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Alright, so I'm a bit late in posting this but ah well. It is at least posted.

If you would like to get a Christmas card from me, just fill out the poll. Even if I HAVE your address already, I'd appreciate it if you would fill it out to make my life a helluva lot easier. ♥

I have two card types this year. One is a pretty photography-type the other are very amusing ones sporting A Christmas Story. I'm fairly certain the photography ones are of the 'Seasons Greetings' variety. Can't remember with A Christmas Story.

So fill out the poll. Anyone can fill it out, but only I will see your responses. If you're really paranoid about your address, feel free to send me a line at

♥♥ Happy Holidays everyone!

And as the little sign in Wal*Mart said today -- there's only 52 shopping days left until Christmas!

[Poll #1083747]
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I know I'm a WEE bit late to post a poll for this, but better late than never. If you'd like to get a card from me, just fill out the poll. I haven't picked up my cards yet, but I can assure you they'll be of the non-religious sort and most likely rather humorous.

[Poll #864078]

I also need to go and find my Christmas icons once more...


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