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Spent most of the night outlining, but I wanted to take a little break (and, y'know, go sleep) to talk about my utterly unbelievable experience couple weeks back. I actually had written this up a little bit ago, but this is my first time to post it here. That... and I finally could link to pictures the fabulous [ profile] mirnell took that day! ♥ [and a couple in here from LJinto]

For the first time, one of the 'cool things' happened in NYC and I was able to go to it.

I am, of course, talking about Doctor Who Premiere Screening hosted by BBCAmerica in the East Village on Wednesday, 14 April 2010.

I went, of course, dressed as teh Captain. ;^) [for those of you who care about the cosplay stuff... I did a combination of things. Basically wore the 'Out of the Rain' Costume (blue shirt, pinstripe waistcoat) but I also took the Hat (tm) with me]. Thanks to the wonderful [ profile] mirnell, I was able to go to both my classes on Wednesday and then join everyone in line as soon as I got into the city around 4ish. When I got there? I got mobbed for photographs. X)

We had, at the front of the line where the cosplayers are concerned: Me as Jack, Blue-Suit!Ten, Journey's End!Rose, Police!Amy Pond, Femme!Eleven, and Lady Gaga dressed as the TARDIS. Yes, it's as awesome as it sounds. We did a ton of photographs and poses for people and it was generally awesome.

Then the BBCAmerica folks came down the line and they interviewed us cosplayers several times. Don't know how/when/where this footage will be used? But I'll let you know when it is. AND THEN came Doctor Who Confidential. I didn't get interviewed for that, but they got the group of us cosplayers shouting "Doctor Who in America!" There was so much Brit Press around that I lost track of where I was interviewed and who was taking pictures and whatnot.

At some point, a brown suit doctor arrived and there are a LOT of pictures around of the two of us locking lips. Hey, I'll do a fan service photograph!

Matt Smith and Co arrived... and pandemonium ensued. It was brilliant. Thanks to [ profile] mirnell getting there when she did, we were pretty close to the front of the line. Surprisingly, that wasn't the highlight of the night.

Massive Story Number One:
We were waiting to go in and I heard someone shout out "Captain Jack!" I turn and an gentleman came up to me, asking if I could take my picture. I said sure and struck a pose. Then... he approaches with his hand outstretched.

"Hi. I'm Ray. I'm the costume designer for Torchwood."

That would be the point when I damn near fell over. I had only a few minutes to talk to him because he had to get inside... but there was one very BRIEF and very IMPORTANT moment:

Me: this is absolutely amazing to meet you. I'm a costumer myself.
Ray: *pause* OH! You're the one Louise [the costume designer for Tennant's years who I met at Gallifrey] sent me a picture of.

I'm so glad he had to go inside at that point because I pretty much fell over and died of shock. I was able to meet up with him afterwards (congratulated him on his BAFTA nom for Children of Earth), and had several minutes to talk with him. We talked about my greatcoat and the hat, and just other costumey things in general. But he came and found me twice -- once before and once after to talk. I'm STILL on cloud nine.

Not only that, but he said he wanted this picture so that he could email it to Louise. XD

This was before the showing. I managed to ask him for a picture and we had about two seconds to snap this one.

Massive Story Number Two:
So... the thing about the Hat. I have a modified US Air Force hat that I've modified to look like an RAF peaked cap for when I wear Jack's Empty Child/Doctor Dances uniform. I took it to Gallifrey with me and over the course of that conventian, Tony Lee attempted to steal it MULTIPLE times. And I do mean multiple. [he even has minions. I'm onto you, Barnaby!!] But since then, this hat has become my trademark. I've taken it to several events now.

Since Gallifrey, the hat has been worn by: Tony Lee, Russell Tovey (Alonso), Matt Ripey (Capt Jack Harkness).

As of now? It has also been worn by Matt Smith.

During the Q&A following the screening, Matt was asked about wearing a hat for the show and to start a petition to get him to wear a hat. At this point, [ profile] mirnell is elbowing me to hand him my hat. Since we were sitting in the front row, I jumped up and lunged forward. Matt saw the hat, grinned, and grabbed it from me, shoving it down on his head. So -- if there is video of Matt Smith in an RAF hat? It's mine. :^D He wore it for a few moments, then handed it back, and there's a second clip of me getting the hat back on the BBCAmerica website. :^D


Honestly? It's two weeks later and seeing these pictures are STILL surreal. And I'm still on cloud nine right now too. Still.

I have to say? It was SO worth it to skip out on doing work that night. This was a once in a life time experience and it will be pretty damn hard to top this. To be recognised by the costume designer and talk shop for ten minutes? And to get Matt Smith to wear my hat?

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