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I figured it was high time I actually did one of these. I'm not going back and doing the HP ones. Sorry. Find them in the tags if you want to.

I am moving away from HP and I'm very happy in my Whoniverse and plan on staying here for a goodly long while.

  • Of Calculations and Birthdays | Jack/Ianto; Owen/Snark; Ianto/Coffee | PG-13
    So, how does one go about figuring out the birth date of the immortal man?

  • Of Future Pasts and Past Futures | Jack/Ianto | PG-13
    Jack is used to his past coming back to haunt him. But when hemakes an appearance, Jack never expected it to affect him so much. -- ending to Trace Memory

  • Kiss Today Goodbye [wip] | Jack/Ianto | PG-13 to NC-17
    Some things aren't always what they seem and a little faith goes a long way. -- CoE fix-it fic
    Part One | Part Two

  • Holding to the Ground [complete] | Jack/Ianto | Hard R/Bordering on NC-17
    Jack has never dealt with grief well and this is no exception. Running away from all of his responsibilities, he leaves Gwen alone to try to rebuild the crumbling Torchwood. Jack travells the world until something pulls him back to Cardiff -- to discover something he never thought possible. The only problem is he needs the Doctor's help, and who knows when he'll return again?
    Part One | Part Two | Part Three


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