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Feb. 2nd, 2011 11:12 am
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*dusts off LJ*

Er... hai? X)

Here's a wave from the other side of the pond. The first month of being here was absolutely hectic and jet-lagged filled and I'm just now starting to feel like I can put my head above the water. Really, it's taken this long.

I'm both loving it and absolutely miserable here. Loving being in the city as it's one of the few places in the world where I really feel like I'm HOME. I have a couple amazing opportunities coming up (just waiting on a few emails) and the SFX weekender is this weekend. YAY!

Also cool? I was at Tony Lee's wedding last week. He said I'm allowed to brag that I was there -- so here it is. Bragging. *g*

But as for miserable -- this wasn't the programme they told us about. THe Pace London Law programme is billed as "Study abroad at UCL for a semester". When, in actuality, it's "Pace rents out these five rooms from UCL for use during the semester and you get to study in the UK when really you're with all Pace students and, sorry, all your faculty is from Queen Mary not UCL but pay us insane amounts of money anyway!"

Yeah, it's not cool. I'm stuck with 15 other Pace students (and included in there are a few non-Pace students) all of whom seem to know each other and, consequently, leave me out in the cold. Thankfully I have my friends here of the Whoniverse variety.

I'm actually... writing again. Maybe I'll finish that one Fix-It fic that I haven't touched in... *cough* almost two years. *hides*

So yeah. I'll try to get pictures up, and whatnot soon. It's just been a rather depressing first month here. Don't get me wrong, I'm THRILLED to be back in London. Really, I am. It's just the people I'm with that really, really suck.

WELL. How is everyone else!? I MISS AND LOVE YOU! ♥♥♥

ETA: also. There are some of you on here who know me by my real name. If that's the case and you use twitter? Let me know what it is because I'm on that more often than naught. I'm sorry that I'm limiting it to those who know me IRL (or that know my real name) as it's a lot more personal information on there. And, given the whole law school thing, for the next couple of years I really need to keep fandom and RL separate. ♥


Nov. 9th, 2010 09:57 pm
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Law school. That's all I have to say.

I love you guys, I really do. And I miss you all more than I can possibly say. I just hate school right now.

To quote The West Wing?: "Is the water at your head CJ?"

The water... is just about over my head. But I survive. I just miss you all, so damned much. ♥
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Thanks for all the comments on the last post. I massively appreciate them. *snugs you guys* I'm thinking I will finish it. Just... to finish it. I just have to get my head screwed on straight.

In other news -- I'm doing a bit of a flist cut. I've realised that my list has become SO unweildy lately and with doing so much law reading? Yeaaaaah. Not so much with the time to read a flist and seeing how big it is? I tend to wince and run away. Most of the pruning is journals who haven't updated in over a year -- or if some of you had journals, moved to somewhere else, and still kept old ones here.

If I accidentally removed you (because they're ticky boxes... and it could be misticked because they're small), feel free to poke me. ♥ Or, if YOU have a new journal that I should be following? Also poke me about that.

Or if you want to just plain poke me? Go ahead. ♥
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Photoshop happens. TW Spoiler for THAT as if you didn't already know what said spoiler was. And gratuitious use of Kanye West. )

I think Torts has officially eaten my brain.

*goes back to contracts reading*
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Had a really shitty day yesterday in regards to getting my midterm back from Torts. No, I'm not going into it -- but suffice to say I don't know what I'd have done without [ profile] rose_whispers and [ profile] halfspell. ♥

But in happier news? In this weird alternate reality known as Law School... I have friends. And more than just... a few people I hang around with but always feel like I'm bothering them. honest to god friends. As in -- one of them bringing in a huge-ass cookie for me to cheer me up from said bad day yesterday.

Besides, every law student goes through the "why the fuck am I doing this, let me outta here" at least once, right? So... my day happened to be yesterday.

In other news! I have hereby gotten my roommate hooked on the following shows:
1. Project Runway [no favourites yet, btw.]
2. Top Chef [jury's still out here too. But I do love the brothers.]
3. The West Wing

... my job here is done.

Lastly. House. I'm torn between OMGAMAZING and OMGWTF!?

ETA: Also, please tell me that I should be finishing my Torts work and not desperately trying to finish my [ profile] tw_bigbang fic. It's at 13k at long last! And I know the ending... it's just... finishing it before the 28th.
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In the future... make sure you have a chiropractor lined up BEFORE you decide to throw your back out.


In other news, I got called on today in Torts. And managed to totally make an ass out of myself for 3 minutes before I broke down, whimpered that I had thrown my back out. To which Miller nicely let me out of the hot seat.

AKA, I better be really fucking prepared for tomorrow.

But for now... drugs.

And I swear -- I will get better about commenting soon. It's just been (as I'm sure you can guess) hectic as hell around here. But I'm loving every minute of school. I really am.

I think I must be a masochist.

♥ I love you guys. I really do.


Jan. 14th, 2009 12:22 am
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Jackie Chan in Karate Kid Remake.

Just... No.

Hollywood, please stop doing remakes. Someone give them an original idea and stop fucking with my child hood classics, plz.

So far, the remakes I've heard of are My Fair Lady, Rocky Horror Picture Show and now this... not counting all the ones that have already graced the film scene. Just... no.

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Here's hoping 2009 is a helluva lot better than last year.

It's hard to believe we're at the end of the year already. It's gone by SO quickly. I know I'm ready for 2009. So many changes coming this year (hopefully, at least) that I'm ready for it.

My own resolutions?
1. To keep up with the weight loss thing (I'm around 30 pounds lighter now! Which is slow considering I started in May. Time to kick it up a notch)
2. Be back to being a better LJfriend. ♥ I have a habit of retreating in on myself when things start going back. These last six months particularly? Yeah... that'd be why I've been nonexistently around. And for which I'm sorry.
3. TR folks? I'll be back with a vengeance. I've really needed to get my head screwed on right. It's... getting there.
4. To not allow myself to feel like there's no way out when a certain guy starts getting pushy. Yes, that would be boy. Who is FAR too pushy. I don't do well feeling penned in. Or assuming that we're in that website's version of 'dating' after ONE date. [hi. not happy Lia]

I hope everyone has a safe and blessed new years.

also. an acceptance from one of my schools would be nice right about now. It's BEEN almost 3 weeks. sheesh.
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Obligatory Christmas Card Reminder!

LJ Card Post || IJ Card Post

And yes, I know I had a couple people ask me -- even if you know I have your address -- just drop me another line on this one. It's always easier for me to find who wants a card to have everything in just one place. And don't worry if we don't talk much. I still want to spread christmas cheer! ♥

* * *

For the actual update. I'm helping out at one of the local High Schools and their fall musical which is, brace yourselves, Sweeney Todd. Yes, a High School that isn't a performing arts school is doing Sweeney. And best of all, their poor violins haven't played a show before EVER -- and their first one is Sweeney. Yeah, they're more than a little lost.

But what I don't get (and I sound like I'm sixty saying this) is kids today. I graduated high school in 2002. NOT that long ago. But these kids today! We're doing dress rehearsal on monday and the director wanted to run act 2 first. Fine, whatever.

They were used to getting out of rehearsal at 5:30. 5:30 comes? My side of the pit goes from 2 violins, 2 violas, 2 celli and a bass... to me, a cellist and the bass player. AND best of all, they're half-way through act I at about 6pm. Director calls out that the rest of the ensemble should go do vocals.

Kid on stage: Uh... they're not here.
Director: what do you mean they're not here?
Kid on stage: They... well... they all left to go home.

Didn't tell the director. just left. When I was in school? We stayed until the job was done. We started dress rehearsals at 4pm once we were done with school. Every night we called papa john's to get pizza delivered to the school because we were there until we got done. If it was 10pm, it was 10 pm.

Seriously. What is WITH kids today?


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