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I had, quite possibly, the most annoying day ever. I don't mind being told by a professor that I'm wrong. Hey, I'm in law school to learn.

However, don't imply that I"m wrong by going on and getting an idea from the next student down the line. And after he says the same fucking thing I just said proceed to tell him that he's right. I nicely had one of my classmates ask the professor what the difference between his and my answers were, to the response "no, they were both right."


So... I bring a gift. I put in Putting it Together because watching John sing always cheers me up. However, when looking up links to certain tracks for [ profile] halfspell I came across this gem.

You don't need to watch the whole thing. Fast forward to about 2:10 for Carol Burnett's mishap... and John's reaction. My sides hurt from laughing
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Sorry, Rusty. But you're not Britain's answer to Joss Whedon. And, frankly, coming over here to the States? We already have Joss kthnx.

DigitalSpy interview with Gareth [Spoilers for CoE]

I just... I don't know. There's nothing about this that doesn't suck. And part of me is tired of reading about it (and I'm aware that I'm still writing about it and talking about it. But this is how I deal with things. And really, compared to a lot of the comments lately? I'm tame. But I digress -- to the Irish, life is a digression). This is all I see on [ profile] torch_wood lately. And I don't know.

I just want to retcon myself and pretend CoE never existed.

What pisses me off the most is how nasty people are becoming over this. Case in point, the response to the next article at [ profile] torch_wood.

TW Boss to Angry Fans: Go watch Supernatural

Just... no. Yes, he's entitled to his opinion and I get that he wrote it. I know what's been going around and I know the opinion of some that if you can't dish it out (IE, the horrible things said to James Moran), then you should be able to take this. Only problem is that whole thing is a small percentage of fans. The rest of us? Give us the benefit of the doubt here.

What I don't like, is the change of format to cater to the BBC1 audience. It was written like Doctor Who and you can tell -- the last two days lose the Torchwood feel IMHO.

New York Times Review.

Amusingly enough? They agree with the fans. ;^) Knew there was a reason I was moving to NYC outside of law school.

AfterElton: Davies Answers the Question

Well, honestly? Duh. Of course he's going to say that. He can't come out and say "oh, well things will be fixed in S4 no worries!" Would I love to know if they'll be fixing things in S4 (or, in my own personal opinion, in one of the final Tenant episodes)? Yes, of course I would. But to have the HOMG aspect of something miraculous happening? Gotta admit, that's where it's at. THAT is drama.

AfterElton: GDL reflects on Torchwood and being one half of Janto

I just want to hug him. I really do. And there is the inconsistency: to say unequivocally no and for another to say 'who knows'? Again, it keeps building the dwama up and keeps people talking about it, which is what they WANT us to be doing.

So that's the articles I've found recently in any case. I do have Richard's opinion on things (very nice having an opinion from a gay male on this and a casual viewer as well) but this post is long enough as it is. So happy I know someone going to SDCC right about now. Who is taking video and will be sharing. XD

1500 words of Kiss Today Goodbye are in the bank! *goes back to writing*

Day Four

Jul. 23rd, 2009 10:17 pm
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Only watched the last 15 minutes (and am currently watching the 'inside look' to see what Rusty has to say for himself).

Yes, I sobbed my eyes out like a little girl and my poor Jack!muse is in a corner crying.

Fucking RTD. Half tempted to send a second letter to BBC Wales right now.


*goes back to writing up the first 2k of part 2 of fix-it fic*

An Edit -- Spoiler Cut because I'm nice. )
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My reaction based off obsessively refreshing the reaction post.

Spoilers. Day Five. )

I'm writing fic tonight. May need a fast beta once I finish working on Day!Change at Vas. My normal beta hasn't seen CoE and while she knows what's happening, I'm not spoiling her more than that.
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You know what's always nice? Getting yelled at for doing your job because an actor just so happens to be an asshole and doesn't know how to keep his mouth shut.

Yes, dickwad -- you ripped your pants. Wasn't even that bad, really. When I'm walking INTO the show 45 minutes before curtain is NOT when you come up to me and shove your ass in my face and fucking prance around about it. Particularly as I have JUST walked in, am still laden down with instrument and other bags. I laid into the little cocksucker. I wasn't mean (as [ profile] rose_whispers will attest), but I was firm. And dude. The rule is: you lose a button or a shirt needs ironed, you do it yourself. If it's a major incident you tell the stage manager ASAP and she will phone the costumer.

ALWAYS been this way.

Our delicate flower runs to the director and says I was mean and how upset he was.

So what happens? Bitch-face Almi decides to bitch me out in front of the entire fucking cast. Saying how I'm on staff now and we don't treat volunteers this way. Dare I mention that at green room opening night almi says (and I quote): "I'd like to formally welcome our newest staff member, Eric!" May I mention that Eric was hired mid-July. I was hired in August.

Right. Bitch.

So. Fucking. Annoyed.
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So... at the present, my muse seems to be deader than Kelsey's nuts (and whoever Kelsey is... poor guy). Not even bribes of cheez-its are doing a damn thing. In any case... I'm offering 100 word drabbles/teenyfic to those who would like them. I think I need something to jumpstart my muse.

Right now it's giving me the two fingered salute.

Fandoms: HP, Black Jewels, House... you guys know what I watch, etc. I'm open to pairings -- but be gentle as this is supposed to entice my muse BACK as opposed to scaring him off permanently.


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