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Thank you guys SO much for all the birthday wishes on Saturday. Day was loverly and I got to spend time with my fabulously gay boyfriend at a gay bar in the evening. *g* Was absolutely fantastic. Hard to believe I'm running out of time here in Erie. Yeesh.

If anyone is interested, there is a statement from Gareth on his website. And it reads like the typical 'they asked me to say this diplomatically' which I can't blame him for. I DO feel wretched for James Moran who had been SO open to talking to fans which is wonderful for us. But to those of you (not saying any of them are on my flist) who did abuse the poor man for shame. Honestly, for shame.

It's taken me a good four days to finally feel as if I'm not reeling from this. TV shouldn't make you feel as this made me feel. And things damn near broke my Jack!Muse. I don't know who is really still unspoiled as to what happened but until it airs in the US I'll be good.

I'm, at last, working on fic. The sequel to the Trace Memory fic from Jack's POV has been put on the back-burner (it's half done) for the time being while I work on fixing CoE. Or, at least, finding a deserved ending.


Jul. 22nd, 2008 11:12 pm
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Two updates in one day! What's up with that!?

[ profile] nk_aoede drew the most amazing piece of art for me! *squee* It is here. Let's just say... I have a massive, massive desire to watch The Red Violin right now.

Also -- I think the muse is back -- though, seriously, feel free to request a drabble. *g* I'm happy to oblige! (because I love you guys OH so much. ♥)

And... Cedar Point tomorrow with [ profile] xpolmex. Slightly nervous as I'm TOTALLY not a ride person... but she better take pity on me. So... we'll see how this whole roller coaster thing goes!

TR People... I swear I'm alive. REALLY. It's just been a crazy, crazy couple of weeks. *sigh*


Mar. 10th, 2008 11:46 am
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Can't let the day go by without hugging my ickle Remus. He is still one of my all-time favourite characters and I love RPing more than anything. So happy birthday to him. ♥

And as [ profile] xpolmex pointed out, it is also Chuck Norris' birthday.

Please insert witty saying here.
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Now I just want to find a ladder and walk under it.

In any case, just dropping by to say thanks to everyone who left me a birthday wish the other day. I still am getting caught up on comments, so if I haven't said thanks yet -- here's a blanket one. ♥ Love you all so much and I don't know where I'd be without you!

On a sadder note, looks like I won't be making it to Cleveland afterall on Friday/Saturday for the book release. Ended up getting a gig on Saturday afternoon that I just couldn't turn down. So... yes, will be exhausted for said gig, but I figure if I finish reading by about 5 am I can get 6ish hours of sleep in. Hopefully.
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Okay, RARELY do I say happy birthday to celebrities... however, my Ralph is an exception. So, here's a VERY happy 44th birthday to Voldemort!

PicSpam! )

And my fave picture goes outside of the cut. :D

*sigh* such a wonderfully nice man. Here's hoping I can catch him in Oedipus Rex if it ever comes near here.
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Okay, I've been the suck when it comes to replying to comments lately. It seems I've been coming home and collapsing in bed nine times out of ten.

Do want to wish a couple of belated birthdays! [ profile] froda_baggins -- happy (belated) birthday hon. One of my best and closest friends. Here's to some fun times in May. *G* // Also, happy (belated) birthday to [ profile] nassima. *HUGS* ♥ glad to hear things are getting better and glad to see you back and around.

However, there is much good news:
1- I am now a certified barista. Yey. Know how to make (just about all) of the drinks. Run till, etc. So huzzah for that. I am, however, working uberly long days. Yesterday was 5 hours and today is a little over six. Let's just hope that they remember to give me my 10 minute break... BEFORE my shift is just about over.

2- Remember about the teaching job that I had an interview for? Well, I got the job. I'm now the 'primary instructor' for the Milcreek and Erie school districts. The money is REALLY good and hopefully both jobs are going to fit together nicely. This one seems to be working in the mornings only and I can do Starbucks in the afternoons. But we'll see. If it gets too stressful, I can back off at Starbucks. I'm making REALLY good money teaching. XD

In other news, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip TOTALLY owns my soul. I love it more than words can say. I missed West Wing and will one day get my hands on it, but I'm glad to start this one from the beginning. Danny/Matt OTP!


Sep. 7th, 2006 12:06 pm
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Before I forget as I have been SUCH a slacker wishing happy birthdays this summer...

Happy birthday (yesterday) to [ profile] srichard! ♥♥

And happy birthday (today) to [ profile] ceilidh! ♥♥

LOVE YOU BOTH. And may you both have wonderful days. *G*
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Yey. First REAL migraine in a looong time. Not too bad for no longer taking the Topamax. Huzzah.

But -- before I head off, can't forget to wish a happy birthday. *smooch* Happy birthday, Tam! Hope it was wonderful. ♥


Feb. 9th, 2006 10:37 am
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Happy birthday to [ profile] inell and [ profile] dark_branwen

*smooches* I hope you both have WONDERFUL days, ♥

I also owe a crapload of comments. I just had a craptastic day yesterday. Will get to them after my lesson today. ♥
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I feel like using a numbered list today... so I shall.

1. Muses? Nope. But I do have bunnies for both [ profile] harry_holidays and [ profile] smutty_claus so I suppose that's an improvement, right?

2. Talk back last night kicked some MAJOR ass. I couldn't get to the theatre in time so I just sat in the pit... with Vicky (the director of the show), Pamela Myers -- who was the original Marta in the '70 production of Company and the guy running the talk back. It SO rocked being about 2 feet away from her. AND she signed my script (not my score since that goes back to MTI after the run, but my script since I bought one in NYC for doing thesis work) afterwards. *MAJORgeekmoment*

3. Happy belated birthday to [ profile] xylodemon. *smoooooch* hope you had a wonderful day, darling. ♥

d. Do NOT want to do the Mu Phi recital tonight. Am going to need House tonight to cheer me up as I KNOW I'm going to be in a rotten-ass mood. For said recital I have to completely BUY everything for the reception out of my own pocket because the purple lady alums were like "no, we can't because we have founder's day next week. You're on your own." *growls* These are the ladies who SWORE they'd help us out WHENVER. *GROWL* Not a happy Lia. Here goes about 50 bucks I was hoping to spend on something NICE for myself this month. Like... oh, maybe buying the first season of House in a couple weeks. So much for that.

Q. Off to the ending of Hell Week today. Last show of Company for the week then we get 3 days off. Huzzah.
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Wow... lot of wishes today.

First of all, Happy Halloween to everyone!!

Now into the birthday wishes:

1. [ profile] underlucius -- I'm not sure what I can say, hon... or even how to form coherent words about you (but they're all good of course). I cannot tell you how much I respect you and completely admire you for actually DOING something I've always wanted to do for a living as a sideline to my music. Aside from that, you're just one of the nicest people I know around fandom and I need to start kicking myself to start IMing you more. I really do. :) *smooch* so happy birthday hon, and may you have your own Lucius today -- exactly where you want him. ;)

2. [ profile] jadis31 -- JOJO! *smooch* To one of my first supporters of the FQF and what good friends we became because of it. XD Have a simply wonderful birthday dahling and many, many more.

♥ ♥


Sep. 22nd, 2005 03:39 am
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I popped on over to IMDB briefly before headding off to bed as I needed a spelling for a movie title and saw a birthday listing.

All you Tom Felton fans? Good news. He's 18.

No longer Jail Bait. XD
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Happy Birthday [ profile] ceilidh!!!

Before I run off to German, I must say a quick happy birthday to [ profile] ceilidh. *hugs* Hope you have a wonderful day, darlin'. *SMOOOCH*

♥ ♥

Thank you!

Jul. 12th, 2005 12:01 am
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Well, the day is over.

First of all, thank you to everyone who wished me happy birthday. I felt very loved, especially since I really couldn't be with friends today.

And no, I'm not drunk in spite of my mood icon. I just HAD to use it for once. And legally. ;)

I did have a wonderful day and had a few drinks with my parents. Even did get my birthday shot at Molly Brannigan's (a baby guinness) and watched as my mom's jaw dropped when I tossed the shot back. It was rather amusing.

But now I go off to crash as it's time to get up in the wee hours of the morning for travelling. See you all either tomorrow night or on Wednesday!


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