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It's hard to believe I've already been here in London for three months. Damn. Where has the time gone?

Needless to say my semester is done for and, outside of a 3 week internship, I'm done with classes until the fall. It's a fantastic feeling... and means that, for the next while, I only have work to concentrate on. I really want to get back to things fandom-wise after all this time. I know I keep saying that (*shifty*) but there's always been something hanging over my head and made it impossible to actually have any creative juices.

But I feel re-charged at long last. Completely and totally recharged.

I can't say that the whole of this semester has been easy, though. I loved (most) of my classes, but my course-mates were a bit shit. Unfortunately. And we won't go into the place I was staying for the first three months. Let's just say the people were utterly and completely bat-shit. Started out great and about two weeks ago I was told I had to move out because they were going on holiday and had to be out ASAP.

This was told to me on the eve before my Corporations exam and three days after my purse was stolen while I was out with friends. And yes, I lost everything: keys, wallet, camera, passport... yeah. It sucked. So between finals, having to replace everything in my life (and dealing with not having any sort of ID in a foreign country), and having to find a new place to live that didn't cost me an arm and a leg... I had a stressful few weeks.

Now, however, I'm living in Notting Hill and absolutely LOVING it beyond belief. I live a block away from Portabello road and am determined to walk the market once a week. My internship is with a barrister and I've spent the past week in Croydon Crown Court sitting on the benches with the barristers and talking cases with them. And they LISTEN to me when I talk. Life is, at last, good.

And for the first time in about two years? I feel the desire to write. Things for ME. So I have some fics about to be uploaded to my iPad so I can work on them while I travel down to court.

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bullet points!

• For the first (and possibly only time) I can say that I am a week ahead in all of my law school readings. GO ME! *g*

• I finished my [ profile] tw_bigbang. And by finish I mean hit 17k with two scenes left. One of which is smut, the other the last plot twist. I feel so accomplished!

• I love my parents. I really do. Mother has surprised me with three new Ed Hardy shirts. (*SQUEE* I love you Marshalls) Father has surprised me with the complete 7 seasons of West Wing.

• I need someone to tell me that because it turns out John won't be making an appearance at ChicagoTARDIS (*MUTTERMUTTER*) that I shouldn't use that money on a trip to London over thanksgiving.

Let me show you why I want to gooooo )

And while we're at it... why is I Am What I Am already out over there but not here? *glares at* if you didn't totally screw me on the Torchwood novels, I'd be tempted to order said book from there.
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So I know this has been posted around, but I wanted to have this here in my LJ for my personal pleasure. ♥ Thank you [ profile] halfspell. You continue my slightly unhealthy obsession of this man.

BBW interviews John Barrowman

Full text of article beneath )

Right. So he can be my fabulously gay boyfriend right? And I know La Cage is transferring to B'way in April. I know he's not set to be in it at the start, but a girl can dream of a limited engagement, right?

Of course right.


Aug. 26th, 2009 12:13 am
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Okay, it's official. I love law school. I will, however, probably be rescinding this love in about a week, but for the present? I LOVE IT.

I am, officially, the outspoken asshole in the class. However, I'm (nine times out of ten) right in whatever I've been saying and now have people moving to sit near me because I intimidate them and think I already have my study group for the first year. I'm fucking STOKED. For the first time in my life, I'm not afraid to feel smart which is... something so totally different from the rest of my life. I'm just... I'm happy. I love it here and I finally feel like I'm in my element. I can't explain it any different than that.

But I love it here. I absolutely do.

And to share, I'm going to start the 'Overheard in Law School' [OiLS]. Today's priceless gem is brought to you by 'who needs to read in Law school?'

Guy: "So, how accurate is the Practice? Because I wanted to get an idea of what it'll be like."
Professor: *gives a couple of decent films that accurately depict Crim Law*
Guy: "well, I wanted to know because I wanted to pick up a copy of 'Raising the Bar' this weekend if it was going to help me."

AND A BONUS OiLS [brought to you by 'my professor is a pothead']
Student: So after being a public defender in Brooklyn, could you ever become a judge?
Professor: No, I couldn't.
Student: Why not?
Professor: Because I don't agree with too many of the current statutes. Particularly on drug use and possession. I believe there are some that would be beneficial if decriminalised.

This weekend? There will be writing. Of a Torchwood nature. I promise. ♥
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Oi! Sorry for the radio silence here! ♥

I am, though, here in White Plains and safe and sound. Loving my new apartment and getting used to living with someone. That... is an adventure, but at least the roommie is a geek like me, so it helps. A lot. :^D

Hey, we have a remote control Dalek on our mantle. What more could I ask for?

Oh, I know! White Plains, stop being so fucking hot and humid so I can actually go exploring!

Also! I'm an aunt twice over! :^D a little belated posting these but I was waiting for pictures... and haven't gotten them. Or, rather, I have but they're on my old phone and mom has yet to email them to me. *sigh*

♥ Kayo Charlie --> born 15 July
♥ James Douglas III --> born 31 July

So after the nieces, I have nephews! *squee*

And Law School. Orientation starts on monday and I just finished going through some of my syllabuses. Let's just say that my Torts professor has managed to scare the ever living shit out of me -- and I didn't think that was at all possible after Oltman. Final grade is based solely on one 4 hour closed-book exam. Come unprepared to class 3 times and he won't allow you to sit for the exam. Not that I'm PLANNING on being unprepared? But still. Fuck me.

♥ How have you guys been my lovelies? Tell me something good that's happened in your life, no matter how tiny or insignificant.
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Ehehehe. I missed when it was, but:

David: The American premiere of Planet of the Dead. *PAUSE* The legal American Premiere.

OH MY GOD! The aforementioned kiss is at 5;00. *sigh* we'll ignore the fact that he also pecked RTD on the lips. It's just a kiss -- no epic snoggage. But a kiss is a kiss. *happy sigh*

John: *post kiss* I've been waiting for that for years. Thanks David.

And John dancing like a loon around 6:14. God I love him.

BWAH! At roughly 7:00-

John: episodes 1 through 4 will be reviewed if you haven't seen it. And if you haven't, where the hell have you been for the last week god damnit?

All right. NOW bed.


Jul. 1st, 2009 03:46 pm
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Yes, yes I can has Torchwood!

OMG. Torchwood, how I have missed thee.

download link to radio plays

And yes, we can get 'em here in the states. Just right-click, save-as.

*goes back to listening*

Just had to share. ♥


Jan. 15th, 2009 10:07 pm
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Got the email from GW and not in yet. They deferred my decision until Mid-February.

And got a rejection from OSU a few days ago. But as a few friends of mine said: "friends don't let friends go to OSU". *shakes head at the PSU and UofM folks*



New England Law called me this afternoon, saying that my acceptance packet is in the mail! So at this point (as Judge Baxter said) everything else is just gravy. I'm going SOMEWHERE next year. New England is right outside Harvard, so I'll hopefully step up to there after 1L.

Came home to a phone message from Duquesne, which I'm assuming is also an acceptance (as, why else would they call?)

So, that makes the current count 2-1-1 (with needing to hear from 8 more schools. 9 counting GW)

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Hello. Yes, I exist. ♥ thank you guys for the well wishes for law school. Now is the waiting game. So yeah, when the letters start coming in, you all will be the first to know. Keep the fingers crossed for me! *cuddles*

1. Found out today that Dr Feldman passed away a month ago. I had... no idea. And, frankly, am really pissed off at Cleland. I've been emailing him back and forth all through November about letters of recommendation. He could have fucking said something. But yeah, he passed away from ALS -- so I've lost two professors who meant the world to me in the space of 10 months. I'm just this side of a wreck.

2. Had a good friend of mine come out to me tonight. Which... was a very weird situation all around. I swear, I collect gay men like a bloody harem. Not that I'm complaining? But sheesh. And it's a really rough situation for him too and I feel isnanely, insanely bad for him. :(

3. I... might have a boy. I gave in and did one of those internet sites just to try as, well, where do I spend my time? The theatre. Who do I tend to meet there? Gay males. And while I love my harem... not exactly conducive to finding a boyfriend. So met a guy on one of the sites... and invited him to the show tonight. We hit it off really well (even with said harem in the wings and watching boy's every move. *g*) He's a year younger than me... but taller which teh girly side approves of most heartily. Best line of the night? [ profile] avengangle? Ben will get a kick out of this.
Me: I'm a geek. I run LINUX.
Him: Cute AND runs Linux? I'm a lucky guy.

So... he asked me out on Tuesday. I'm... more than a little giddy. But giddy and also really fucking depressed. *sigh*
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As of 3:11pm on December 10th, I'm done with my law school apps. The folks are giving it a final once over tonight and tomorrow (or saturday) I submit everything.

I'm in... such a state of euphoria right now to have this done.

Now I can concentrate on the fun things again. Like fic writing, actually sending out emails I've been meaning to do for a month and not having my head buried in these damn statements of purpose. Tonight, when I get home from the show, emails of my addy will go out. But if you want it now: Lia Doran; PO Box 435 Erie, PA 16512.

I'm so bloody relieved.

So, darling flist, how have you guys been? I've missed you like crazy and I'm sorry I've been so distracted lately. This has just been a huge weight around my neck for the past month. Thanks for putting up with me. Now it's the wibbling over acceptance and decline letters. *whimper* ♥

ETA: And how could I forget? Oi. Happy birthday [ profile] spacedye_vest!!! *SMOOCH* I know we haven't talked in ages upon ages, but I still wish a happy b-day m'dear! ♥
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Had a brilliant time in cleveland this weekend with [ profile] rose_whispers for [ profile] avengangle and Ben's wedding. And, of course, no trip to Cleveland is complete without Ben and I discussing Ubuntu. Even if it is at his wedding reception. *coff* [speaking of. Steph, tell Ben that the update went through fine and the two weird issues my laptop was having are gone after I did the update. And ask him where the all-black theme he's using came from. XD]

So Rose is on the bus for the way home -- and I'm sitting here all asquee. Not because she left (because WOE) but because of what happened at the bus terminal.

I'm wearing my "Producers" sweatshirt and this guy comes up to me and asks if it was from the National Tour. I explain that it's from the Playhouse production. He says he always asks when he sees people wearing show shirts/sweatshirts because he's with the national touring company of Cats. [insert HOLY SHIT here]. Start talking about Andrew, as he had played piano in that pit for a year.

To make a long story short, he took my name, number and email. And said he'd pass them along to their music contractor. The guy (his name was Jerry) that I spoke to is the massage therapist. So it's not like he's just an actor, he's part of the production staff. AND on top of that, said that violinists are in demand for tours. HIGH demand.

So... uh... law school might get pushed back for a year. I have no idea if anything is going to come from this. And it's very, very possible that nothing will. But there's a chance.

Holy. Shit.


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